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Reduction of cheeks: who is suitable for the procedure and how is it performed

Many women want to have aristocratic facial features and believe that chubby cheeks add visually extra weight to them. Indeed, the cute plumpness that looks so beautiful in a child does not suit everyone in adulthood. In modern plastic surgery, there are many ways to correct this part, one of the popular procedures is the cheek fatty body resection (or the removal of Bish's lumps).

Our center for plastic and cosmetic surgery helps to quickly solve various aesthetic problems, returning beauty, youth and attractiveness to patients. They also turn to us for the operation to remove excessively chubby cheeks.

What you need to know about removing Bish's lumps

Cheek correction is often performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures, such as rhinoplasty. All interventions pursue the main goal - to create a harmonious appearance. If you decide to adjust your cheeks, consider whether you need improvement in other parts of the face, this will save you money and allow you to use your time more productively.

If you want to shrink your cheeks, take into account some of the characteristics of your body:

  • with age in women, the fat layer on the face naturally thinns, which can lead to the effect of sunken cheeks and a haggard appearance;
  • after removing fat from this area, it can return when you gain extra pounds;
  • what kind of correction technique is suitable for the patient is decided by the attending physician at the stage of consultation.

More often, the process of reducing the cheeks is based on the removal of Bish's lumps (encapsulated fatty layer). These dense pads are located between the chewing, buccal, large and small zygomatic muscles.

Features of the cheek reduction operation

Intervention of this level is considered to be less traumatic. A similar operation takes place under anesthesia, but on an outpatient basis, so you immediately go home after the end of the anesthetic effect. During the operation, the surgeon makes small, neat incisions in the oral cavity 2-4 cm long. They will be located between the cheeks and gums in the region of the molars of the upper teeth. It is through them that the doctor will gently remove the fat pads. During the operation, an endoscope will be used, which will make the incisions invisible.

Recovery period after cheek correction surgery

Given that the incisions will be in the oral cavity, after the operation you will have to keep it perfectly clean to prevent infection of the wounds. Most often, a saline solution is prescribed for the purpose of sanitizing the mouth. It is necessary to rinse their mouth 4-5 times daily. Be prepared to wear a tight bandage for the first week and keep your face as still as possible during this time. After the first 7 days after removing the fixation, you can slowly and very carefully begin to move the facial muscles.

Puffiness and bruising are normal and natural in the postoperative period. Hematomas and swelling disappear within 1.5-2 weeks from the date of surgery. Itching is possible, which is also considered a normal manifestation, because during the operation, the nerve endings have to be injured. As the damaged nerves heal, this unpleasant sensation disappears.

If you carefully follow all the instructions of the attending physician, you can return to your full life after 10-15 days after the intervention, and you can remember about physical exercises after 3-4 weeks.

What are the risks and complications?

Cheek correction, like any other type of cosmetic and plastic surgery, has risks that every patient should be aware of.

For example, the following complications may occur:

  • asymmetry of the cheeks due to insufficient or too large removal of the volume of fat mass from one side, this is corrected by additional correction by the surgeon;
  • the formation of bumps and irregularities in this area;
  • wrinkling and sagging of the skin due to its insufficient natural turgor, this is also corrected by additional operations.

A woman can face similar troubles if she turns to unqualified doctors for services. The best way to avoid such problems is to entrust yourself to the experienced specialists who are on the staff of our plastic and cosmetic surgery center. Sign up for a consultation with us and correct yourself, changing your life for the better!

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