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Proper skin care after dermabrasion

Proper skin care after dermabrasion You cannot argue with the fact that for the normal functioning of the skin of the face, regular care is necessary, which also includes professional cleansing. Along with chemical peeling, there is a mechanical version of it - dermabrasion, which includes microdermabrasion with crystals of aluminum oxide or diamond, as well as grinding with a cutter. Such minimally invasive procedures remove the keratinized layers of the epidermis, improve its condition, promote cell regeneration, remove wrinkles, scars, age spots and other defects. But how to take care of your face after a session?

What is Microdermabrasion?

Hardware technologies in aesthetic cosmetology and medicine are being transformed from expensive innovations into routine procedures for a cosmetologist, giving high results with minimal impact on tissues. Thanks to them, it is possible to look 5-10 years younger. How to get rid of aesthetic imperfections on the face and body forever: scars, scars, stretch marks, age spots, etc.

Facial microdermabrasion (skin resurfacing or diamond microdermabrasion) is a delicate method of cleansing the patient's facial skin from dead cells and stimulating regenerative processes. Microscopic crystals, using a special apparatus, gently and carefully exfoliate the epithelial layer, carry out polishing, leveling and smoothing the tone and relief of the skin.

As a result of the cosmetic effect, a noticeable anti-age effect appears with the disappearance of fine wrinkles and pigmentation, thanks to the production of new collagen and elastin by the skin. The skin is renewed, it becomes blooming and radiant again, smooth and firm.

Maximum lack of skin irritation

The dermabrasion procedure is painless and low-traumatic. However, this is still an effect, albeit a gentle one. And it requires a rehabilitation period. Therefore, after the session, within 7-10 days, the skin of the face will have increased sensitivity.

Proper skin care after dermabrasion Post-procedure activities recommended by cosmetologists:

  1. At the end of the action, you should wash to wash off the remaining crystals, and gently wipe your face dry. In no case, do not rub the skin, light blotting with a soft cloth or napkin is permissible.
  2. Every day, morning and evening, apply a moisturizer to prevent flaking.
  3. Avoid direct sunlight for at least a week. For a few months, forget about the solarium. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Do not go outside without sunscreen with an SPF filter of 30 or more. It is advisable to use a product that contains zinc, titanium (5-10%) or mexoryl (3%). In order not to get allergies, its action must be tested on a small area of ​​the skin. And if the epidermis is sensitive, then it is better to choose an appropriate protective agent.
  4. For a day, any physical activity is prohibited so that the body can calmly return to normal. Ordinary daily activities are fine though. Also, you cannot swim in pools with chlorinated water for a couple of days, due to the fact that chlorine dries out the skin.
  5. At this time, cosmetic manipulations should not be carried out, which can cause increased skin irritation. Waxing on areas after dermabrasion can be done only after a week. All care products should not contain tretinoin, glycolic acids, fragrances, alcohol and other aggressive chemical compounds. It is not recommended to use cosmetics with these ingredients for at least two days. And it's better not to wear makeup at all, at least not to use powder and foundation. You can paint your lips and eyes.
  6. To touch less, especially sensitive during this period, face. Since microorganisms and sebum on the hands, getting on the face, irritate the skin even more. Therefore, you should thoroughly wash your hands before skincare procedures. Also, you can not pick and scratch the dermabrasion area.
  7. Microdermabrasion is usually done in courses of 4-6 sessions. For the skin to heal, there should be a minimum rest period of a week in between. And after the first manipulations, you can take an even longer break.
  8. You cannot visit baths, saunas, SPA complexes. Since at this time it is better not to provoke the body to excessive sweating.
  9. Healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of water will help the body stay hydrated and maintain moisture balance in the skin and throughout the body.

Cosmetologists advise - even when enough time has passed and the skin has regenerated, one should not forget about the moisturizing protection of the skin in the sun.

Soothing facial treatments

Chemical peels, diamond resurfacing and other similar procedures, which provide not only external, but also internal rejuvenating effect, are always minimal, but they injure the skin. And the main task of the patient is to calm the overly sensitive epidermis.

For this:

  • Before applying makeup, you should provide a buffer layer of moisture between the skin of the face and decorative cosmetics. To know exactly which moisturizer is suitable, you need to consult a dermatologist-cosmetologist;
  • within a day after the microdermabrasion session, there will be a feeling of sunburn or severe chapping of the face. It should be so. To relieve this unpleasant feeling of tightness and heat, you can splash cool water on your face. Or attach an ice pack for a while. Rubbing the epidermis with ice cubes has a good effect. Whenever the patient feels that the face is baking strongly, one can resort to ice rubbing;
  • you can use pain relievers, soothing and anti-inflammatory creams that relieve fever and accelerate the healing process of the integument. But this is possible only on the prescription of the attending physician. At the same time, it will not be superfluous to strictly study the composition and instructions for use. In order not to worsen the situation, which may worsen with the appearance of areas of additional redness and small red dots - petechiae. Before smearing your face with a healing cream, you need to wash your face with some kind of mild agent.

It should be remembered that the main thing for the skin after microdermabrasion is to moisturize the epidermis and keep it clean. The exfoliation process is minimized, and the healing of the integument is accelerated with a sufficient level of moisture.

When should you see a doctor?

Proper skin care after dermabrasion As after any intervention, the patient should carefully listen to the state of his body. And if something bothers you, immediately contact a doctor.

In what cases is a doctor's consultation necessary:

  • for any type of bleeding. After such cosmetic procedures, petechiae (red dots) or purpura, a hemorrhagic rash, sometimes occur. Which can be formidable markers of subcutaneous hemorrhage. If everything is clear with petechiae, they look like small red dots. Then, to confirm the purple, you need to press your fingers on the areas of the skin of the changed shade, and they turn white. It is important - for painful and unpleasant sensations in the face, you should not drink aspirin. It will not relieve symptoms, but, on the contrary, can provoke these complications or intensify their manifestations;
  • if redness, swelling, and irritation persist within 3 days of resurfacing. Also, a serious cause for concern is the appearance of redness and swelling after 2-3 days. At a time when the patient should already actively move towards recovery;
  • any prolonged and severe persistent pain is the reason for contacting a specialist.

In order for the doctor to fully understand the situation, correctly establish the causes of complications and prescribe the optimal therapy, the patient must clearly describe the symptoms. And also their actions, which could entail so many unpleasant consequences.

In fact, microdermabrasion is a safe and painless procedure, the course of which is constantly monitored by a cosmetologist. The above complications occur very rarely, due to the individual characteristics of the human body.

When receiving a session in a serious medical institution by an experienced specialist with a medical education, the risk of complications is minimal. The percentage of which tends to zero at all, if the patient observes all recommendations for post-procedure care and attentive attitude to his condition.

The clinic of aesthetic and plastic surgery offers a wide range of cosmetic services aimed at rejuvenating, restoring and maintaining the beauty and health of both women and men!

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