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Rehabilitation after lipofilling around the eyes

Rehabilitation after lipofilling around the eyes Thin and delicate integuments of the periocular region are subject to the influence of time and unfavorable conditions earlier than other areas on the face. Therefore, wrinkles and defects around the eyes are visually more noticeable. Due to the thinning of the subcutaneous fat, wrinkles appear, the look becomes tired and dull, which does not add youth and attractiveness. Lipofilling around the eyes is an effective procedure to restore youthfulness and radiance to the eyes.

Features of lipofilling around the eyes

The procedure is a surgical procedure involving the transplantation of the patient's own adipose tissue by injecting into the areas requiring correction. In the case of the ocular region, a small amount of fat (10-20 ml) is taken from the navel. Adipocytes are purified in a centrifuge. Then the fat is transplanted in a fan-like manner in small doses using thin cannulas. This is necessary so as not to injure the nerves and blood vessels.

Indications for correction:

  • overhanging of the upper eyelid;
  • violations of the contour due to drooping of the corners of the eyes, asymmetry of the eyelids;
  • deep nasolacrimal groove;
  • mimic wrinkles;
  • dark circles, hollows and bruises under the eyes.

After the transplant, the fat gradually grows into the blood vessels and becomes an integral part of the surrounding tissues. Thanks to the patient's own material, the risks of rejection and allergies tend to zero. And adipocyte stem cells actively rejuvenate the epidermis.

Preparatory measures before the procedure

After the decision on lipofilling of the area around the eyes, the patient must inform the doctor about his lifestyle, the drugs taken and other individual characteristics. Based on the information received, the surgeon, if necessary, advises how and what exactly needs to be changed before a low-traumatic, but still, operation. For example, a week - a couple of days before the session, you need to stop taking alcohol and try to smoke less.

If the patient is taking medications that affect blood clotting, the doctor advises to temporarily cancel them.

This is the stage of determination with a correction technique, according to the problem, the volume of intervention, the area of ​​autologous material sampling.

Rehabilitation after the intervention

Since the minimally invasive intervention takes place under local anesthesia, a hospital stay is not required. Moreover, if all the manipulations were carried out according to the technology, then the patient's well-being is usually normal. In this case, he can go home.

Because the tissues around the eyes are very delicate and sensitive, bruising, bruising, pain and discomfort are normal. After a week or two, everything goes away on its own. The pain subsides the next day, the swelling disappears in 7-10 days, and the bruises can linger up to 14 days.

But, in special cases, the doctor may prescribe pain relievers and decongestants. And also antibiotics to prevent the risk of infection. As a rule, the patient returns to normal life as early as 4 days. But in order for the recovery to go quickly and without complications, you need to keep in mind the postoperative rules:

  • ice and cold compresses around the eyes will relieve pain and swelling in the first days;
  • do not sleep or lie face down, leaning against the pillow. Because fat can clump together, creating unnecessary and ugly effects;
  • do not apply decorative cosmetics to the eyes, so as not to deform fresh adipose tissue;
  • neither sunbathe, nor walk in the open rays of the sun to prevent the occurrence of pigmentation.
  • physical activity is prohibited for a month. Rest is necessary for adipose tissue for proper engraftment at the appropriate location;
  • lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink, do not smoke;
  • do not wash with hot water, avoid exposure to heat on the face;
  • do not go to saunas, baths, solariums, swimming pools;
  • carry out physiotherapy and take medications prescribed by a doctor.

Rehabilitation after lipofilling around the eyes It is also important not to miss your doctor's appointments, even if everything seems to be in order. Sometimes, only the experienced surgeon who performed the operation will notice the problem at an early stage and quickly relieve it.

Are there complications?

Lipofilling in this area is, in its own way, a unique procedure for the safety and ease of the course of the rehabilitation period. Since the fat itself has a strong wound healing and rejuvenating effect. Complications after manipulation are very rare, however, they sometimes occur. Most often, when the operation is performed by a not very experienced doctor or the patient does not disciplinely follow all the prescribed recommendations.

So, how do complications manifest themselves:

  1. Prolonged, non-transient hematomas, when the vessel was touched.
  2. The formation of fat lumps and bumps due to improper technique and uneven administration.
  3. Asymmetric introduction of auto fat.
  4. Decreased sensitivity in puncture areas.
  5. Infection under the skin.
  6. Fast resorption of the fat layer. The reason may be both insufficient cleaning of the biological material by the doctor and the patient's smoking.

Therefore, when planning an intervention in such a delicate area, it is necessary to remember the real risks of a surgical operation. The right choice of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon guarantees the maximum effect and minimizes the risks of possible complications.

When can the end result be assessed?

Lipofilling removes defects and imperfections in the area around the eyes. Due to the extra volume, the skin becomes firm and radiant. Aging processes in this zone slow down, and the rate of metabolic processes increases, thanks to stem cells in autologous fat.

Due to the fact that the operation is minimally invasive, stitches are not applied, and punctures from injections are covered with a plaster, which is removed the next day. Therefore, the primary results are visible almost immediately after the intervention.

However, the final effect is assessed 2 months after the session. It is then that you can estimate what percentage of fat has taken root. If correction is required, then repeated manipulation is carried out no earlier than 6 months after the first.

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