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Earlobe plastic: indications and results

Earlobe plastic: indications and results The beauty of facial contours is made up of many factors. These include symmetrical, neat ears. Many of our women are faced with such an ugly phenomenon as deformation of the lobe, which tends to stretch. This process is irreversible, but it can be easily corrected in our clinic of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Earlobe surgery, which you can perform with us, will not only improve the aesthetics of your face, but also increase your self-esteem.

Causes of deformation of the earlobe

The outer part of the human ear is divided into two zones - the conch, consisting of elastic cartilage and the earlobe. Cartilage retains its stability, but it can deform, causing protruding ears. This deficiency is easily corrected by plastic surgeons in our clinic. Otoplasty (correction of the shape of the auricle) can be performed on children from 6 years of age.

The lobe consists entirely of subcutaneous adipose tissue, which suggests its tendency to various changes that can occur for the following reasons:

  • long-term wearing of heavy earrings;
  • hobby for ear tunnels;
  • tears due to skin injuries;
  • congenital defects (pronounced asymmetry);
  • age-related skin changes leading to sagging lobes.

Ugly deformations that violate the aesthetics of the face and become the reasons for contacting our clinic to correct situations.

Who is the operation indicated for?

The indications for plastic surgery of the earlobe are determined by the doctor at a preliminary consultation. In our clinic you can get a free consultation and detailed explanations about the need for such an intervention.

Earlobe surgery is recommended in the following cases:

  • when abandoning the ear tunnels for suturing rough holes and restoring the shape of the lobe;
  • to reduce stretched puncture when wearing heavy earrings;
  • for the need to correct post-traumatic rupture of the lobe;
  • to correct birth defects and anomalies.

Earlobe plastic: indications and results Correction will also be required after the facelift procedure (facelift) in order to harmonize the updated contours with the rest of the facial area. Also, such a correction is carried out in combination with otoplasty (getting rid of protruding ears).

But, like any, even non-invasive, technique for correcting appearance, this procedure has its own contraindications. It will not be carried out in case of blood clotting disorders, in the presence of severe chronic pathologies and infectious diseases in the acute stage. Correction during pregnancy and lactation period is not carried out.

Operation results and timing

The patient does not require any specific preparation for such an intervention. But from taking alcohol and smoking should be abandoned 2-3 days before the operation. The doctor must additionally inform about the medications, dietary supplements and other drugs taken. Correction is performed under local anesthesia.

The tactics of the surgeon's work is determined individually and depends on the complexity of the situation. At the end of the procedure, the doctor applies neat cosmetic stitches, which are removed after 7-10 days and do not leave any traces. The recovery period is carried out at home and usually takes about 1.5-2 weeks. During this time, there may be swelling and bruising that go away rather quickly.

As a rule, there are no pronounced painful sensations. But your doctor can prescribe pain relievers if needed. The recovery process is quite comfortable and easy. The patient returns to his usual, full-fledged life after 1.5-2 weeks. Until this moment, it is not recommended to visit the steam room and the pool, sunbathe on the beach. Physical activity should also be abandoned during the recovery period.

You can fully assess the outcome of the operation a month after the operation. The result is kept for a long time. But in order to avoid the recurrence of the problem, you should refuse to wear heavy earrings. When it will be possible to re-pierce the ears, the doctor will inform, taking into account the complexity and peculiarities of the manipulations.

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