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Wrinkles at 25: causes and methods of correction

Wrinkles at 25: causes and methods of correction Experts have determined that the aging process begins in the skin from 25 years old. Of course, you are unlikely to see deep and noticeable wrinkles, but to use all means to prevent the development of more serious changes is the natural desire of every woman. Beauty injections (dysport, hyaluronic acid), the selection of nourishing and moisturizing agents, rejuvenation with the help of modern technologies will help to delay aging for a long time and maintain a fresh and radiant skin look.

Causes of Early Wrinkles

Not only the genetically programmed process, but also our daily habits directly affect the skin condition. And if you notice that there are more and more wrinkles, analyze your lifestyle. The main reasons may be:

  1. Excessive passion for women tanning. Any kind of tanning is stress for the skin, and even more so if you do not use products with UV filters and headgear, do not be surprised at early aging. A burn, a decrease in elasticity, elasticity are all the consequences of ultraviolet radiation.
  2. Bad habits. Smoking, alcohol destroy valuable collagen, which is responsible for elasticity, the rapid formation of facial wrinkles occurs five times faster.
  3. Permanent diets. You are depriving your body of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins.
  4. Hyperactive facial expressions. If you are used to wrinkling your forehead, biting your lip, or simply expressing all your emotions with your face, then the early appearance of wrinkles is guaranteed. Also, such manifestations can be laid anatomically, including features of the muscles of the face and skin tension.
  5. Hormonal abnormalities can provoke the first signs of aging, due to depletion of the surface layer of the dermis.
  6. Improper care at any age. Oily, dry, combination skin require completely different means along the way.
  7. Any nervous strain provokes the release of adrenaline and cortisol into the blood; these hormones block the access of oxygen, destroy collagen, and cause muscle and blood vessel spasm.
  8. Gastrointestinal diseases and diseases of other systems leave their mark on the skin. Timely consult a specialist doctor for advice. This will prolong youth, eliminate signs of illness in general.
  9. We recover while we sleep, don’t sacrifice sleep for work or entertainment, your skin will thank you, for a long time pleasing a fresh look.

Wrinkles at 25: causes and methods of correction Our clinic employs professional cosmetologists who will determine the causes of the rapid development of wrinkles and help eliminate them.

Treatments for Eliminating Early Expression Wrinkles

If there are already noticeable changes, the cosmetologist will always offer the best method of struggle:

  • dysport injection of the drug will quickly, efficiently eliminate any types of wrinkles, from minimal to deep;
  • chemical peeling superficial, median, deep. Peeling helps to completely renew, as well as recreate perfectly smooth and even skin;
  • beauty injections fillers, hyaluronic acid will help not only to remove wrinkles, but also correct irregularities in one procedure. Age-related changes can often be corrected only by teasing fillers, as hardware and cosmetic procedures are ineffective;
  • plasmolifting full face rejuvenation using a unique technique to stimulate the regeneration of the natural restoration of the dermis. Plasmolifting can also be carried out for the whole body, zoned or complex for the face, neck, décolleté.

Our experts will find you a comprehensive care to give shine and freshness to your face.

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