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Features of an increase in tubular breast

Features of an increase in tubular breast The breasts of every woman differ not only in size, but also in shape. Many, wishing to make themselves more beautiful, to correct their stretched skin over the years, turn to plastic surgeons. For some, surgery is the only way to regain their attractive appearance, especially when it comes to cancer. There is also such a variety of mammary glands as the tubular breast. Enlargement operations in these patients require special attention.

What is a tubular breast?

The name is due primarily to the appearance of the mammary glands. Most often this is manifested in the areola deformation, and the form itself resembles an elongated cone on a small base. The non-standard appearance of the chest is most often associated with the features of anatomy. The correct development of the mammary glands occurs in the area of ​​the pectoral muscle. In the case of tubularity, it occurs as if from a distance. Such a structure can be accompanied by the presence of a hernia in the periareolar region, as well as the extension of the areola. There are several degrees of tubularity:

  • the first is a lack of tissue on the base from the inside;
  • the second - on the entire base of the chest there is a deficiency of muscle and skin;
  • the third is underdeveloped breasts throughout the volume.

Features of an increase in tubular breast Depending on what type of tubular breast you have to deal with, you need to consult a surgeon. Most likely, to get the perfect look, you will have to carry out not one, but a whole range of operations. When preparing a treatment plan, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the anatomical structure of the female body. Most often, the plastic complex includes:

  1. Magnification. Implantation of an implant makes it possible to correct the shape of the breast and the lack of muscle tissue. Installation is made at the base and often leads to a reduction in size. It depends primarily on the type of tubularity. Making a small but perfect shape can be a lot easier.
  2. Lift Often there is a periareolar lift, which makes it possible to get more toned and elastic mammary glands.
  3. Correction of the entire area of ​​the nipple and areola. In most cases, this process is associated with the need to remove the periolar hernia.

Features of tubular breast plasty

Features of an increase in tubular breast Before performing plastic surgery on the mammary glands with the presence of a tubular shape, one must carefully select the clinic and the doctor himself. The fact is that working with this form requires special attention and experience. It is in patients with this form of mammary glands that postoperative complications are often encountered.

The main feature is the correct location of the implant and existing tissues. An important role here is played by the correct selection of the shape and size of the implant. Otherwise, a double bubble or double fold may occur. This occurs when the prosthesis is not sufficiently fixed to the breast tissue and subsidence occurs. The way out is to make several incisions for a more convenient distribution of the mammary gland. But this is a last resort. Many surgeons try to reduce the risk of injuries and maintain the ability to breastfeed.

After the operation, the woman is under the supervision of specialists for a day. The next inspection is carried out after two weeks, when the seams are removed and the use of a special bandage is suggested. Usually, the rehabilitation process in patients with tubularity occurs about six months and requires more careful monitoring with absolute observance of operational conditions.

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