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Operations on the body

Plasty is an effective way to eliminate congenital or acquired defects and improve the aesthetics of the body. Modern techniques make it possible to solve any problem in achieving the desired ideal without significant side effects and scars and achieve a long lasting result.

Indications for the procedure

Plasty of the body is a complex concept, which includes operations on different areas: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, upper legs, breasts and genitals. Therefore, the list of the indications and contraindications can vary depending on the location of the intervention.

The total list of indications includes:

  • medial indications;
  • aesthetic indications.

The medical indications include congenital or acquired defects in the body. These may include birth trauma, trauma that occurred during the life, burns or cold injuries. In this case the intervention for medical indications is aimed to improve the health and overall body aesthetics.

Aesthetic indications represent the patient's own desire. If you are unhappy with the shape of your abdomen, buttocks size, shape of the legs or other parameters, then the plastic surgery will help to achieve the ideal.

Types of plastic figure correction

There is a wide range of techniques that allow to choose the right type of intervention, taking into account the desires and characteristics of the patient's body. Our clinic uses the latest techniques and professional equipment to work on the body aesthetics of our patients.

  • Gynecomastia treatment

    The development of the female type mammary glands may occur in men as a result of hormonal disorders. If hormone therapy did not give the desired results, the correction is performed surgically. In order to do this the mammary glands glandular tissue is removed together with the fatty tissue if necessary and the correct positioning of the nipple is performed after that.

  • Micro-abdominalplasty

    This type of plasty involves the removal of skin and fat dickey in the abdomen area and tightening of the muscles. Positioning of the navel can be changed if necessary.

  • Intimate plasty

    It allows you to improve the aesthetics of the female genitals. It is performed after birth, with aging, or simply at will. This technique allows to increase or reduce the size of large and small labia, eliminate the asymmetry and bring back the tonicity.

  • Hyperhidrosis treatment

    Excessive sweating of the hands, feet and underarms is the cause of significant discomfort. Specialists conducted the surgical destruction of the sweat glands, and this can effectively solve the problem of excessive sweating.

Non-surgical methods of correction

Operational methods give the most pronounced and long-lasting results. But some procedures can be carried out by the minimal interference. A non-surgical method can be used for ultrasound liposuction in our clinic. If you want to remove expressed fat layer and your skin is prone to scarring, or it is required to eliminate cellulite on the abdomen, thighs and other parts of the legs, the ultrasonic liposuction can help in solving these problems. The destruction of adipose tissue is performed by the action of ultrasound. This gives a pronounced effect while reducing injury rate of the procedure and shorten the recovery period. Additionally, you may need surgical excision of excess skin and tightening of the muscles.


Depending on the type of procedure, a list of contraindications can vary. But any complex surgery cannot be performed in the presence of the following contraventions:

  • diabetes;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • heart defects;
  • administration of tetracycline type antibiotics;
  • age of under 18 years;
  • chronic diseases of internal organs;
  • mental illness.

The procedure

Any procedure begins with scheduling the consultation with a surgeon. An inspection is performed at the reception, where the problem areas are identified and the desires are specified. The mandatory testing and delivery of medical tests are assigned after that. It will allow to pick concomitant medications for the treatment and recovery period and exclude the contraindications. The local or general anesthesia is used during the operation; cosmetic seams that do not leave scars are applied during incisions. After completion of the surgery the patient may remain in the hospital for a period from 1 to 10 days depending on the complexity of the intervention. You may need to re-visit for removal of sutures.

Rehabilitation period

After being discharged from the clinic clear guidelines for care during the rehabilitation period are being provided. A number of drugs and means for local use that are accelerating the healing process are being appointed.

Often it is required to limit the physical load, stop tanning in the sun and in a solarium, refuse to take steam baths or saunas, visit swimming pools and swim in open water during the rehabilitation period. Hematomas, swelling or bruising may occur at the site of intervention, which will completely disappear during the recovery period. In case of complying with all the recommendations the signs of intervention will be completely invisible and expressed scars will not be formed at the area of intervention during the recovery period.

The results

Plastic surgery of the body is one of the most effective techniques. No conservative and cosmetic procedures are able to give such long-term and expressed results. With plastic surgery it is possible to alter the proportions of the body significantly, reduce or enlarge size of some zones, eliminate congenital or acquired pathology.


Cost of plastics depends on many factors. The price is affected by the type and complexity of the chosen method, the approximate cost can be found in the price section. The surgeon will be able to take into account all factors and say exactly how much the operation will cost after preliminary consultation.

Our clinic in Poltava offers the most advanced techniques and experience of qualified physicians for achieving of your ideal. Schedule a consultation to learn more about the procedure of interest to clarify the cost and get the advice of a doctor.

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