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Lip augmentation - TOP 10 common patient errors

Lip augmentation - TOP 10 common patient errors Every woman dreams of being beautiful and attractive. An important sign of sexuality and beauty of the entire face is the shape and volume of the lips. Not all nature has endowed men with puffy lips that attract the eyes of men. Yes, and age takes its toll. The aging process does not leave aside this detail of the face. Over the years, the lips lose their brightness, becoming thinner.

The fashion for plump lips, introduced by Angelina Jolie at the beginning of the 2000s, remains relevant today. The cosmetologists of MC Clinic of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Poltava will help to correct the oversight of nature, make the correction of age changes.

Modern options for lip augmentation, changes in their shape

Today, injecting lip augmentation is popular with women. Using this method allows not only to increase the volume, but also to make a correction of lip asymmetry, to eliminate changes in contours and shape that have appeared with age. In the cosmetology office you can offer two options for lip augmentation:

  • more simple, which consists in filling the lips with hyaluronic acid fillers;
  • lipofilling, using which the fatty cells of the patient itself act as a filler.

A woman who has decided to carry out the procedure for increasing the volume of the lips should know that the fillers tend to dissolve over time.

A procedure for lip augmentation with acid fillers is a safe injection technique. In the course of its implementation, the doctor injects a pre-anesthetized lip skin with a syringe containing hyaluronic acid. The latter tends to attract water. Due to this, there is the effect of increasing the volume of the lips, changing their shape.

The duration of the procedure for increasing the use of fillers with acid does not exceed 15-30 minutes. She does not require any rehabilitation. Directly from the office of a beautician, you can go about your business, continue your normal life. The disadvantages of the technique include:

  • the possibility of an allergic reaction to the components contained in the preparation;
  • relatively short period of effect.

Lip augmentation - TOP 10 common patient errors The instability of the effects of the drug due to the fact that hyaluronic acid has the ability to quickly dissolve. Depending on the characteristics of the patient’s body, this takes from 4 months to one year.

Lip correction using the lipofilling procedure is more complicated than the introduction of hyaluronic acid fillers. If a more familiar beautician can introduce a more familiar hyaluronic, a lipofilling procedure can only be entrusted to a certified doctor. The injected drug is a filler created on the basis of the fat cells of the patient himself.

A lipofilling procedure usually takes about one hour. It consists of three stages. First, the doctor is determined with a body area for the collection of adipose tissue and extracts the desired amount. After that, it processes the material in a special solution. The final stage of the procedure is the introduction of the finished product into the inner part of the lips.

One of the advantages of lipofilling lips is that in most cases the effect of the procedure remains for life. Another plus is the ability to connect with other cosmetic anti-aging procedures, including those with lipofilling of the face.

Common mistakes with lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid

There are top 10 most common mistakes made when correcting lips. They can be divided into two categories. The first is the mistakes made by female patients:

  • the confidence of lip augmentation with acid fillers to an unfamiliar specialist;
  • lack of a clear understanding of what the final result of the procedure should be;
  • ignoring the presence of contraindications to increase;
  • wrong calculation;
  • improper preparation for the procedure or lack thereof;
  • frivolous attitude to the technique of drug administration;
  • taking painkillers during the rehabilitation period;
  • too short time between the previous and the next lip augmentation procedure.

A big mistake is to contact the first salon or clinic. Before trusting a beautician, a woman should gather as much information about him as possible. It is necessary to make sure that the doctor has a medical diploma and certificate. It would be useful to see pictures of his work. It is important that the doctor was a pleasant companion, caused sympathy in women.

Going to a consultation, the patient must absolutely know exactly what effect she wants from the procedure. During the discussion with the doctor of the upcoming procedure, a picture of changes will emerge. It will be possible to decide whether the correction of one or both lips is necessary. In this case, you should pay attention to the advice of the doctor regarding the individual characteristics and proportions of the face.

A conscientious specialist will definitely warn a woman that there are contraindications to the procedure for lip augmentation. Concealment by the patient of any disease included in the list of contraindications to the procedure is a handwritten signing by the woman of a sentence for subsequently receiving serious complications.

Lip augmentation - TOP 10 common patient errors Another mistake of women is the incorrect calculation of the prolonged effect. Some poorly informed patients believe that only that procedure will be qualitative, the initial results of which remain as long as possible. This is not quite true. When choosing a technique, the following points should be taken into account:

  • the absorption of hyaluronic acid takes a maximum of six months;
  • lips made by the introduction of the drug on the basis of adipose tissue (lipofilling), will be able to please for several years;
  • life is only the introduction of permanent fillers.

But the last option is synthetic drugs that do not dissolve themselves and are not removed from the body. When they are administered, severe side effects often occur in the form of solid tumors. They can only be removed by surgical intervention. Therefore, today the use of such a technique is reduced to almost zero.

If the patient wants the correction method of lipofilling or using hyaluronic acid to be successful, it is necessary to prepare for the upcoming manipulation. The preparatory period takes at least a week and consists in stopping the intake of vitamin E, multivitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs. In order for the body to recover quickly after injections, during the day before and after the procedure, you should stop using caffeine-containing beverages and alcohol.

Whatever the confidence of the doctor may cause, the loss of vigilance can be a serious mistake. If the woman thought that the needle went too deep, she should pay attention to this specialist. The introduction of a portion of hyaluronic acid deeper than 3 mm is fraught with the appearance of lumps or knobs.

Although the pain after correction can be quite pronounced (especially on the first day), it will be a mistake to take painkillers. Violation of this ban increases many times the likelihood of hematomas, significantly prolongs the recovery period.

Well, the last frequently encountered mistake is re-administering a dose of hyaluronic acid earlier than six months after the previous correction. The only exception to the earlier administration of the drug is a phased procedure. It must be carried out by the same doctor. Both times need to enter the same drug. Failure to comply with this rule can seriously harm the patient's health.

The second group of mistakes is related to the lack of professionalism of doctors. In their list, you can include the wrong choice of the drug and too much of its dosage. If the patient chooses hyaluronic acid fillers, the doctor should choose the correct filler density. The selection of the drug takes into account the patient's age, the structure of his face, and other individual characteristics of the organism.

If the drug is too dense, the lips may have an irregular shape, be unnaturally protruding. A serious mistake is also an overdose of hyaluron. The optimal average dose of acid should be about 1 ml. If 2-3 ml are needed to obtain the desired shape, the correction process should be divided into two or three times.

This measure is necessary because the soft tissues are not able to stretch so quickly as to accommodate the preparation in such an amount and acquire the desired shape. And as a result, peculiar rollers are formed above the lips that do not add to the lady of beauty. Therefore, a qualified doctor will never take risks, but simply inject the drug in stages.

If you finally decided to increase

If you finally decided to make a correction, be sure to discuss your concerns with your doctor before the procedure for increasing and changing the form. The first thing you need to do is voice your desires. The doctor should know exactly what shape and volume of lips you want to get. Let your doctor decide which version of the drug is best for your particular case. Discuss the method of pain relief.

Be sure to check the integrity of the box with the drug containing hyaluronic acid, the shelf life of the drug. Specify the amount of his doctor intends to enter. If in one procedure he wants to use 2-3 ml of acid, do not settle. It is better to come to the correction several times than to correct the errors surgically later.

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