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Birthmark on the head - can it be removed?

Birthmark on the head - can it be removed? A mole on the head is a common occurrence that is absolutely safe. If you do not injure her. Many people feel discomfort is difficult to comb, it is inconvenient for a haircut, especially for those who are used to cutting their hair briefly, fear of malignant transformation due to open exposure to the sun. You can also inadvertently damage the nevus during shampooing or headgear. A neoplasm can appear both on the scalp and on an open area of ​​the skin, but in any case for many people this is a cosmetic defect. If there are no contraindications, the surgeon will remove the nevus, and the patient will be able to forget about this problem forever.

Types of nevi on the head

It is important to first determine the benignness, type, shape, color, the presence of a single sludge of several moles on the head, the structure, color and risk of malignancy. There are several types of nevuses on the head:

  1. Large. These are often congenital formations that are barely noticeable in an infant, but in the process of growth, moles grow together with a person, acquiring rather large outlines by adulthood. This type is most often removed, since in addition to an obvious cosmetic defect, the risk of injury to such an element is extremely high.
  2. Convex. Large and medium-sized, spherical or irregular in shape, these varieties cause a lot of trouble to their owners. They can significantly rise above the level of the skin, there is an option on the leg, mushroom-shaped. Doctors recommend getting rid of them in the first place, since there is a risk of overgrowing into giant forms.
  3. Flat. There are more than half of all cases of benign neoplasms, it does not cause harm, there is no discomfort in wearing hats, baseball caps, any hairstyles can be done, damage to a hairbrush or otherwise practically impossible. It is also noted that degeneration into melanoma is zero. If such an element is not on the face, but in the hair growth zone, it is recommended simply not to pay attention to them.
  4. Blue nevi. They are flat or voluminous, smooth or rough. Color can range from a light blue to black and blue. This is a dangerous species, which is classified as a risk group for malignancy. Be sure to watch for such an element, since moles on the head are often exposed to sunlight, this can provoke the division of cancer cells.
  5. Hanging down. They are rarely found on the skull, they are more often observed on the neck, in the armpits, but if such a pigmentation appears on the head, it is recommended to remove it in view of the risk of separation, damage to such a mole.
  6. By color indicator: brown, black, purple, red, white. This does not affect malignancy and is an individual feature of the body.

Any volumetric elements should be examined by a doctor to indicate how to properly care for, determine if there are indications for surgery to remove formations.

Causes of the appearance of a mole on the head

All moles appear for the same reason that the melanin pigment content is excessive in melanocyte cells, which stains the skin and provokes the appearance of flat or bulging bulges. The causes of nevi include:

  • genetic and hereditary predisposition; if parents have many pigmentations, then children are more likely to have similar manifestations;
  • disorders at the cellular level of melatonin production. It can be ultraviolet, as excessive tanning and constant burns contribute to the appearance of new moles throughout the body;
  • papillomavirus. One of the manifestations of HPV infection is the atypically rapid growth of new cutaneous pigmentation;
  • hormonal changes: endocrine diseases, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, juvenile period, the use of oral contraceptives or any hormonal drugs can be an impetus for nevusoobrazovaniya.

Only a specialist medical specialist can determine the true cause.

When does a birthmark on a head need to be removed?

Birthmark on the head - can it be removed? Nevi themselves are related to benign neoplasms, but there are cases when education can pose a threat to human health. Then it is necessary to immediately contact a dermatologist, dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist, oncologist surgeon for specialized advice and determine the causes of such manifestations, the appointment of a removal procedure.

It is recommended to remove the mole in the following situations:

  • suddenly increased several times;
  • large volumes, when it causes discomfort in everyday life, it is impossible to wear a hat, it is uncomfortable to sleep;
  • often injured;
  • accidentally there was a partial tear of education;
  • the shade has changed;
  • the shape has changed, it has become rough with uneven edges;
  • mole delivers psychological and aesthetic discomfort to a person.

At the appointment, a specialist doctor will exclude signs of malignancy or confirm them, prescribe all the studies necessary to prepare for the operation.

Myths about the removal of moles on the head

There are many stereotypes, myths that are actively multiplying on the network, which keeps us from going to the doctor and considering the option of surgical removal of neoplasms:

  • be sure to shave your head, if not all, then locally have to be carved. This procedure especially scares young girls with luxurious hair;
  • it is necessary to walk for a long time in a cap of bandages, with a bandage, covering your head in every way;
  • a bald spot or a scar at the place of removal will remain for life, hair will not grow there and partial baldness will form. Such a prospect will make few people happy, neither men nor women want to have such a defect.

Modern methods of removal allow you to do without these unpleasant inconveniences, terrible consequences and discreetly get rid of any nevi, regardless of their type, size.

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