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What is thread lifting - pros and cons

What is thread lifting - pros and cons Every woman at least once, but thought about the procedure for tightening the skin. This is due to the fact that the contour of the face changes with age, the skin dries up, the cheeks sink, and the wrinkles on the forehead and chin become deeper. Previously, these problems were dealt with only with the help of surgical operations. However, in our time, the effect can be achieved with the use of cosmetics.

A thread lift is a special procedure that is required in order to perform a facelift and shape it. To lift the thread, a temporary suture is used, which tightly "sutures" the skin. Thread lifting is done on a variety of points on the face. The middle part of the face, forehead and lower part provide the desired effect of this procedure.

Nuances and features of thread lifting

After 30 years, the outlines of the face of women begin to blur, the skin becomes much drier and mimic wrinkles appear. It is characterized by the onset of physiological aging. Regular skin care when applying gels and creams allows you to temporarily make these marks less noticeable. However, the effect of such procedures is short-lived.

There are several effective methods of rejuvenation: non-surgical and surgical. Now the most popular method for tightening the skin of the face is thread lifting. This procedure has gained popularity due to its shorter recovery time and fewer complications. Some patients approve of the perceived lack of side effects compared to a traditional facelift, despite little improvement.

Thread lifting has been around since the 1990s, but innovations in thread pulling materials have led to an increase in popularity and demand for the procedure in recent years.

Those who are medically unable to undergo a surgical procedure use lifting as a safer alternative. It is considered a low-risk process with a short recovery period. But this can cause side effects such as slight redness, bruising or swelling.

Before the operation, the beautician must first apply points on the face to which the tissues will be fixed. The process is carried out as follows: special threads are inserted under the skin that are fully compatible with the human body. The beautician fixes them on a specific area of ​​the skin and tightens them in the right direction. As a result, wrinkles disappear and the skin becomes smoother.

The thread lifting procedure is not as effective as the facelift process, and there is no analysis of its long-term effectiveness. The result lasts from a year to 3 years. To achieve significant results, surgeons are advised to combine thread lifting and other cosmetic rejuvenation operations.

Types of threads for tightening

What is thread lifting - pros and cons There are two main types of threads used for skin tightening. These include: polylactic acid and polypropylene. Details of each species are given below.

Polypropylene is a synthetic material that does not dissolve and has been in demand in surgery for over fifty years. These threads are more durable, they are able to withstand a load of up to 6 kilograms and provide a greater effect from the process. They do not dissolve in the body and keep the resulting effect for up to 7 years. Polypropylene is considered a safe material, as it does not cause allergic reactions and does not reject upon contact with the body.

Polylactic acid, in turn, is absolutely biocompatible with the patient's tissues and is a hypoallergenic material that dissolves in the body over time. Such threads will provide a slight lift, but will stimulate the production of collagen, so the results will be stored for a year or two.

Advantages and disadvantages of thread lifting

Lifting, like other cosmetic procedures, has its advantages and disadvantages at the slightest such intervention. Obtaining such information is necessary in order to make an accurate decision whether to subject yourself to such a process, taking into account its cost and possible consequences.

The procedure does not require anesthesia, so it is less risky for people with health problems. Thread lifting is performed during a visit to the office, so it is much cheaper. As a result of the process, there are no cuts, scars or stitches.

Thread lifting usually takes about an hour or two. The patient can see her appearance in the mirror during the procedure and can evaluate the results.

One of the main risks of this treatment is improper suturing. This can cause the skin to be taut or wavy where the threads were inserted.

Certain areas of the face may be at increased risk due to the presence of great veins, arteries, or nerves. This requires excellent anatomical knowledge from the attending physician.

Age restrictions

People with mild skin laxity are the best candidates for a thread lifting application. Typical candidates for a thread facelift include women in their 30s and 50s. For a person in good health and just starting to notice the first signs of aging, the effect of a lifting thread will be of great benefit.

It is recommended to undergo procedures only for adult women, as in this case the effect will be more maximal. Lifting may have the following number of contraindications:

  • allergy to any of the components;
  • age less than 25 years;
  • vascular diseases of the capillaries under the skin or dermatological problems;
  • cellulite or too much mass;
  • open wounds or fresh scratches;
  • the period of plastic rehabilitation (in this case, the procedure should be carried out only six months after the operation).

At the moment, this technique is applicable not only for the rejuvenation procedure, but also for the correction of other problem areas. It is usually used for those parts of the body where there is swelling and sagging.

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