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Aging of the neck: how to prevent sagging skin on the neck at different ages

Aging of the neck: how to prevent sagging skin on the neck at different ages The neck and chin are always in sight and eloquently betrays age. The skin in this area is delicate and thin, quickly losing moisture and elasticity. To make the neck look beautiful and young at any age, it is important to properly care for its skin and, as necessary, perform cosmetic procedures from rejuvenating massage and injections to chin liposuction.

The neck muscles constantly work, they not only support the head, but also perform its turns, inclinations. Fans of reading in bed or with improper posture while working at a computer have small stretch marks on their neck. They are usually called the rings of Venus. Over time, stretch marks turn into folds, and hormonal disorders and excess weight lead to the appearance of a second chin. Cosmetic defects should be eliminated as they appear, without delaying the solution to the problem.

25-30 years: moisturize and renew the skin

After 25 years, the skin aging process begins. Its first stage is moisture loss and a decrease in tone. At this age, it is important to monitor hydration and stimulate internal renewal processes, not allowing them to slow down. To do this, use a number of cosmetic procedures:

  • peelings;
  • moisturizing injections (biorevitalization procedure);
  • anti-aging massages.

Fruit peels help get rid of the upper dying layer of the epidermis, renew the skin surface and enhance collagen production. This helps to suspend the aging process, the neck becomes velvety and attractive. After the procedure, a noticeable slight reddening is activated blood circulation and the influx of nutrients into the dermis. In the first week after peeling, you should avoid visiting the solarium or sun exposure.

Biorevitalization of hyaluronic acid injections will help deeply moisturize the skin. This is a natural component of the dermis, which binds and holds water in the intercellular space. With age, its production slows down, but injections will help restore tissue water balance. After a series of injections, the skin looks fresher, firmer and younger. The course of treatment usually includes 5-6 procedures.

Anti-aging massages are designed to improve blood circulation and speed up the metabolism in the dermis. A good effect is given by cryotherapy for its implementation, the cosmetologist uses liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of minus 195 degrees. The procedure is carried out without contact with the skin, but has a tangible effect. Blood rushes to the tissue, as after being in a severe frost.

30-40 years: we fight with wrinkles

After 30 years, wrinkles appear in the neck area, which quickly deepen. To get rid of them, they use the method of botulinum toxin injections of Botox or dysport. Both drugs contain the active substance neurotoxin type A, which is used in aesthetic medicine to correct wrinkles and wrinkles. Medicines are produced in different countries, Botox is an American drug, and French dysport.

To eliminate wrinkles in the neck, you will need at least 4 injections of botulinum toxin with 2 injections on each side. The drug is administered using a very thin needle that does not affect the nerve endings and does not cause pain. The procedure lasts no more than 5 minutes.

The first few hours after botulinum therapy, you can’t touch the injection site, massage your neck so as not to disrupt the distribution of the drug in the desired area. After the procedures, you should not visit the sauna and drink alcohol for 3 days. After a rehabilitation period (up to 1 week), the skin on the neck is noticeably smoothed, wrinkles and wrinkles disappear. The effect lasts up to six months, after which the procedure can be repeated.

Beauticians do not recommend starting skin rejuvenation immediately with botulinum therapy. The neck is a very delicate and important area in which the thyroid gland is located, therefore it requires a careful approach. Botulinum toxin injections are prescribed when other methods are not effective enough. If peelings, massages and injections of hyaluronic acid do not help to achieve the desired result, the doctor will check for possible contraindications and prescribe the introduction of Botox or dysport.

40-45 years old: remove the second chin

Aging of the neck: how to prevent sagging skin on the neck at different ages After 40 years, a problem often arises against which second chin injections are powerless. The skin of the neck loses elasticity, becomes flabby and slightly moisturized. To eliminate the second chin and rejuvenate the neck will help two types of procedures:

  • lifting;
  • liposuction.

Lifting lifting and restoring skin elasticity, which can be achieved in various ways. Especially popular is thread lifting or mesothread. They sew sagging fabrics and fix them in the right place. The mesothreads consist of polymers that dissolve in the skin, but start the production of natural fibers and in their place a collagen frame is formed, which continues to support the tissue for 1-1.5 years.

Thread lifting is carried out under local anesthesia, so the procedure is easily tolerated. The mesothreads are inserted under the skin using special thin and flexible needles. To properly fix the tissue, the doctor pre-applies the markup. The effect after the procedure is noticeable immediately, and it can be repeated no earlier than 2 years later. The injections heal quickly, without leaving bruises and scars, but slight swelling is possible. When he passes, you can go to work.

An alternative to thread lifting is thermal lifting, which is performed without piercing or surgical incisions. The patient is located in a comfortable chair, and the doctor treats his neck with a special nozzle. It emits radio waves that heat tissue. The result of the procedure is the compaction of collagen fibers and increased elasticity of the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Thermal lifting lasts up to half an hour.

The problem of the second chin can also be solved with cervical liposuction. This procedure is performed by a plastic surgeon. In the problem area, the doctor performs a small incision and inserts a thin tube (cannula) 3 mm thick under the skin. The surgeon selects excess subcutaneous fat, after which he sutures the incision and applies a sterile dressing. After the procedure, swelling is possible, a short recovery period will be required after which you can return to normal life.

45 years and older: anti-aging lift

After 45 years, the neck requires special attention and care. At this age, age-related pigmentation may appear, muscles lose their tone, as a result of which deep folds form. Platysmoplasty will help to restore youthfulness and attractiveness to the neck by surgical lifting of the neck and lower face. The procedure affects not only the skin, but also the muscles.

You can also rejuvenate your face and neck with a circular tightening. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon makes an incision in the least visible area behind the ear and along the edge of the hair growth on the back of the head. The doctor tightens the skin, excises its excess, removes excess fat and tightens the muscles. The incision is sutured, a bandage is applied to the wound and the first day the patient is in the hospital under the supervision of doctors. The consequences of the procedure are swelling and bruising that disappear within a week. And the result of the operation can be assessed in 15-20 days.

To eliminate age-related age spots, photorejuvenation technology is used. The procedure is best done as early as possible to get the maximum effect. To destroy the pigment, the skin is exposed to special light radiation. The procedure lasts up to 20 minutes, and the result remains for a long time.

To save youth of the face and neck at any age, not only cosmetic procedures will help. Keep your muscles toned, eat well and take care of your skin from an early age. Comprehensive care for your health and a good cosmetologist are the key to attractiveness, regardless of age.

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