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Terms and Conditions

Section I. General Provisions

1. General Provisions

This agreement specifies the terms and rules of using the web-site of the Medical Centre LLC "Plastic and cosmetic surgery": (hereinafter the Web-site), as well as the programs and components possessed by the Web-site. The agreement governs relations between the Web-site's visitor (hereinafter the Client) and the Administration.

Only the Client, who has carefully read this document and has accepted all of its terms, is entitled to use the Web-site, as well as all its components. Otherwise no access to the Web-site shall be granted.

Before working with the Web-site, the Client should carefully read this agreement and accept all of its terms. If the Client does not agree with the terms and conditions set forth herein, in whole or in part, it will be prohibited for him to use the Web-site and any of its components and programs.

The terms and conditions of the agreement are binding for all the clients, who use the Web-site, as well as for all the users, who visit the Web-site for informational purposes.

This agreement is considered to be concluded from the moment when the Client accepts and agrees with all of its term and conditions.

2. Terms and Definitions

Administration is the Web-site's management. Its tasks include performance of any administrative functions related to the Web-site's operations: functioning of all its components, as well as of the server, equipment and programs, where it is located. The Administration is engaged in promotion and advertising, tracking of attendance statistics and timely updating of content.

Web-site means the internet resource with all the sub-domains. It is maintained and controlled by the Administration.

Client is the user of the Web-site, an individual of full age or legal entity. The client is considered to be a person, who fully accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement, visits the Web-site for learning about or ordering the services.

User's Agreement means the document governing the Administration's and Client's activities, specifying the rights and obligations.

Section II. Scope and Principles of Activity

3. Scope of the Agreement

It is allowed for the Client to surf through the Web-site's information after agreement with this document. The Administration authorizes to use any data from the Web-site solely for the personal non-commercial purposes. Any use of the information contained on the Web-site in other web resources, social media or other portals without the Administration's authorization is prohibited.

The Client is entitled to order medical services and to make preliminary arrangements to order the same through use of the Web-site.

4. Principles of the Web-site's Operation.

Through use of the Web-site:, the Administration informs the Clients about its services, costs thereof using the Internet as a tool to promote and advertise the Web-site.

Access to the Web-site and its components, as well as communication with the Administration through feedback shall be available only for those Clients, who have accepted all the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Section III. Rights and Obligations of the Parties

5. The Client is entitled:

  • To take advantage of all the capacities of the Web-site and its components provided by the Administration.
  • To have access to any public information placed on the Web-site. 
  • To inform the Administration about presence on the Web-site of the information violating his/her rights, with presentation of evidence of such violations.

6. The Client undertakes:

  • To indicate only true information about himself/herself when applying to the Administration.
  • To use the Web-site and its components pursuant to this agreement.
  • To use any information posted on the Web-site, within the bounds as provided by the standards of morality, and not inconsistent with the current Ukrainian law.
  • On his/her own to settle all the claims from third parties related to the Client's omission while using the Web-site.

 7. It is prohibited for the Client:

  • To incite or promote incitement of religious, racial or ethnic hatred.
  • To perform any actions violating the rights and freedoms, honour and dignity of others.
  • To mislead other Clients.
  • To provide the Administration with information about third parties without consent of the latter.
  • To use any data placed on the Web-site for commercial purposes without authorization from the Administration.

8. The Administration is entitled:

  • To close or suspend operations of the Web-site or any its components without prior notice to the Clients.
  • To suspend the Client's access to the Web-site or any of its components in case of technical problems in order to remedy them.

9. The Web-site's Administration is not liable for:

  • Any errors, misprints and inaccuracies that may be found in the materials posted on the Web site. All the information shall be posted on the Web-site without any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit.
  • Obsolete information on the Web-site, as well as the Client's inability to receive the updated information.
  • Statements and opinions of the Clients and visitors to the Web-site. The Administration's opinion need not coincide with the opinion of the authors of reviews and comments posted on the Web-site. At the same time, the Administration shall make every effort to remove inappropriate content from the Web-site.
  • Any unlawful actions of the Client in respect of third parties, as well as unlawful actions of third parties in respect of the Client.
  • Any damages, costs or losses suffered due to the Web-site or its components, their use or inability to use.
  • Loss by the Client of access to the Web-site or any its components.
  • Incomplete, inaccurate or untrue information that the Client has provided upon applying to the Administration.
  • If any data or actions that contradict this agreement are found, please notify the Administration of the Web-site for further investigation.

