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Lipomodeling - the formation of ideal body contours

Lipomodeling - the formation of ideal body contours Thanks to modern plastic surgery, men and women can quickly get rid of adipose tissue and correct the shape of the figure. In pursuit of a beautiful appearance, many resort to lipomodeling, and not only overweight people use this service. Our plastic surgery center specializes in a variety of body surgeries. The clinic's experts talk about the peculiarities of lipomodeling.

What is subject to liposculpture

An innovative and low-traumatic technique helps to quickly remove excess fat from problem areas - lower back, waist, abdomen, hips. And pump it to those places that have a lack of splendor (usually the buttocks). The technique uses two technologies at once - liposuction and lipofilling.

Thanks to lipomodeling, the patient can:

  • to increase and improve the volume and shape of the buttocks;
  • smooth the uneven surface of the epithelium;
  • improve the abdominal area (for example, make the contours of a pumped up press with embossed cubes and oblique muscles);
  • make the waist more expressive;
  • add volume to the chest area;
  • remove fat deposits from problem areas;
  • model muscle mass (triceps, biceps, etc.);
  • rejuvenate the skin of the hands, the face area.

The main goal of this procedure is to improve the appearance of the whole body. Lipomodeling, unlike lipofilling and liposuction, does not just remove excess from the body, it sculpts it, correcting imperfections and highlighting the beneficial sides. Before the procedure, our patients undergo a preliminary consultation with surgeons and an examination.

The doctor's tasks include getting to know the client's anamnesis and choosing the most suitable liposuction option. Before the operation, the patient undergoes the necessary examinations and tests. After lipomodeling in our clinic, the client is observed for about 1-3 days, then the recovery period takes place at home. You will see the visible result 3-4 months after the operation.

Talking about the possibilities of lipomodeling, it is necessary to note a number of its indisputable advantages, for example:

  • complete safety of the operation;
  • low trauma and efficiency of the procedure;
  • absence of postoperative scars, scars, incisions;
  • there is no need for complete anesthesia, the intervention is carried out under local anesthesia;
  • the patient is injected with his own tissue, which minimizes the risk of rejection;
  • complete absence of possible allergic reactions.

Unlike other procedures, after lipomodeling, the effect in women and men remains forever. This technique can also be carried out on the face with deep wrinkles, rough and sharp folds. The procedure removes asymmetry, corrects the sunken part of it. The face is completely transformed. It rejuvenates, acquires attractiveness and clarity, and the quality of the skin is significantly improved.

What are the contraindications

Like any other, even the most gentle cosmetic procedure, lipomodeling has a number of contraindications.

Lipomodeling - the formation of ideal body contours The following situations become direct prohibitions on its implementation;

  • established diabetes mellitus of any stage;
  • oncological processes;
  • epilepsy regardless of the level;
  • pathology of the cardiovascular system;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • low blood clotting;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • diagnosed arterial hypertension.

You should not carry out lipomodelling during pregnancy and lactation period, during menstruation. It can be delayed when the patient is taking medications that thin the blood. All points and nuances of the procedure are discussed at the stage of consultation.

What is the Difference Between Lipomodeling and Liposuction

At first glance, these two procedures are similar, both are intended to correct the figure, get rid of problem areas, and improve the aesthetics of the body.

But they have cardinal differences, which we presented in the table.




features of the method

surgical intervention

distribution of body fat using hardware equipment


correction of body fat

no problem areas, perfect proportions

time of forming a full total

3-4 months

1 year


scars may remain

no scars, scars due to lack of surgical intervention

It should be borne in mind that lipomodelling involves the impact on all problem areas of the patient at once, in contrast to liposuction. Therefore, after the intervention, it is required to devote more time to all areas that have been corrected.

During the period of recovery rehabilitation after lipomodeling, the patient will have to adhere to the following rules:

  • limit physical activity;
  • forget about visiting baths, steam rooms and saunas;
  • reduce bad habits to the maximum;
  • give up solarium and sunbathing beaches.

For a better and more successful recovery period, specialized elastic bandages may also be required. The total recovery time is variable and depends on the volume and complexity of the lipomodelling. On average, this will take about 1.5-2 months.

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