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Plastic nose tip: how to transform your appearance in one operation?

Plastic nose tip: how to transform your appearance in one operation? Every person is unique. External beauty is a concept so vague that one detail cannot be taken into account. All facial features are perceived as a whole. And even if it seems that too small eyes or protruding ears interfere with a full life, then for other people it can become an object of admiration.

The competent use of decorative cosmetics should not be underestimated either. With the right emphasis and understanding of the concept of contouring, it is easy to hide flaws.

But often, no matter what, people are dissatisfied with their reflection in the mirror. The nose is especially indignant, because it is the most prominent part. Sometimes such a reaction is in vain. However, there are cases when rhinoplasty is simply necessary. She is able to correct the imperfections that nature has endowed.

When a nose job is needed

There is no medical indication for this procedure. The operation is done solely for aesthetic reasons. It is necessary to turn to the theory according to which the face is divided into three imaginary sections. On the forehead, middle part and a segment from the tip of the nose to the chin.

Ideally, the dimensions should match. The disproportion of one of the areas may not satisfy the patient. Sometimes, by altering the nose, you can significantly tweak the appearance.

Plastic is needed if the tip:

  • asymmetric;
  • wide or bifurcated;
  • deformed or twisted;
  • upturned or lowered.

Among those factors with which a surgeon is consulted, there are congenital and acquired ones. But before making a correction, the doctor needs to conduct an initial consultation. First, you need to make sure that the cause was not formed as a result of psychological factors.

Features of surgery for plastic nose

This procedure is considered one of the most difficult. The doctor must have the highest qualifications and delicate artistic flair.

Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia for three hours. The surgeon can use both closed and open methods. In the first case, the operation is performed from the side of the mucous membrane. The second is used when a complex correction is needed.

To avoid visible scars, the sutures are placed in anatomical folds. Therefore, you should not worry about the traces of the manipulations carried out.

How to choose a specialist for nose surgery

Plastic nose tip: how to transform your appearance in one operation? The patient should choose a doctor responsibly. Indeed, not only the external picture that you expect to see depends on his skill and professionalism. An important factor is also the side of the issue that is responsible for your health. After falling into clumsy hands, you can then rake the consequences for a long time.

Factors to consider when choosing a doctor:

  1. An experience. Many similar operations in the past with positive results.
  2. Portfolio. There should be photos before and after the procedure.
  3. Qualification. Awareness of different techniques and their application in practice.
  4. License. All documentation must be present, including papers on the corresponding certification (carried out after advanced training).
  5. Experience. It is always calmer when you are operated on by a person who has been working for several years.
  6. Conditions in the medical center. For maximum protection and safety, the presence of resuscitation equipment in the department will be a huge plus. It is not even necessary to remind about the observance of sanitary standards in the institution. And so it is clear that the signs of unsanitary conditions do not say anything good about the clinic.

If the decision to perform the operation is firm and unshakable, then you need to trust a professional. Having learned the points that characterize the doctor as a high-class master, it is easy to navigate in choosing a suitable surgeon.

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