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Facial skin in summer: is it possible to make beauty shots in the summer season?

Face skin in summer: is it possible to make beauty injections in the summer season? At all times, women wanted to be young and attractive as long as possible. Today, aesthetic medicine has the ability to prolong youth in many ways. When the most effective cream does not help, it is necessary to resort to other cosmetic procedures.

When choosing women, they prefer non-surgical methods, called beauty injections. They are safe, have a pronounced effect, reasonable price. The most popular are:

But before you subject yourself to this or that manipulation, you should have at least a superficial idea of ​​them.

Beauty shots in the summer

Look good is always necessary. But I especially want to outshine those around me with my beauty in summer. This requires special skin care.

Hyaluronic acid

Face skin in summer: is it possible to make beauty injections in the summer season? Actual in the summer are all procedures that help maintain moisture in the skin. Effective in this regard is biorevitalization. This term refers to the subcutaneous or intracutaneous administration of preparations created on the basis of hyaluronic acid.

Being a natural component of the skin and other tissues, hyaluronic acid is able to hold water. This makes it an excellent means of moisturizing the skin, making it supple and elastic. And this is especially true in the summer. After biorevitalization in the form of intradermal beauty injections, fine wrinkles disappear, skin color improves.

The hyaluronic acid treatment procedure will be appropriate just before traveling south. After it, the skin does not burn, sunburn lays evenly. Not superfluous, it will be after a long stay in the sun. The recovery period after injection requires a minimum of time. The procedure is usually carried out on the face and hands, in the decollete area.

Plasma lifting

In addition to preparations based on hyaluronic acid, effective injections of beauty to preserve moisture in the skin during the summer period are injections of a preparation made from the patient's blood. This method is called plasma lifting. It contributes to:

  • facial rejuvenation
  • improving its contours
  • restore skin elasticity.


Usually in summer, increased sun activity causes a person to squint his eyes. The appearance of wrinkles is inevitable around them. Get rid of them will help drug Dysport, containing botulinum toxin. Since after injection it is absolutely not recommended to take a tan for at least three days, the procedure is carried out before going to sea in the summer.

Such injections of beauty not only get rid of crow's feet, facial wrinkles, but also smooth out the skin's relief, produce a rejuvenating effect. Moreover, injections of Dysport help minimize sweating, help get rid of acne.

Contour plastic

In addition to the rejuvenated image, we can also make your lips more sensual and sexy using the method of injecting lip augmentation. It is called contour plastic. Its essence lies in the introduction of special fillers to certain places.

To carry out cosmetology injections in summer is simply necessary, if you want to provide the skin with the right care, to provide it with enough moisture. But it should be borne in mind that due to the excessive activity of the sun in the summer after injections, the probability of the appearance of freckles rather than even bronze tan is quite high.

Face skin in summer: is it possible to make beauty injections in the summer season? In order not to face this problem, it is necessary after the procedure of receiving injections to use the SPF cream (SPF) with the index of 50+. Using the cream with proper skin care is enough for one week.

Hair rejuvenation injections after summer

In summer, the sun has a negative effect not only on the skin, but also on the hair. They also require special care, restoration. For these purposes, it is also recommended to carry out the plasma-lifting procedure (its other names are PRP or carboxytherapy). Plasmolifting injections are prepared from plasma extracted from the patient’s blood. The injection is made into the scalp with a special micro-needle.

After completing the plasma-lifting course, moisture is filled, hair is restored and strengthened, and their growth is observed. Hair carboxytherapy is useful for the care of the scalp all year round. But especially hair needs saturation with useful substances after summer.

All of the above manipulations are successfully carried out by specialists of the Medical Center of the Clinic of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Poltava.

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