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Rhinoplasty of nostrils

Plastics of the wings of the nose photo 1 Nose alae contouring is the least traumatic, easily tolerated and rapidly healing of all types of rhinoplasty. It deserves many positive feedbacks, and as for the cost, its price is relatively low. Almost always manipulations are performed on the walls of the nostrils, and correct the following handicaps:

  • congenital or post-traumatic defects;
  • overdrying of the mucosa;
  • disproportionate size;
  • ugly form;
  • large width;
  • asymmetry of nostrils.

Special aspects of the nose alae contouring

All manipulations are carried out via open or closed methods. The first assumes an external incision, and the second - internal cuts on the mucosa. In most cases, rhinoplasty is tried to be carried out via a closed method, because in such a way it is possible to avoid the appearance of marks. This applies to most manipulations with nose alae, which do not require enhanced access.

When the handicap is related with the width, size or asymmetry of the nose, the correction involves narrowing of the walls of the nostrils and cutting off excess soft tissues near their base.

The form is more difficult to correct, especially if it is connected with restoration of a natural support of the nose alae. In this case, cartilage transplantation is required. Usually the material is taken from the patient's auricle.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • markup
  • abruption tissue
  • operation
  • 1-3 month's


People who usually opt for this procedure are those who have large or thick-walled nostrils, expressed by the asymmetry of their size or location. The reason may be clinical: congenital defect, trauma, deformation due to illness.


The first contraindication may be mental disorders that provoke a person to an unnecessary operation. This rule applies to all types of procedures: from lipofilling to plasty of the forehead. The rest concerns health status:

  • Age under 18 and after 45 years (due to the fragility of bones);
  • Serious diseases of internal organs;
  • Reduced blood clotting;
  • Oncological and infective diseases;
  • Severe dermatological problems with the nose.

Possible complications

Despite the seeming problemlessness of this correction, it must be performed by a professional who can reduce the risk of complications. They can be quite serious:


  • bruises and swelling in the area of nose and eyes;
  • bleeding;
  • sensation and smell disorders;
  • deformation.

Plastics of the wings of the nose photo 2 Almost all complications are temporary and are associated with the individual reaction of the body. But some of them have to be corrected by repeated surgical intervention in a year after the operation. This happens when the doctor lacks competence to perform a surgical intervention on the alae of the nose. The desire to do the procedure for a lower price or going to a dubious clinic is fraught with serious consequences.


In addition to the possible doctor's mistakes, postoperative problems also arise due to the patient's fault. Sometimes failure to follow the recommendations leads to consequences, which are very difficult to remedy, not to mention the cost of re-plastics.

Operation time
1 hour
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
hospital stay optional
1-3 month's

Rehabilitation period

The rehabilitation period after surgery is not very long (about a week), but it is associated with some discomfort. After the operation, you need to spend a day with cotton wool turuns, and a few weeks with a plaster bandage. There are several recommendations that will help you to avoid problems in the future:

  • avoid ultraviolet;
  • do not go to the gym and sauna;
  • try not to blow your nose and not laugh;
  • sneeze carefully.

The effect will be noticeable immediately after the edema comes out and the scars resolve. It takes about a few months. Usually, after this period of time, the nose acquires the desired outlines, but it makes sense to estimate the final result not earlier than six months after.

Of course, not all clinics are able to provide the rhinoplasty on the proper level. The "Clinic for Corrective and Cosmetic Surgery" in the city of Poltava offers to assure yourself of the professional qualification of its professionals. To do this, just go to the site. Here you can find all the relevant licenses and certificates, find out information about doctors and see photos of patients before and after correction. There is also a section with feedbacks and an opportunity to see how much do the services of the clinic cost.

Prices for the plastic of the wings of the nose

Reduction rhinoplasty
26 000 UAH
Augmentation rhinoplasty
34 000 UAH
Reconstructive rhinoplasty
40 000 UAH
Secondary rhinoplasty
45 000 UAH
Correction of the nose (Weir procedure)
9 000 UAH
Nose end section plasty
20 000 UAH
Columella plasty
9 000 UAH
Reduction rhinoplasty
The first category of complexity
26 000 UAH
The second category of complexity
28 000 UAH
The third category of complexity
30 000 UAH

Photos before and after rhinoplasty of the wings of the nose

Rhinoplasty image 4718
Rhinoplasty image 4719
Rhinoplasty image 4720

Reviews of our patients about the service of rhinoplasty of the wings of the nose

Здравствуйте уважаемые доктора - Леся Федоровна, Илья Юрьевич, Никита Ильич! Наконец-то я выхожу из тяжелой и длительной реабилитации после не менее сложных хирургических операций, вы это помните и знаете, тяжеловато было мне в некоторых моментах, поймите правильно. Но, слава Богу, благодаря вашим усилиям, профессионализму и очень высокой порядочности, я уже не паникую и могу сказать вам всем огромное спасибо, приношу свои извинения Вам, Никита Ильич, за мою панику и нервный срыв после коррекции мастопексии, я Вас очень уважаю и благодарю за порядочность, правда, и Илье Юрьевичу большое спасибо, мой нос постепенно восстанавливается и лицо тоже, хотя еще очень тянет за ушами и кожа не совсем восстановилась в зоне швов, но это дело времени. После блефаропластики все хорошо. Я преклоняюсь перед вашей порядочностью и могу сказать всем вашим будущим пациентам, чтоб они были спокойны - эти доктора доведут свое дело до конца, если будут какие-то проблемы, а они могут быть при сложных операциях, надо быть к этому морально готовым, так вот эти замечательные люди и мастера своего дела не оставят вас с неудовлетворительным или каким-то полурезультатом, будьте в этом уверены, обращаясь в эту клинику. Спасибо всему медицинскому персоналу вашей клиники и Вам, Леся Федоровна, за терпение и корректность, за тот уют и прекрасную атмосферу в Вашей семейной клинике. В итоге, я выгляжу гораздо лучше, моложе и очень рада этому! Спасибо Вам огромное и еще раз приношу извинения за то, что пару раз теряла выдержку и терпение, надеюсь, я вас не обидела этим. Успехов вам, процветания и больше благодарных пациентов!

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