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Nasal endoplasty

Plastics of the tip of the nose

Plastics of the wings of the nose

Plastic columella

The plastics of the forehead, the front plastics

Endoscopic lift forehead

Check lift (paint lift)

Annular facelifting and necklifting – the facelifting

Endoscopic midface lift



Lift of the lower 2/3 of the face - SMAS lifting

Plastic eyebrow

Lift of the corners of the lips with Corner Lift operation

Хирургический лифтинг височной зоны лица

Eyelid surgery - blepharoplasty

Plastics of earflap - otoplasty

Plasty of the earlobe

Operations on the body

Surgical treatment of gynecomastia


Liposuction of face and neck

Liposuction of hands

Liposuction armpits

Liposuction of the abdomen and waist

Liposuction of the body

Liposuction of hips and buttocks

Liposuction of legs

Liposuction of the back

Liposuction of chin and flews

Liposuction of the withers

Intimate plasty (labiaplasty)

Surgical treatment of hyperhidrosis

Hymenoplasty - The restoration of virginity

Posthetomy (Circumcision)

Shoulder lift (brachioplasty)

Plastic surgery of the frenum of the penis

Installation of testicular implant

Contour plastic

Lip Injection

Injection of hyaluronic acid (beauty injection)

Radiesse – The preparation for facial contour correction

Surgical correction of the shape and volume of the lips (chalinoplasty)


Plasma lifting for hair

Nose contour

Intimate contour plastic

Contouring of cheekbones

Chin contouring

Correction of the nasolacrimal groove

Correction of nasolabial folds

Botulinum therapy for lips

Treatment of hyperhidrosis with botulinum toxin


Face lipofilling

Lipofilling of the hands

Lipofilling of buttocks and thighs

Lipofilling of the legs (lower legs)

Lipofilling of the cheekbones

Lipofilling of nasolabial folds

Lipofilling of lips

Lipofilling of the middle zone of the face

Lipofilling of the nasolacrimal groove

Lipofilling around the eyes

Сorrection volume and shape of the chin

Suture lifting

Fat body of cheek resection (Bichat’s fat body)

The correction of mimic wrinkles.

Removal of spider veins

Dermabrasion of the face

Diamond microdermabrasion

Ingrown Nail Removal

Removal of neoplasms on the skin

Removal of lipoma

Removal of epidermal cysts - atheroma

Removal of warts - papillomas

Removal of hygromas

Removal of naevus moles

Removal of papillomas on the genitals

Removal of genital warts

Removal of fibroids

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