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Features of breast augmentation during mammary gland involution

Features of breast augmentation during mammary gland involution The age of a woman affects not only the skin condition, but also the appearance of the breast. Even with proper self-care, regular and balanced nutrition and the absence of bad habits, no one will be able to avoid changes.

Breast Involution: Causes and Symptoms

The diagnosis of mammary gland involution is made to patients of different ages. A manifestation of the disease is changes in the structure of the chest, characterized by a loss of elasticity, volume and omission.

The reason for the development of this pathological process is a change in glandular tissue. The process is associated with feeding, although congenital maldevelopment of the mammary glands, called hypomastia, is also noted.

Among the most common causes of early breast aging and premature activation of the process of replacing the main tissue with fat, there are obesity, an abnormal lifestyle, bad habits, and physical inactivity.

Features of breast augmentation during mammary gland involution Due to the fact that many women do not pay enough attention to the condition of the breast, and the problem itself does not have characteristic manifestations, it can only be identified by pictures or when:

  • laboratory methods;
  • ultrasound examination;
  • mammography.

Features of breast augmentation during mammary gland involution If the changes are associated with the natural aging of the female body, then surgeons recommend combating the problem for aesthetic reasons.

In the case when the elasticity and elasticity lose tissue in young patients who did not feed the children, it is important to contact a gynecologist, endocrinologist and surgeon as soon as possible. Changes in the glandular structure can indicate serious violations in the body, manifested by chronic endocrine diseases or gynecological problems.

Two in one: treatment for involution and breast augmentation

Features of breast augmentation during mammary gland involution If the diagnosis of early breast involution is confirmed, then additional procedures are carried out that can reveal the course of further treatment. In the absence of neoplasms or cysts, resort to observation. Surgery to restore the breast using implants is possible only after a complete analysis and in the absence of contraindications to the manipulation.

To restore the lost elasticity, volume and appearance of the mammary glands, implants used to enlarge the breast are used. They are selected in accordance with the degree of loss of the initial functions and wishes of the patient regarding breast size after surgery.

An important role in involution is played by the selection of the weight of endoprostheses. If the breast tissue has lost its elasticity, become roughened or thinned, then installing massive and heavy implants is impractical. In the case when the patient is diagnosed with mastopathy of 2 or 3 degrees, then, together with endoprosthetics, a tightening is mandatory.

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