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How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes Swelling, bags, dark circles under the eyes are associated in most people with overwork and lack of sleep. They add age, give a haggard and tortured look to the face. However, these signs can signal more serious diseases. Regardless of the cause of the occurrence, many women dream of removing them, if not forever, then for a long time. To do this, you can use makeup, competent care, beauty injections, and best of all - to establish a daily routine and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Why do dark circles appear under the eyes?

The very anatomical structure of this area is conducive to the appearance of circles and bags. Very thin epidermis, lack of elastin and collagen fibers, sebaceous glands, as well as a closely spaced venous network. It is she who gives a bluish tint to the skin under the eyes with a lack of sleep.

The main culprits for the appearance of these unpleasant phenomena:

  1. Changes due to age. Due to a slowdown in microcirculation, a decrease in the production of collagen, a thinning of subcutaneous fat, the deterioration of the already vulnerable and dry skin of the eyelids progresses over the years. The elasticity and density of the integument becomes lower, bags and circles appear more often.
  2. Stress, overwork, insomnia disrupt the work of blood vessels, the outflow of lymph slows down, which provokes dark circles and swelling.
  3. Genetic predisposition. Transparent and sensitive skin, a tendency to rosacea, allergic reactions are usually the inheritance of ancestors.
  4. Disorders in the body. Problems with the nervous and endocrine systems, blood vessels, heart, liver, kidneys and other organs cause similar defects.
  5. Wrong way of life. Retention or lack of fluid in the body, abuse of salty, fried, canned foods, alcohol, smoking, excessive amounts of caffeine, lack of sleep and rest, sedentary work - all this contributes to bags and circles under the eyes.
  6. Hormonal changes and overuse of sunlight can cause hyperpigmentation in this area.

Determining the cause is the beginning of a journey to combat ugly dark circles.

Ways to get rid of bags and circles under the eyes

Specialists and doctors will help you find the culprit of the defect. If the cause is a disease, it must be treated. When everything is in order with the body, then you can mask the circles with decorative cosmetics, choose the right care, set up a regimen or try injectables. An excellent rejuvenating effect of the area around the eyes is provided by blepharoplasty, by lifting the lower eyelid area and removing excess tissue.

Regular eye care

A beautician will help you choose the right anti-aging remedies for swelling and dark circles, which contain substances that fight puffiness:

  • hyaluronic acid - the main tissue moisturizer;
  • peptides that tone and remove toxins;
  • caffeine, which improves blood flow, accelerates the lymph, preventing edema;
  • collagen, elastin are the firmness and elasticity of the integument;
  • antioxidants - against early cell aging;
  • vitamins A, C, E, increasing local immunity, lightening the skin, activating neocollagenesis, preventing inflammation;
  • extracts of algae or chestnut - drainage effect;
  • menthol, mint - to cool delicate skin.

How to get rid of dark circles under the eyes You need to apply eye care products regularly 1.5-2 hours before going to bed. And make-up from the eyes must be removed with gentle, neat movements to minimize injury to the skin. To tone the epidermis, in the morning you can wipe your face with ice cubes or apply cold spoons to your eyes for a minute. In summer, it is recommended to use sunscreen.

Eating and sleeping

A balanced daily routine with rest periods, breaks and without undue stress is a luxury in the modern world. However, to get rid of the problem, you need to stick to it. A full 7-8 hours sleep from 10 pm to 4 am will not only remove under-eye circles, but also give a rejuvenating effect. Since the hormone of youth - melatonin is produced precisely during the deep phase of sleep in the dark. To avoid swelling, it is better not to drink 2 hours before going to bed, especially tea and coffee.

The use of various foods, fruits and vegetables, a sufficient amount of water (at least 1.5 liters per day) will help maintain a balanced level of hydration, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in the body for its well-coordinated work. Restrictions on coffee, alcohol, smoking, salty and smoked foods will have a positive effect on health in general and on the area around the eyes in particular. Well, physical activity, sports and fresh air will maintain the general tone of life.


How to hide circles with makeup:

  1. You need to apply a cream under the eyes.
  2. You can use color correction for very dark circles. Pink, salmon, orange, and other warm shades can be used to mask the blue. To hide the brown color, you can use a yellow corrector.
  3. Next comes a concealer containing reflective particles.
  4. Use a damp sponge or puff to apply the powder to the skin under the eyes. This way, concealer won't clog pores and wrinkles all day long.

Also, permanent makeup gives a good effect when a lighter shade of pigment is injected into the lower eyelid area, covering the dark tone.

Injection techniques

To combat dark circles due to natural aging processes, safe and effective innovations in aesthetic cosmetology are recommended, in the form of injections:

  • contour correction using fillers based on hyaluronic acid. They push into the deep levels of the periorbital zone (around the eyes), lifting the sunken areas, becoming a buffer between the top layer of the skin and blood vessels. That visually removes the problem for up to a year;
  • biorevitalization of the zone. Injections of biorevitalizants in 4-6 procedures will permanently remove swelling, bags and circles, increase skin tone, smooth mimic wrinkles, improve the general condition and appearance of the skin;
  • lipofilling - a procedure in which a person's own fat is injected into the lower eyelid area. At the same time, the epidermis is stretched, the gap between it and the vessels grows, as a result of which the circles become invisible. In addition, auto fat, which is taken from the excess area (buttocks, abdomen), “native” for the body, does not cause allergies and complications.

The Clinic for Plastic Cosmetic Surgery will deal with the causes of these unpleasant and interfering defects, if not forever, then as long as possible. To make the morning reflection in the mirror happy every day!

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