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Cantoplasty in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 1 Time is relentless. Therefore, with age, the skin loses its natural firmness and elasticity, wrinkles become visible, especially in the delicate area around the eyes. As a result, the shape of the eyes floats, the corners and eyelids drop, the face takes on a sad look. Which cannot but upset the fair sex. Aesthetic cantoplasty, often performed in conjunction with blepharoplasty, makes the eyes open and youthful at a relatively low cost.

Cantoplasty - features

Cantoplasty is a plastic surgery that allows you to correct the shape and shape of the eyes. The impact is carried out by modeling the corners of the palpebral fissure. During plastic surgery, the lower eyelid is tightened, which visually gives the effect of enlarging the eyes.

Cantoplasty happens:

  • lateral - modeling of the outer corner;
  • medial - removal of defects (scars, pathologically pronounced skin folds) in the inner corner of the eye, which is much less common.

Surgery is ready to help not only based on the aesthetic needs of the patient - to rejuvenate the eye area or to make elongated eyes out of rounded eyes, like a cat's. There are also medical indications for the eye enlargement service.

If you want to get rid of external defects with a non-surgical method at an affordable price, judging by the reviews, hyaluronic acid injections (lip augmentation, elimination of wrinkles) give an excellent effect.

When is the procedure recommended and prohibited?

Cantoplasty in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 2 When is surgery necessary:

  • genetic defects in the eye cut;
  • acquired disorders of the geometry of the palpebral fissure, due to burns, injuries;
  • asymmetry of the eyes after paralysis of the facial nerve;
  • decrease in eye pressure with infections;
  • trachoma, blepharophimosis, trichiasis;
  • volvulus of the eyelids.

Plastic for aesthetic reasons:

  • lowered corners of the eye;
  • to change the natural ethnic cut (Asian - to Caucasian);
  • bags under the eyes;
  • reducing the effect of bulging;
  • decreased turgor of the lower eyelid.

Contraindications to cantoplasty:

  • acute or chronic infectious diseases of the eye: conjunctiva, eyelids;
  • great myopia;
  • increased dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye;
  • high intraocular pressure;
  • severe diseases of the blood and heart;
  • onco;
  • diabetes.

In any case, the surgeon of the clinic makes the final decision on the intervention, makes an appointment for the service and announces how much the procedure costs.

Preparation, surgery and rehabilitation

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • surgery
  • 3 days

Before the operation, it is necessary to cancel anticoagulants, visit the surgeon, who will prescribe a test package. You cannot eat (under general anesthesia) and take alcohol 6 hours before the plastic surgery.

Stages of the procedure, lasting up to 2 hours, which can be performed on an outpatient basis or with a daily hospitalization:

  1. Preparatory, during which, the surgeon marks the field and treats the surface with an antiseptic.
  2. Anesthesia - local or general, protective shield over the eyeball;
  3. The skin incision in the area of ​​eyelash growth or in the conjunctiva is less than 1 cm.
  4. The tendon is stretched or relaxed, depending on the pathology and the desired result.
  5. Excision of excess skin folds.
  6. Applying an invisible cosmetic suture to the incision and eyelid dressing.

In addition to blepharoplasty, eye shape correction can be carried out in conjunction with forehead plastic surgery and other changes in the upper third of the face.

Rehabilitation takes approximately two weeks. During this time, swelling, bruises will subside, lacrimation will go away. The feeling of firmness in the corners will last a little longer. At this time, physical activity, hot baths, saunas, swimming pools, makeup, smoking, alcohol are prohibited.

Operation time
2 hours
Type of anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
3 days

Results and possible complications

Cantoplasty in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 3 According to patient reviews, the first results are visible after 2 weeks. In a month or two, the final results of the operation will be visible. The effect of wide open, rejuvenated, renewed eyes lasts 5-10 years. At the same time, small scars are hidden under the skin, over time, they will turn white and will not be visible at all.

Complications after cantoplasty are quite rare. However, there may be: wound suppuration, bleeding, rough scar tissue.

How much does cantoplasty surgery cost in Ukraine?

The cost of eye plastic surgery is determined by the area of ​​influence, the nature of the patient's pathology, his wishes and personal characteristics of the body. These criteria are determined by the surgeon of the Clinic of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in an in-person consultation. Reception of patients from Poltava, as well as Kiev and Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, is by appointment. And the general order of prices can be found in the corresponding section on our website.

All doctors of the Clinic located in Poltava are highly qualified. The joint activities of staff and modern equipment are aimed only at the benefit of patients from Kiev, Kharkov and other cities.

Prices for cantoplasty

Correction of congenital and age changes of the eyelids (blepharoplasty)
Plastic of upper eyelids
17 400 UAH
Augmentation plastic upper eyelids
16 000 UAH
Plastic of upper eyelids with elevation eyebrows
28 000 UAH
14 000 UAH
Plastic low eyelids
19 200 UAH
Transconjuctival blepharoplasty (lipectomy)
11 400 UAH
Removal ksantellasma (one side)
5 600 UAH
Removal ksantellasma (both sides)
9 000 UAH
Lipofiling eyelid area
4 200 UAH
Liposaction above round muscle eye
7 600 UAH
25 300 UAH
22 800 UAH
Correction of eversion (ectropion) of the lower eyelids by the method of Kuntu-Szymanowsky
16 000 UAH
Removal of lower eyelids syringoma 1 pce.
500 UAH
Removal of lower eyelids syringoma (one session)
800 UAH

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