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Forehead plasty (frontoplasty)

Front plasty is the correction of the forehead and brow form. Plasty allows both to reduce the bulge and the height of the forehead and to compensate for the shortcomings of the form. Front plasty is performed under general anesthesia and takes from 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the complexity. The restoration of the patient takes about 1 month on average.

Indications for front plasty

  • asymmetry of the face halves;
  • high, low or bulging forehead;
  • congenital or acquired defects of bone or soft tissues in the area of the forehead and eyebrows.

Front plasty is contraindicated for the following persons:

  • persons under 18 years of age;
  • pregnant or lactating mothers;
  • people with cancer, diabetes, blood clotting disorder or acute viral diseases;
  • patients with inflammation of the tissues in the area of surgical intervention.

Possible complications

Forehead plasty (frontoplasty) photo 2 Temporary headaches, minor bleeding, swelling, loss of sensation in the area of intervention, inflammation of the wounds may appear immediately after the front plasty.

Preparation and progress of the operation

Before the correction surgery, patients need to make the electrocardiogram, fluorography, tomography and tests of urine and blood.

Front plasty is performed as follows:

  1. The incision is made along the hairline.
  2. When compensation shape or size, the doctor inserts the implant made of thin plates. When eliminating unnecessary bulges, the bone bridges are being removed, and skin tightening is performed.
  3. The incision is sutured and the elastic bandage is being applied.

The rehabilitation period

The recovery period usually takes about a month. Combing hair with stiff combs and active shampooing should not be performed within 1-2 weeks after the front plasty. It is recommended to move more in order to avoid congestion and formation of clots and reduce emotional stress.

The result of the procedure

The "before and after the procedure" photos and the feedback from our patients in the "Reviews" section can give the best information regarding the results of our work. The look of a man changes completely, he becomes more open, the anti-aging effect becomes visible. After performing of the plasty, the women no longer need to resort to complicated tricks with makeup or cover up deficiencies with the bangs.

The cost of the correction

Price of the plasty is selected individually depending on the patient's indications. Overall cost of the operation cannot be minimized, since this is a complex surgery that requires highly qualified specialists, sophisticated equipment and medicines. You can learn about how much the plasty of the forehead and eyebrows in "Our prices" section or via the consultation in our clinic.

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