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Mentoplasty: what you need to know about chin reshaping surgery?

Mentoplasty: what you need to know about chin reshaping surgery? A chin lift is a procedure for people who notice signs of aging on their face. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to become more flabby. As a result, the face loses its oval shape, which is manifested, among other things, by a drooping chin. People whose faces have lost their natural appearance look tired and more mature.

Mentoplasty is a term for a plastic surgery procedure. It comes from the Latin word mentum, which means "chin". And from the Greek verb Plassein, it means "to form". This is a painless procedure that will allow you to get rid of excess and lose weight in the neck. The treatment itself is quick, and the effect is noticeable after the first application.

What are the indications and contraindications

After the procedure, time is needed for the rehabilitation and restoration of the skin. The lifting lasts up to several months and can be repeated. Also has a huge impact on the consequences and lifestyle of the patient. Physical activity and a healthy diet are recommended.

It is necessary to study how the face changes in different periods of time, how aging affects the chin. After diagnosing the state of the body, it becomes clear whether rhinoplasty is worth performing. Study of the patient's dental history, head and jaw x-rays are necessary to establish how the imbalance of the face can be corrected.

How to prepare for the procedure

Before mentoplasty, patients should quit smoking and all medications containing anticoagulants such as aspirin or warfarin two weeks before the procedure. You should also use antibacterial products to cleanse your face two days before surgery. Do not eat for eight hours before completing mentoplasty. The patient also needs to evaluate any signs of psychological instability, including in cases where expectations from the results of the operation are unrealistic.

The individual risks of each patient should also be taken into account, especially those related to the medical history, such as: hypertension, tendency to scarring (ethnic origin), age and any deficiency of blood clotting.

Technique and types of mentoplasty

The patient is photographed from different angles to document the condition of the chin before surgery and to display changes afterwards. During the procedure, the surgeon goes through several layers of tissue, taking care not to damage the main nerve.

Mentoplasty is usually performed to enlarge the small chin and reduce the protruding chin. Operations with implantation of implants are performed more often than with the removal of surpluses.

Mentoplasty: what you need to know about chin reshaping surgery? In mentoplasty, chin augmentation is performed by inserting an implant under the skin or performing a sliding genioplasty. The injection is made of a synthetic material that resembles the natural fabric usually found on the lower part of the face. It is available in various shapes and sizes. Allows the adaptation of the foreign component to the configuration of the patient's face, reducing the risk of infection.

To enlarge the lower part of the face, an incision is made along the line where the natural crease is located just below the chin (below it) or inside the mouth (mouth) where the gum meets the lower lip. This tissue stretches gently, creating a space into which the implant can be inserted. It is placed in the lower part of the jaw, moving the fragmented part to obtain the desired shape.

The placement of the implant takes from 30 to 60 minutes, and the sliding genioplasty takes from 45 to 90 minutes. After its introduction, a thin suture is applied to close the incision made. When done inside the mouth, no visible scars remain. If the process is carried out in combination with orthognathic surgery, the intervention can take up to three hours.

With mentoplasty, an overly large or bulging chin is reduced by removing the excess or sliding genioplasty. In the case of direct reduction, an incision is made under the lower face or inside the mouth, and unnecessary excess bone is removed.

The chin is one of the 3 more important parts of the face when analyzed from an aesthetic point of view, the other two being the nose and forehead. To perform mentoplasty, the surgeon compares the proportions and characteristics of each third. This is necessary in order to determine which procedure is most suitable for restoring facial balance. If the incision is made under the chin, the scar is usually invisible. To perform this type of surgery, the surgeon will replace the facial bones.

Immediately after mentoplasty, a pressure bandage is applied, which lasts for two to three days. About six weeks after rehabilitation, the tumor will disappear.

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