Section IV. Types and Protection of Intellectual Property

10. Types of Intellectual Property

The Client provides the Administration with his/her photos before and after the medical procedures and manipulations. Such photographs are the property of the Administration, and the Client agrees for them to be used in order to advertise and promote the Web-site. Use of the photographs is possible only in the framework of morality and ethical standards.

By providing his/her photos before and after the medical procedures and manipulations, the Client transfers the exclusive rights to the Administration for all the received data, provided they are used on a non-commercial basis. These rights do not have territorial restrictions and are granted for the entire period of copyright.

11. Protection of Intellectual Property

The Client may not use any data and components of the Web-site for commercial purposes, including the text, graphics, photos, audio and video materials. It is forbidden to place any data in other resources, web-sites, in social networks without authorization of the Administration.

Section V. Confidentiality Policy

12. Personal Data of the Client

When using the Web-site and all its components, the Client automatically agrees to collect, store, use and distribute the information about himself/herself, in accordance with the confidentiality rules of this agreement.

Pursuant to the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data", the Administration is entitled to include the Client's personal data, provided upon application to the clinic, in the personal database. The Client also automatically agrees that his/her personal data will be processed and agrees, if it is necessary for compliance with the conditions of the above-mentioned law, to transfer the same to third parties.

The Client fully understands and accepts the fact that by providing the Administration with his/her data, he/she provides third parties with access to the same, unless additional restrictions on such actions have been stipulated and established.

Accepting the terms and conditions of the agreement, the Client automatically provides the Administration with the rights for his/her personal data, as well as with the access to information pertaining to orders of any services.

The Administration is entitled to collect, store and use the Client's personal data in accordance with this agreement and the current Ukrainian law.

It is the Client's responsibility to provide complete and reliable information about himself/herself as required for applying to the Administration.

In case of discrepancies between the personal data of the Client and the reality, the Administration is entitled to limit or to suspend the Client's access to the services of the clinic, Web-site and/or any of its components without, notifying the Client.

13. Information Security

This agreement treats the information containing data about the fact of the Client's application for medical care, about the results of any medical examinations and manipulations as confidential. Moreover, any information that is considered to be confidential in accordance with the applicable law is recognized as confidential.

The parties to the agreement undertake to preserve confidentiality of the information received in the course of this agreement.

Any data treated by this agreement as confidential to third parties can only be transferred with the written authorization of the Client and/or in cases as stipulated by the current law.

The Administration shall make every effort to maintain the highest level of security of the data provided by the Client, as well as of the information posted on the Web-site.

The state-of-the-art technologies for comprehensive implementation of this clause of the agreement are used on the Web-site.

By providing third parties with any personal information, including the results of the medical researches and manipulations, and also the photographs before and after the aforesaid, the Client is aware of consequences of such actions. In this case, the Administration is not liable for the Client's actions.

The Administration does not verify the third parties, to whom the Client has transferred his personal data and personal information.

Section VI. Other Provisions

14. Additional Conditions

The Administration reserves the right to amend this agreement. All the amendments to be made hereto shall be available to the Client in the appropriate section of the Web-site. Any amendments shall be reported by the Administration to the Client by e-mail designated upon the Client's application to the clinic.

All the amendments made to the agreement shall take the effect as soon as they are published.

Continuing to use the Web-site and all its components, the Client confirms that he/she agrees with all amendments made to the agreement.

The Administration is not liable for the losses and any damage that the Client or third parties may suffer in case of misunderstanding of this document or any part hereof, as well as the instructions and guides to use the Web-site and its components.

Showing his/her contact information, the Client authorizes the Administration to notify him by e-mail about any innovations on the Web-site, and also to send advertising materials to the Client.

If any part of this agreement is invalidated, the other parts hereof shall remain in effect. In the event of refusal of either party to the agreement from any provision or provisions hereof, or in case of any violation of the rules and requirements set out herein, this agreement shall not be cancelled.

The Administration reserves the right at any time to transfer its rights to third parties, without notifying the Client.

The agreement is made according to and governed by the current laws of Ukraine. The parties to the agreement unconditionally agree that the relevant courts of Ukraine have exclusive jurisdiction over any claims, disputes or disagreements that may arise between the parties in connection with use of the Web site.

The disputes and disagreements arising out of this agreement shall be settled through negotiations of the parties. Unless the Parties reach an agreement, the disputes shall be resolved in court in the manner as described by the laws of Ukraine.