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Contour plastic

Contour plastic in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 1 To maintain their own beauty and youth, women are willing to pay a fair price and even lie under the scalpel surgeon. Fortunately, development of cosmetology makes extreme measures unnecessary. Contour plastic - a technique that allows you to achieve the expressed results in eliminating wrinkles and restoring the skin's properties through sub- and intradermal injections.

About the procedure

Any person who has seen the photo before and after the injection of facial correction, without any difficulties, will notice the effect. The smoothing of wrinkles, reducing the depth of the furrows, is due to the introduction into the depths of the problem areas of special substances - filaments that fill the age-old depressions. The tightening of the outer covers leads to an improvement in the oval shape of the face, which was the reason for the name of the method.

You can also make subcutaneous plasma jerk called plasmolifting. Their job is to stimulate the synthesis of their own soft tissues by the body. The advantage of contouring plastics is a moderate cost, which allows regular rejuvenating procedures.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • introduction of preparations for renewal of the lost volume of fabrics
  • 2-3 day's

Indications for plastic surgery

Contour correction is an effective method for eliminating a number of skin defects that appear under the influence of age-related changes or the adverse effects of the environment. With the help of technology you can get rid of the disadvantages represented by:

  • mimic and age-old wrinkles;
  • deep nasolabial and nasopharyngeal folds;
  • the ptosis of the eyelids, the second chin, the cheekbones;
  • intervertebral furrow;
  • "Goose paws" in the corners of the eyes, dark circles, bags under the lower eyelid
  • asymmetry oval face;
  • not enough volume lip shape

Preparations for contouring plastics

Contour plastic in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 2 Fillers used to fill the subcutaneous areas are made on the basis of hyaluronic acid - a natural component of the dermis responsible for its elasticity and elasticity. Due to the affinity with skin structures, the preparations are not repelled by the body, but provide a sufficiently long preservation of the effect of rejuvenation. Among cosmeticians a good reputation are the means:

  • Restylane - one of the first effective remedies, is widely used to eliminate various types of wrinkles.
  • Radiesse - a substance that contains calcium compounds that are specific to human Their introduction into subcutaneous layers allows to activate the natural synthesis of collagen.
  • Artecholl is a bivalent collagen based substance used to smooth deep wrinkles. Has long-term effects, but can provoke allergic reactions.
  • The composition of preparations is constantly improved, which leads to an increase in the effectiveness of contour plastics.

Advantages of the technique

Injections of hyaluronic acid , which is the basis of most remedies for oval face correction, have a number advantages over other methods of rejuvenation. The advantages of the procedure are:

  • noticeable results even after the first procedure;
  • small number of side effects;
  • affordable price
  • short rehabilitation period;
  • compatibility with other cosmetology techniques.

Varieties of contour plastics

Injections are used to inject the gel into the problem zone, which allows the technique to be used in a wide range of procedures for the elimination of skin defects. The main varieties are different for purpose:

  • Injectable lip enlargement allows you to get extra volume, remove inequality and knots, improve shape.
  • The marks of the cosmetic substance in the area of ​​the nasolabial mucus can smooth them, eliminating the sagging cheeks.
  • The introduction of the drug along the line of the chin makes it possible to tighten the contour of the face, get rid of the planned second chin.
  • Correction of the scars allows you to lift the corners of your lips, tighten your cheeks, and get rid of their flabbiness.
  • Injections in the area of ​​the nasolabic furrow allow you to get rid of the dark circles, to remove the expression of fatigue, to reduce the number of mimic wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Removing the interdigital groove allows you to turn expression of carelessness and benevolence on the face.

How much does rejuvenation depend directly on the treatment zone and the drug used.


Contoured plastic can be a health hazard in the presence of some contraindications. Patients should not be treated with:

  • violation of blood clotting;
  • on epilepsy;
  • oncology;
  • dermatological diseases of any nature
  • previously introduced silicone;
  • severe somatic pathologies;
  • autoimmune processes;
  • recently performed by laser, mechanical or chemical peeling.

Also, correction is prohibited for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Preparation for the procedure

Contour plastic in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 3 Before conducting contouring plastics it is necessary to conduct a simple preparation. It is necessary to examine the presence of contraindications, to pass the test of tolerability of the chosen for injection of the drug.

A couple of weeks before visiting a cosmetologist should stop taking anticoagulants and other agents that impair blood coagulation. And in a few days begin therapy with anti-herpetic drugs.

Also before correction it is necessary to refuse to use alcohol, fried and greasy products, heavy physical activity, including to do sports

Number of procedures

The responses of patients who came to our "Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Clinic", located in Poltava, indicate that in order to achieve the desired result from the rejuvenation of hyaluronic acid, it is enough to hold 1-2 sessions, which means a moderate cost for the long support of youth. Repeated manipulation is allowed at any time in another area of ​​the face or the same after complete dissolution of the gel. This period depends on the properties of the fillet and can last from half a year to 2-3 years.

Operation time
30 minutes
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
2-3 day's

Rehabilitation period

The implementation of all recommendations of specialists during rehabilitation is important for maintaining the desired results and the absence of complications.

After contouring plastics, a woman should refuse a period up to a week from:

  • visiting baths, saunas, taking hot baths
  • tan
  • cosmetic massage;
  • consumption of alcoholic beverages.

In the absence of complications in 7 days you can return to the usual way of life.

Side effects

In most cases, the correction of the skin with hyaluronic acid is accompanied by the appearance of any negative reactions. The most common side effect is redness in the injection area of ​​the gel, which takes place in a couple of days.

Other rarely encountered complications may be expressed:

  • allergic reactions;
  • unhealthy color of the skin;
  • hematomas;
  • fibrous formations, granulomas.

Expected result

Introduction of gels allows:

  • moisten the dermis;
  • improve tissue trophy;
  • to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin;
  • smooth wrinkles, small scars and other inequalities.

Such high performance leads to an irrepressible interest in the outline plasticity of women who know how important their self-care is.

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Photo before and after contouring

Contour correction image 3466
Contour correction image 3467
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