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Chin Contouring

Chin Contouring in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 1 The face appears beautiful when it is in the correct proportions. The visual harmony between the forehead, midsection and chin evokes a sense of attractiveness. When the balance is disturbed in the chin area or in another area, injection correction methods can correct the defect without surgery. Contouring of nose, lips, cheekbones at a reasonable price in Ukraine is a fast and effective method to become the owner of perfect facial features.

What is chin contouring?

Chin contouring belongs to one of the most demanded methods of injection medicine, which is successfully used to create a correct and harmonious lower third of the face. The technique involves the introduction of injections of fillers with natural ingredients (hyaluronic acid) into the problem area. Thus, without surgery, without stitches and complications, you can get a flawless look. Plus, hyaluronic acid has a moisturizing and anti-aging effect. Due to this, not only the volumetric shape of the chin changes, but also the skin becomes elastic and radiant.

Plasmolifting service will help to improve the condition of the skin, using its own blood plasma, at an adequate cost. It enjoys well-deserved popularity, judging by the grateful reviews.

Recommendations and prohibitions for plastic surgery

List of indications:

  • excessively small and narrow lower third of the face;
  • heavy chin pushed forward;
  • chin shifted to the side;
  • the concentration of fatty deposits in the chin area;
  • disproportionate facial features.

Contouring is prohibited for the following problems:

  • pregnancy and infant feeding;
  • allergies to the composition of fillers;
  • the presence of non-degradable fillers in the area;
  • oncology;
  • poor blood clotting;
  • predisposition to the appearance of keloid scars;
  • inflammation and rashes in the desired area;
  • diabetes mellitus.

Registration for a doctor's consultation and for the procedure is carried out by phone numbers indicated on the website. From a consultant, you can find out how much the service costs for residents of Poltava, Kiev, Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine.

What drugs are involved and the stages of the procedure

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • correction of the shape of the chin area
  • 1 day

There is no need for pre-procedure preparation for chin plasty. The session itself takes place in 3 stages:

  1. The doctor cleans the integument, marks the affected areas, disinfects and processes them with an anesthetic.
  2. Dermal filler is injected into the marked areas to the desired depth.
  3. A healing and soothing cream is applied to the chin area.

For injections, high-quality, certified preparations with hyaluronic acid are used, from trusted manufacturers who have earned positive reviews from the patients of the clinic. Substances are absolutely safe, compatible with body tissues, non-toxic, completely biodegradable.

Operation time
1 hour
Type of anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1 day

Rehabilitation and possible side effects

Chin Contouring in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 2 Such harmless fillers do not cause immediate or delayed adverse reactions. Rehabilitation is short - up to a week. On the first day, it is forbidden to touch, massage, wet, rub the chin. Further, after all, you need to touch this zone as little as possible. For 2 weeks, exclude sports, saunas, baths, pools, hot baths.

The effectiveness of chin contouring

In addition to the fact that the hyaluronic gel creates more voluminous areas of the chin angle, it:

  • improves the geometry of the lower third of the face;
  • eliminates folds or dimples;
  • makes outlines clearer;
  • removes the second chin;
  • provides lifting - effect of the skin;
  • rejuvenates, moisturizes and regenerates the epidermis.

As a result, for 9 months - 3 years, the patient receives not only perfect chin lines, but also radiant, healthy and elastic skin.

What determines the cost of plastic manipulation?

The price for chin contouring is determined by the type of drug and its quantity, as well as the experience of the doctor and the reputation of the medical institution. The site of the Clinic of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery in Poltava has general information on the question - how much does contouring, thread lifting or any other service cost.

We accept patients from Kiev, Kharkov, from all over Ukraine. A professional team of specialists, advanced technology and innovative methods allow you to effectively and safely give people youth and beauty!

Prices for chin contour plasty

Injection correction
280 UAH
Surgiderm 24
4 100 UAH
Surgiderm 30
4 150 UAH
Surgiderm 30 XP
4 000 UAH
Juviderm 3
4 200 UAH
Juviderm 4
5 180 UAH
Contour plastic with hyaluronic acid preparations - 1 ml. (syringe)
4 200 UAH

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