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Recovery after frenulotomy

Recovery after frenulotomy Surgical plastic surgery of the frenulum of the penis is called frenulotomy. This is a quick, minimally invasive surgery that lengthens the frenum. Men with a short frenum often experience discomfort during erection, and this condition in many cases can lead to deformity of the penis.

This intervention is performed under local anesthesia and takes no more than 15 minutes. With frenulotomy, an incision of the frenum is performed with further longitudinal stitching of the edges. Like other quick genital surgeries, frenum plasty can be combined with circumcision.

How long does it take to recover from frenulum surgery?

After the frenulotomy, the recovery period begins, which takes up to three weeks. During this time, special care of the seams is required to prevent their infection. Since self-absorbable suture material is used for this operation, you can return to your usual life immediately after the sutures disappear.

Immediately after the operation, there may be complaints of fatigue and mild nausea - this is a normal postoperative phenomenon. The best solution during this period is to have a snack with a high sugar content - for example, sweet tea with cookies. It is better to limit mobility for the first time after the intervention.

Do's and don'ts after surgery?

Recovery after frenulotomy During the rehabilitation period, it is recommended to follow the doctor's recommendations to prevent complications and accelerate recovery after surgery. In particular, you cannot:

  • wet the seam with water;
  • once again touch the genitals for the first couple of days after plastic surgery;
  • wash in the shower or bath.

It is also recommended to avoid erection for the first two days after the operation, and for the next two weeks - sexual intercourse and self-satisfaction, since at this time soreness in the area of ​​the stitches is possible.

How soon can the stitches dissolve?

Self-absorbable sutures are predominantly used for frenulotomy. Most often, the process of their resorption takes from a week to two, in rare cases it is delayed for several more days.

By the end of the second week after the operation, the sutures may dissolve, but soreness may remain, therefore, despite visual healing, it is worthwhile to approach interactions with the organ with caution.

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