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Plasma lifting for hair

Plasma lifting for hair The topic of body rejuvenation and hair restoration is becoming more relevant every year among both the female and male. For the prevention and treatment of various diseases of the hair and scalp under the scalp. This treatment method is injectable, that is, serum is administered to the patient under the skin. Enriched with platelets and other substances, plasma helps restore the body.

About the procedure

The basis of plasmolifting is the idea of ​​autophagy - restoration of the body through the consumption of its own resources. To obtain a miraculous substance, venous blood is taken from the patient and the plasma is separated from the other components using a centrifuge. Such a substance is saturated with biologically active platelets, nutrients, minerals and more. The introduction of plasma into problem areas helps restore cells, activate the natural processes of recovery of the body.

Indications for plasmolifting for hair

The procedure helps stop hair loss. It is prescribed for:

  • rehabilitation period after surgery, injuries or injuries;
  • with a large amount of hair loss and baldness;
  • the need for the prevention of other diseases of the hairline;
  • dry hair ends, dandruff or seborrhea;
  • with age-related changes in people older than 35 years.


Contraindications include:

  • pustular rashes on problem areas;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • liver and kidney disease;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • diseases of the blood system.

Plasma therapy is also not indicated for a patient under 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating.

How is the procedure

Plasma lifting for hair To begin with, the patient undergoes a general blood test and makes sure that all indicators are within normal limits. Then you need to prepare and a few days before the procedure do not eat sweet, fatty, floury and spicy. It is better to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your menu. On the day of plasma therapy, you can not eat food, only water.

For one procedure you will need 10 ml. blood from a vein. Then the trichologist isolates the biomaterial, after which the problem area is treated with an antiseptic. With the help of numerous injections, plasma is introduced and evenly distributed.

Changing the pain helps to change the needle (about four times in the entire procedure).

Rehabilitation after plasmolifting of the scalp

During the rehabilitation period after plasmotherapy or removal of the adipose lipoma, the patient should not visit the sauna, solarium and other places with possible exposure to temperatures or ultraviolet radiation. The ban is valid for 14 days. The fact is that at this time processes are taking place that affect the result.

How much does plasmolifting of the scalp cost

The cost of a plasma therapy course directly depends on the problems of the hairline, diseases and their stage. Trichologists usually prescribe a course of 5-10 procedures with short breaks between them.

The effect of plasmolifting for hair

PRP-therapy helps to combat dryness and brittle hair, gives additional silkiness and density to curls. The procedure helps to activate the growth of new hairs. Thus, you can effectively deal with the first signs of baldness.

You can make an appointment and take the whole course of this service in clinics in Ukraine located in Kiev, Poltava and other large cities. The price depends on the number of sessions and the result. Numerous reviews show that plasma therapy is a solution for those who want to get rid of hair problems and improve their appearance. Other available procedures at the center include removal of nevus moles, etc.