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Radiesse - a preparation for contour plastics

Radiesse - a preparation for contour plastics photo 1 Fillers are used to fill the volume lost with aging or to impart the desired proportions of the face. Our clinic uses Radiesse modern drug for this procedure, which not only contributes to momentary volumizing of certain areas, but also triggers the production of own connective tissue. Due to the properties of many types of filler to perform resorption in some time after administration, injections session should be repeated to maintain the effect. By using Radiesse drug, you do not have to repeat the procedure, as own tissues are formed at the injection site.

Our clinic offers the most modern techniques in the struggle for beauty and the most reasonable price. The opinions of our patients will help you to be sure of this.


  • correction of facial contours;
  • elimination of deep wrinkles;
  • removal of scars, which are leaving depressions in the skin;
  • offset of the eyebrows as a result of age-related changes;
  • the desire to increase the prominence of cheekbones areas;
  • insufficiently expressed chin;
  • age-related changes of the hands.


  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • inflammation in the affected area;
  • bleeding disorder;
  • oncology.

Possible complications

Radiesse - a preparation for contour plastics photo 2 The procedure is being characterized by minimal impact on the body, so potential complications are minor. There may be swelling and bruising at the injection area, yellowing or dullness of the skin. These symptoms disappear after the completion of the rehabilitation period. The negative consequences are possible also in case of an incorrect calculation of the drug dosage. Since Radiesse provides a more lasting effect than other fillers, asymmetry, which is caused by incorrect dosage selection, may last for a long time. In general, the possibility of undesirable effects formation depends on the professionalism of the doctor who makes the injection.

Preparation and performing of the correction

Before the introduction of the filler a number of analyzes is carried out, which allows to exclude contraindications. Introduction of injections is performed on an outpatient basis, and the patient can go home in 1-1.5 hours. All the professionals who work with Radiesse drug should have the proper license. The disinfection and marking areas of the face that need volumizing are carried out before the introduction of the filler. Then Radiesse drug is administered. Drug amount and duration of the session depend on the extensiveness of the area where injection is performed. The average treatment takes about 20-30 minutes.

Rehabilitation period

You can return to the usual daily routine immediately after the session. The only thing you should consider is to refuse visiting the solariums, baths or swimming pools for 7 days. You also need to reduce physical exertion and less touch the face with your hands.

Expected Result

Radiesse - a preparation for contour plastics photo 3 The effect is visible immediately after the session. But after a month the effect of increasing the volume may be reduced since a disintegration of the Radiesse drug transport gel is occurring, while own connective tissues have not had time to make up for the missing amount yet. The decision on the reintroduction can be taken not earlier than 2 months after the first session. The result of contouring lasts approximately 14-15 months. As a result, you will be able to tighten facial contours, eliminate wrinkles, increase the volume of certain areas of the face and eliminate age-related changes of the hands.

Why should you choose our clinic?

Our specialists have all the necessary licenses to conduct procedures using Radiesse preparation. We use proven methodologies that give a guaranteed good result. The photo before and after the procedure as well as reviews of our patients can help you to become sure of it. The cost of a session is selected individually. In order to find out how much the session costs and what affects its price as well as to get additional information, you should contact us by phone or directly in the Poltava clinic.

Prices for this service
Injection correction
250 UAH
Surgiderm 24
4 100 UAH
Surgiderm 30
4 200 UAH
Surgiderm 30 XP
4 150 UAH
Juviderm 3
4 680 UAH
Juviderm 4
5 180 UAH
Juviderm smile
4 600 UAH
Juviderm Valbella
6 700 UAH
Juviderm Volume
7 100 UAH
Radiesse (0, 8 ml.)
4 870 UAH
Radiesse (1 ml.)
9 740 UAH
Teosyal global action (1 ml.)
4 850 UAH
Teosyal Deep lines (1 ml.)
4 900 UAH

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Здравствуйте уважаемые и дорогие уже для меня доктора, сегодня Никита Ильич сделал мне инъекции Радиесса в углы нижней челюсти и подбородок, результатом более чем довольна!! Не нарадуюсь! Спасибо Вам огромное !Здоровья Вам всем и благополучия!

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