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How to maintain a youthful gaze: correction of the area around the eyes

How to keep a youthful look: correction of the area around the eyes Wrinkles appear especially quickly in the area around the eyes. Active facial expressions, frequent exposure to the wind and the sun, constant squinting and as a result the skin of the eyelids and the adjacent area loses its elasticity, forms small folds that deepen over time. The arsenal of modern cosmetology has many ways to get rid of facial wrinkles, bruises and swollen bags under the eyes. For this, hardware techniques are used, injections of drugs, in complex cases, eyelid plastic surgery is performed. Cosmetic procedures can be carried out from an early age.

When to start fighting crow's feet

Mimic wrinkles around the eyes can appear even in adolescence. Active facial expressions and constant squinting make the skin often fold into wrinkles. In the early stages, they are easily eliminated. You can start cosmetic correction from the age of 18. Mimic folds are eliminated with Botox injections, and for the correction of deep wrinkles, contour plastic will be required. The specialist introduces hyaluronic acid fillers under the skin, giving volume to the desired zones.

Contraindications for injection techniques pregnancy, breast-feeding, cancer, allergies to drugs.

How to get rid of dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes can be a manifestation of health problems or a purely cosmetic defect. In the first case, you need to treat the underlying disease, and in the second, consult a cosmetologist. To correct dark areas under the eyes, mesotherapy is performed. This is an injection technique, it consists of a series of injections of a special composition mesococktail enriched with vitamins and natural extracts.

Dark circles can be caused by excess pigment in this area. This problem is solved using laser therapy. The laser destroys excess pigment, brightening the skin and stimulating the production of collagen fibers. The area around the eyes takes on a fresh look and noticeable elasticity.

Age-related correction: when do injections become ineffective?

How to keep a youthful look: correction of the area around the eyes Botulinum therapy for dysport injections copes with the correction of facial wrinkles, but is ineffective for women older than 50 years. The method of biorevitalization in adulthood also needs to be combined with hardware procedures that have a more powerful effect. Hyaluronic acid does not prevent age-related sagging of tissues, although it somewhat delays the appearance of such a problem.

Women and men over 50 years of age are approached by hardware rejuvenation techniques:

  • ultrasound therapy (ultrasound causes a thermal reaction, makes soft tissues more elastic and dense);
  • radiofrequency rejuvenation (as a result of wave exposure, the collagen frame is compacted, the oval of the face improves).

Surgical techniques are used to correct the area around the eyes in adulthood. SMAS lifting and eyelid plastic surgery (blepharoplasty) will help eliminate sagging skin. These surgical procedures can be performed not only at the age of 50, but also from an earlier age, when critical changes have not yet occurred in the tissues. The longer a cosmetic problem exists, the more difficult it is to fix it.

At what age can blepharoplasty be done

Blepharoplasty is performed in aesthetic medicine clinics according to indications. Reasons for its implementation:

  • hernias;
  • asymmetry of the eyelids;
  • pronounced aesthetic defects of the area around the eyes.

The operation can be performed for patients over 25 years old if the problem cannot be solved by less radical and non-invasive methods. For example, ultrasonic lifting helps to keep the tissue around the eyes in good shape, and injection braces have a noticeable anti-aging effect. In the presence of serious defects, plastic surgery is performed for patients at any age.

To maintain the attractiveness and radiance of the skin around the eyes, you need to start caring for this delicate area as early as possible. The appearance of the first facial wrinkles is an occasion to contact a cosmetologist. The specialist will quickly eliminate the defect and give recommendations that will help to maintain the freshness of the face and youthful look for a long time.

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