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Fold under the breast after mammoplasty: causes and methods of correction

Fold under the breast after mammoplasty: causes and methods of correction Mammoplasty is one of the most popular types of plastic. Many women want to be beautiful, look spectacular. Modern breast implants look very natural and attract admiring glances. The situations in which you should resort to mammoplasty can be different. Some want to corny adjust the size, and someone to restore the appearance after the birth and feeding of the baby, as well as surgical intervention.

Despite the development of medicine and a fairly large practice in the field of plastic surgery, in some cases there are negative phenomena. One of them is the appearance of a double fold under the breast (double bubble).

Why does a crease appear under the breast after plastic surgery

It is no secret that every woman’s breast has not only its size, but also its shape. It is generally accepted that if the mammary glands are cone-shaped or tubular, then after surgery to increase them, complications in the form of a fold may occur. But statistical analysis, backed up by a number of studies, show that the defect appears independent of forms.

Outwardly, it looks like this. From below, the line of the bust does not pass into the body, but as if it bumps the bulge. This suggests that the implants went down. This phenomenon happens both immediately after surgery to increase, and after a fairly long time, from 6 months to a year and a half.

Let's try to figure out the reasons for the appearance of a double fold. Most often, the problem lies in the chest itself. It is divided into two zones: upper and lower. There are such cases when most of the tissues that make up the glands are located on top. Then they talk about the underdevelopment of the bottom. That is why they initially spoke about the specifics of the mammary glands of the tubular form. Also, in women there is an overestimation of the chest part.

The cause of the defect lies not only in physiology, but also in the mammoplasty procedure itself:

  • incorrect algorithm of the procedure;
  • Incorrect choice of access point to the mammary glands;
  • incorrectly selected implant.

Too large a breast groove, a physiological phenomenon that causes undesirable consequences in the future. If this physiological deficiency cannot be eliminated during mammoplasty, then there is the likelihood of a second furrow - artificial. This is a kind of conflict between the existing tissue and the prosthesis, which needs to take the right position. Such problems usually appear immediately after the swelling subsides.

But there are a number of reasons why side effects occur after some time. These include:

  1. Mammary fibrosis. It arises from the fact that the body is trying in every possible way to limit itself from interacting with a foreign body. The tissues around the implant become denser. This can lead to discomfort and severity. The probability of occurrence is the first year after plastic surgery.
  2. The effect of a waterfall. Outwardly, the situation looks as if the mammary gland crawled to the side, and the nipple sank down.
  3. Endoprosthesis omission. The prosthesis drops down, most often this is due to the location and density of muscle tissue.

The first reason is the most common. The easiest way to solve the problem is to remove the fibrous capsule. At the same time, the endoprosthesis itself changes at will.

When preparing for the procedure, you need to understand that the choice of an implant must be done very carefully. In medicine, the so-called anatomical prostheses are used. Do not forget that the skin has a memory. Therefore, in the postoperative period, there is a possibility of the appearance of a double bubble at the place where there was a natural wrinkle.

How to get rid of a double fold after breast augmentation

Fold under the breast after mammoplasty: causes and methods of correction You can fix the existence of a double bubble with a second operation. In the process of its implementation, an incision is made on the skin and alignment of the furrows. As a result of the initial surgical intervention, a mammary fold is formed. The success of the correction largely depends on its correct formation. To fix the disadvantages that arose during surgical enlargement of the mammary glands, they try to fix the general contour of the bust with an implant. The surgeon artificially builds a new bend under the chest. Correct formation requires that it be located lower than the natural one.

If the appeared double bubble does not create the impression of a strong deformation, that is, it exists, but does not spoil the appearance, you can do a plastic operation called lipofilling. By it is meant a transplant of fatty tissues. This process is less painful than the initial installation of prostheses. Material for transplantation is taken from another part of the body, for example, from the hips or abdomen. She takes root in place of a double fold. Sometimes this requires several sessions, since immediately new skin may not completely take root.

With a pronounced double fold, it is impossible to correct the appearance without repeated surgery. Since the causes of a defect may be different, the ways to solve them are selected individually. Sometimes, several repeated surgical interventions may be required.

  1. Correction of the lower chest cavity. Such manipulation is as follows. The doctor makes incisions so as to minimize tension in the chest area. Then the tissues go down, as if blocking the part of the endoprosthesis that protrudes. All this is done under general anesthesia, despite the simplicity, rehabilitation is still required.
  2. The endoprosthesis rises. Its fixation is done using special seams. They should replace connective tissue fibers. This is an analogue of natural, they are aimed at maintaining the contours and height of the bust at the proper level. At the same time, correction of the lower pole of the mammary glands can be carried out.
  3. Mammary fibrosis, if doctors have made such a diagnosis. The operation is quite long and complicated. In the process, the capsule that has formed around the implant is removed. Often this phenomenon occurs due to the fact that the muscles of the chest are stretched. Also, the fault may be the location of more tissue in the upper thoracic pole. During such an operation, the surgeon may suggest replacing the existing endoprosthesis with another one that will correspond to the anatomical features of the bust.
  4. Eliminating the effect of a waterfall. Surgical intervention is performed in bulk. In general terms, this process resembles a facelift. The excess tissue at the bottom of the mammary glands is removed. The nipple with areola moves up. The type of cut resembles a keyhole. Scars on the skin remain, but at the location they are located below the chest. All of them are located vertically and directed to the nipple. With correctly performed plastic, they will not be very noticeable.
  5. Implant replacement. Such an operation can be carried out at the request of the patient in the event that she believes that the engraftment is somehow wrong. It is also done in difficult situations when surgeons cannot offer another solution. Replacement can be made with a more convenient prosthesis of an anatomical shape. But there are exceptions in which the complete removal of the implant is recommended.

Is it possible to prevent the formation of folds under the breast with mammoplasty?

A correct understanding of the problem makes it possible to prevent it. Therefore, before making a choice in the direction of mammoplasty, it makes sense to carefully read all the consequences. What can the attending physician do?

  • to put and select a prosthesis with characteristics that are most consistent with the existing shape of the mammary glands;
  • to correct the wishes of patients in the direction of a healthy bust in the future;
  • choose the right technology, that is, the place where the cut will be located, so that later the seams are minimally noticeable;
  • conduct a full medical examination, such measures will help prevent possible contraindications.

What should be provided to the patient? First of all, carefully study the practice of the clinic that you are going to contact. Not always a high price or hyped advertising is a guarantee of the correct operation. Today on the Internet there is enough information to view customer reviews, read about clinics, conduct a comparative analysis and pre-select a doctor. Please note that a medical examination is a necessary preparatory procedure.

To avoid negative consequences, it is important to strictly follow the recommendations of the rehabilitation period.

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