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Contouring: pros and cons

Contouring: pros and cons Dissatisfaction with your reflection motivates you to resort to different procedures that can change your appearance. But when the thought “falls under the knife of the scalpel” is a little uncomfortable, then contour plastic is an excellent option.

Today, thanks to several visits to the beautician, it is quite possible to transform your face. As a result of injections, some imperfections are corrected by fillers.

Not satisfied with the volume of your lips, cheekbones or chin? The method of administering the drug will give you a chance to fix it. Lacrimal grooves and wrinkles are also smoothed by injecting collagen or hyaluronic acid under the skin.

Benefits of contour plastics

The main advantage of beauty injections is their quick result and minimal trauma. Unlike surgery, the procedure itself and the subsequent rehabilitation does not require a lot of time.

A wide range of effects are offered depending on the application:

  • lip plastic. A hyaluron will help to make them more plump;
  • correction of cheekbones. If this part of the face is not too pronounced, gel injections will come to the rescue;
  • eyelid lift. At this point, the epidermis is very thin and delicate. Small wrinkles around the eyes are the first thing that gives out age;
  • rejuvenation of the forehead. Deep folds here are filled with fillers, which are injected deep into the skin;
  • nasolabial correction. Kinks in this area can appear early enough. Injections can erase traces of such annoying wrinkles for up to one year;
  • correction of the shape of the nose. It is not necessary to run to rhinoplaska, if the hump is embarrassing, it is quite enough to inject fillers at certain points;
  • intimate plastic. Aesthetic medicine is able to cope with injections and the problem of the disproportionate labia.

Balancing facial features, bringing it closer to the ideal, is possible with the help of the professionalism of cosmetologists and the correct dosage of the composition.

The main task of fillers

Throughout life, the face undergoes changes. And no matter how long you want to keep your youth, you won't go against nature. The amount of hyaluronic acid present in tissues decreases with age.

Deficiency of a component that is responsible for water balance and cell regeneration negatively affects the quality of the skin. To restore the lost volume and smooth out wrinkles is the main mission of the drug.

For specific purposes, the density of the composition is regulated:

  • minimal. Used for anti-aging and moisturizing effects;
  • thicker. It is used to enlarge the lips and eliminate folds and creases in the skin;
  • average. It is used to correct the oval of the face, cheekbones and nose;
  • maximum. Taken to model outlines.

Injections are not only able to correct flaws. Even when the injected substance is absorbed, it continues to nourish the surrounding tissues, stimulating collagen production.

Negative points

Contouring: pros and cons The advantages of this procedure are obvious. But is everything so smooth? Before deciding on a butification, you should be aware of some points.

  • There are a number of contraindications:
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • some diseases;
  • tendency to scarring;
  • mental disorders;
  • irritated integuments (wounds, burns, etc.).

The main disadvantage is the fragility of the effect, which lasts a maximum of one and a half years. It should also be borne in mind that some may have an allergic reaction to some component. To avoid trouble, it is wise to do an allergy test.

Much also depends on the professionalism of the master. Do not be lazy to inquire about a specialist, read reviews on the net. It will not be superfluous to require the appropriate documentation, which would indicate a certain qualification. Pay attention to the conditions in the cabinet. The sterility of the premises and the neatness of the staff should be an unconditional condition.

Duration of action after performed manipulations

The market offers a huge range of products from different manufacturers. The choice lies with the doctor, who will be guided by your specific needs. First of all, the drug must be thoroughly researched. The lack of certification should alert and give food for thought - is it worth the risk?

Having monitored aspects of the quality of the composition and not finding factors against which doubts would remain, the question remains. How long will the renewed face be "worn"? This is individual for each person. Typically, the action lasts from 1 year to 18 months. You need to remember that the thicker the consistency, the longer the effect will last.

Improving your appearance by achieving ideal proportions has become not so difficult. For many residents of our country, visiting a beautician has become a mandatory beauty routine.

Knowing who to turn to, you discard all sorts of unnecessary risks, leaving for yourself the opportunity to stay young and beautiful longer.

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