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Lift of the corners of the lips with Corner Lift operation

The natural aging process affects both the body and the face. Signs of the influence of time are especially noticeable in the periocular and periubital space. The drooping corners of the lips are immediately associated with sadness, longing, fatigue, and also give the face a displeased look. One of the types of cheiloplasty - corner lift surgery (lifting the corners of the lips) makes it possible to restore a benevolent facial expression, rejuvenate a smile and tighten the skin of the lips.

Corner lift - the essence of the operation

Lift of the corners of the lips with Corner Lift operation in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 1

In aesthetic surgery, for the formation of new outlines of the lips, correction of their shape and volume, correction of asymmetry and imperfections, surgeons use a complex of plastic surgeries called cheiloplasty.


One of such interventions in the area of the lips is a lifting of their corners or a corner lift. Low-traumatic and completely safe manipulation allows you to remove the changes that have arisen as a result of age. And these are vertical wrinkles, lowered corners, loose skin.

Using one of several techniques, the surgeon excises the skin and muscles, applies inconspicuous sutures. As a result of a minimally invasive operation, most often under local anesthesia, the corners of the lips are slightly raised, imitating a slight smile, and the skin around is smoothed. This immediately gives a pronounced anti-age effect, transforming and rejuvenating the face.

Varieties of plastics for lifting the corners of the lips

To raise the lip corners, the following corner lips lift modifications are used:

  1. 3-4 mm above the corners of the mouth, the surgeon excises small areas of skin and muscles. The incision can be in the form of a "lentil", "triangle" or "heart". The latter is also called "valentine" and is shown with significant stretching of the upper lip. Such actions of the doctor direct the outer edges of the lips upward.
  2. A scalpel dissection of the D. A. O. muscle (Depressor anguli oris), which specifically acts on the lips, pulling their corners down. The surgeon simply cuts the ligament (resects), which instantly lifts the lips. The advantage of the procedure is that the doctor performs the necessary actions through the oral mucosa. Therefore, there will be no traces outside.

Also, there are non-surgical methods for correcting the corners of the lips: lifting with threads, lipofilling (fat from donor parts of the body is pumped into the lips, chest, etc. to increase the volume), the introduction of Botox and hyaluronic acid preparations. Beauty injections are often used as an element of complex procedures to change your appearance, which, judging by the reviews, gives excellent results. In this case, the cost of the complex will be an order of magnitude lower than individual manipulations.

How much does the Corner Lift cost at the Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic? You can find out the order of prices on the website or by phone in Poltava.

In what cases is correction indicated and contraindicated?

Lift of the corners of the lips with Corner Lift operation in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 2

Most often, this type of plastic surgery has aesthetic, rather than medical, indications. It is resorted to by patients who are dissatisfied with the peri-labial area and who want to rejuvenate it.

So, the indications for the Corner lift intervention:

  • an ugly mesh of vertical wrinkles along the lip contour;
  • drooping corners of the mouth;
  • a decrease in the elasticity and elasticity of the skin in the peri-labial area;
  • too thin skin;
  • loss of lip volume.

In general, any cheiloplasty is done to achieve a cosmetic effect in 90% of cases, and only 10% is the removal of defects and the consequences of trauma.

Surgical change in the shape of the lips refers to minimally invasive operations, however, it also has contraindications:

  • age up to 18 years (with the exception of congenital and post-traumatic defects, severe lip imbalances);
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • dermatological problems (infections, fungi, inflammation, rashes);
  • standard operating prohibitions (diabetes mellitus, severe diseases of internal organs, hypertension, oncological processes, blood diseases, etc.);
    mental pathology.

Only the doctor, after the appointment, carried out by appointment, makes a decision on lifting, taking into account the results of tests and examinations.

How is the preparation and the operation itself going?

After agreeing on the date of the intervention, the doctor directs the patient for a mandatory examination:

  • blood and urine tests;
  • clotting test, HIV, hepatitis, syphilis;
  • biochemical screening;
  • ECG and consultation with a cardiologist;
  • fluorography and consultation of a therapist;
  • visit to the anesthesiologist.

The operation lasts 40-60 minutes, most often under local anesthesia (general - according to indications).

Stages of manipulation:

  1. Introduction of local or general anesthesia.
  2. Treatment of the operating field with an antiseptic.
  3. The surgeon makes the incisions based on a suitable corner lifting technique.
  4. The doctor sutures the incisions with thin threads using a cosmetic suture that practically does not leave marks.
  5. The surgeon sticks strips of special plaster on the sewn-up area.

The patient is transferred to the ward until the anesthesia goes away. On the same day, he can return home.

Features of the recovery period and possible consequences

Due to the minimally invasive nature of the operation, primary rehabilitation lasts 2-3 weeks, and the body is completely restored in a month. Removal of stitches takes place 3-4 and 7-10 days after the intervention.

Due to the increased blood supply, the tissues of the lips regenerate rapidly. During the rehabilitation period you need:

  • rinse your mouth with antiseptic solutions;
  • apply cool compresses;
  • smile less;
  • do not eat solid and hot food;
  • do not paint your lips;
  • do not bathe in baths, saunas, do not swim in pools;
  • do not engage in physical activity.

There are no practical complications after corner lifting, as evidenced by the reviews of patients who come to the clinic not only from Poltava, but also from Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. Mild swelling and redness is considered a normal body response to surgery.

Corner lift surgery cost

To find out how much this and any other surgical procedure for correcting lips, breasts, etc. costs, just go to the website or call the numbers of the Clinic of Plastic Cosmetic Surgery, which is located in Poltava. Due to an individual approach to each case, the cost may vary. The price of the operation depends on the technique used, the type of anesthesia, complex or separate surgical treatment, personal wishes and characteristics of patients who come to the clinic even from Kiev and other cities of Ukraine.