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How to remove fillers from the face?

How to remove fillers from the face? This topic is quite scrupulous. Indeed, very often people visiting cosmetologists come precisely because of the removal of fillers with hyaluronic acid. They come to this decision for various reasons. Someone does not like the result of the work of a cosmetologist. Someone experiences inconvenience after the introduction of the filler (most often due to an unsuccessful facial contour correction procedure). In the third case, the cause of this problem is unaesthetic. So, the not-so-expected result can ruin the reputation of a cosmetologist who injected fillers from the gel.

To correct defects, two methods are used, surgical and injection. The choice depends on each case.

Surgical filler removal method

The specialist offers surgical intervention if, during the correction of the facial contour, the cosmetologist used fillers of the old generation. Most of these fillers are now banned due to their content.

Unlike new generation fillers, which absorb, old ones simply grow into the tissues of the face (lips, cheeks, cheekbones). This somewhat limits the actions of surgeons who cannot completely remove fillers.

After some time, old hyaluronic acid implants begin to move and deform. So, you can often observe the migration of the gel under the lips. Also often the gel base rolls into balls, which forms a deformation. In this case, you need to remove part of the mucous membrane. However, a certain fraction of the drug remains inside, which in most cases causes inflammation of the tissues of the face. Surgeons call this condition a time bomb.

In addition to the complexity of the operation, surgical intervention requires a longer recovery. So, postoperative sutures will be removed in a month. And the full effect can be seen only after a year.

Fissile injection

How to remove fillers from the face? A more effective way of removing hyaluronic acid is by injecting hyaluronidase preparations. This drug consists of the body's natural enzymes. It is intended for the breakdown of complex carbohydrate-protein complexes.

During the administration of the drug, pinching and swelling may occur. The terms of the patient's full recovery from half an hour to several days. It all depends on the individual reaction of the body. Most often, the effect can be assessed the next day. Sometimes a second procedure is required after two weeks.

In addition to injecting, other methods are proposed laser, microcurrents, darsonval. They may well be an alternative in cases where injections are not allowed.

Does fillers hurt

The question of the painfulness of the procedure for removing hyaluronic acid depends on the method used. So, with surgical intervention, the filler is removed under general anesthesia. In the case of the introduction of the hyalurodase drug, a person will feel mild discomfort. It depends on the individual pain threshold.

According to many patients, the cleavage procedure causes a more unpleasant sensation. However, experts claim that local anesthesia can be given before the injection. But, as a rule, not every specialist works according to this technique.

In our clinic you will receive professional advice. If there is an indication for surgery or injections, all work will be done painlessly and efficiently.

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