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Myths and truths about SMAS lifting

Myths and truths about SMAS lifting Modern hardware cosmetology in terms of its effectiveness is on a par with surgical methods of face lifting. SMAS lifting is considered the most advanced non-invasive procedure, which shows results typical of surgical methods of lifting.

The essence of this procedure is to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the SMAS layer of the skin. The SMAS layer can be thought of as the connective tissue framework of the skin, consisting of intertwining collagen and elastin fibers. With age, the production of these substances in the skin decreases, and, accordingly, it begins to lose its elasticity.

A facelift using SMAS lifting can be either a full-fledged independent procedure or supplement the surgical method to consolidate its result.

As this ultrasound procedure becomes more and more popular, it will not be superfluous to understand the most common myths about it and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Myth # 1: ultrasound lifting is effective at any age

First, let's find out what could be the trigger for skin aging. First of all, it is a natural suppression of cell metabolism after thirty years. As a result of the slowing down of metabolic processes in the connective tissue, the production of collagen and elastin, the fibers that form the SMAS layer, and are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin, respectively, is gradually slowed down.

Weakening this framework allows gravity to take its toll:

  • the skin sinks, sags;
  • creases and deep wrinkles appear;
  • the oval of the face is deformed.

Most cosmetologists consider the optimal age for such a procedure to be in the range from 35 to 65 years. Up to this age, lifting with such a deeply working method has no practical meaning.

In addition, lifting at a more mature age has its own characteristics. So, after 60 years, the skin almost completely depletes its capacity for the formation of collagen and elastin. Accordingly, a method that affects precisely this link will not be as effective as using it at the age of thirty or forty.

Conclusion: SMAS lifting is not suitable for all age groups. Until the age of thirty, its implementation is impractical, after 65 it is not as effective as performing plastic surgery using a surgical method.

Myth # 2: Surgical lifting leaves scars, making SMAS lifting impossible

Myths and truths about SMAS lifting Indeed, in some cases, after surgical plasty, as a result of slight scarring, the sensitivity of skin receptors to irritation, including ultrasound, may be lost. In order to determine the sensitivity of the skin, you can walk the apparatus one or several times in the area of ​​the intervention.

In a situation where the patient does not feel pain, but at the same time can recognize at least some sensations such as mild discomfort or warm tingling sensations, lifting is allowed. If there are no sensations in this area, the procedure will have no effect.

In addition, ultrasonic lifting can complement the effect of a surgical facelift, but it should be understood that these are two procedures that are completely different in their principle.

Conclusion: SMAS-lifting does not require rehabilitation after its implementation, and can be carried out after surgical plasty, provided that the skin remains sensitive to ultrasound.

Myth number 3: for a good result, ultrasonic tightening should be done regularly

In this situation, everything develops individually. There are several factors to consider:

  1. Firstly, the result of SMAS lifting will be best seen only after a couple of months due to the peculiarities of the effect of ultrasound on the metabolism of skin cells. Collagen and elastin take some time to develop, and this no longer allows this procedure to be carried out too often.
  2. Secondly, the effect of this procedure itself is quite long-lasting - from one to two years. A simple principle works here: the younger the skin, the less often it needs such a tightening, because it still has its own ability to produce structural proteins. More mature skin does not have such a pronounced ability to replenish protein reserves, therefore, a repetition of lifting for it is possible once every one and a half years.

Conclusion: regular SMAS lifting is not required, especially on young skin. More mature skin produces less collagen and elastin fibers on its own, therefore, the period of preservation of the result is shortened for it - but not enough to resort to this procedure often enough.

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