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Features of rehabilitation after removal of lumps of Bish

Features of rehabilitation after removal of lumps of Bish Fashion lady capricious. This concerns not only clothes, shoes, accessories, but also the appearance of a person. Young ladies are especially sensitive to her trends. Many of them are ready for any sacrifice, just to be like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez or Victoria Beckham.

Nowadays, in a trend, there is not a round face, but sharp, pronounced cheekbones. But what if nature does not endow you with those? Many ladies see a way out in surgery to remove the so-called lumps of Bish resection of the fatty body of the cheek.

Lumps of Bish is not a pathology. They are every person, are small capsules on the cheeks, filled with fat. Lumps are located between the infraorbital sulcus and the salivary gland. Nature has given Bisha lumps to each infant in order to simplify the sucking process. At an older age, Bish’s lumps are not involved in any processes. Clean them up or leave everyone’s private business.

Although there is another opinion about the removal. Some experts believe that Bish's lumps play the role of a shock absorber during chewing. They are also a warehouse for adipose tissue, which, if necessary, can be used in the correction process of certain areas of the face. Whatever it was, but if you decide on an operation to remove packages with unnecessary fat, you should contact only the professionals.

These are plastic surgeons working in Medical Center of the Clinic of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Poltava. . The operation to ua/en/us lumps from the cheeks by itself is not very simple and low-impact. It takes only 20-30 minutes, carried out under local anesthesia. Rehabilitation after removal of lumps of fat will pass quickly, painlessly and without complications, if you strictly follow the requirements and recommendations of the surgeon.

Features of the recovery period

The patient will be able to enjoy the view of the pronounced cheekbones within a couple of weeks after the operation to remove the fat packs, subject to a set of simple rules of behavior during the rehabilitation period.

If Bisha’s lumps were removed under local anesthesia and the operation took place without force majeure, the discharge is performed a couple of hours after it is performed. In the case of general anesthesia, the patient goes home the next day. It is advisable to take a vacation for a week in order to be able to clearly follow all the instructions of the surgeon. During the rehabilitation period after resection of Bish’s lumps it is impossible to:

  • to touch the postoperative seams with fingers in the mouth, so as not to damage them or to cause an infection;
  • within a few days after resection of Bisha’s lumps, allow excessively active facial expressions, shout, laugh out loud, sing;
  • try to pull in your cheeks;
  • from two to four weeks to attend a gym or fitness club, to allow other physical activities;
  • a couple of weeks to be in the sun in hot weather, sunbathe on the beach, go to the bath, sauna, solarium;
  • for at least two weeks after the operation to exclude lumps of Bisha to smoke, take alcohol to avoid the possibility of suppressing the processes of regeneration and the occurrence of hyperemia and severe swelling.

Features of rehabilitation after removal of lumps of Bish During the recovery period after removal of the fat package by surgery, water procedures should be limited. Such a measure is necessary to avoid overload and hypothermia of the muscles of the face. Before sucking or removing the sutures, it is impossible to allow water to enter the mouth during swimming in a pool or an open pond. It is better for this time to abandon the swims.

In order for the rehabilitation process after the removal of lumps to pass quickly and successfully, in the first few days it is necessary:

  • take antibiotics and other medicines prescribed by a doctor;
  • wear a compression mask;
  • eat only liquid or rubbed food for the first week (chewing of solid food can cause seam divergence);
  • take warm food to avoid additional injury to the oral cavity;
  • be sure to rinse your mouth after eating the means prescribed by the doctor (rinsing should be gentle and careful, without muscle tension);
  • brush your teeth smoothly, avoiding abrupt fast friction (in some cases it is generally recommended to restrict yourself only to rinsing the mouth for several days in order not to disturb the stitches);
  • sleep on a pillow raised to 300 in order to minimize puffiness after removing fat packs and preventing pressure on the muscles and nerves of the face.

With the observance of these simple rules, a few weeks after the operation to ua/en/us Bish’s lumps, there will be no visible negative traces of surgery on the face. Cheekbones will get a bright expressiveness. But there may still be a slight asymmetry. For its complete disappearance, it may be necessary from 4 to 6 months after resection of Bish's lumps.

And yet, before heading for an operation to remove such hateful lumps of Bish, you must be aware that you can face some complications. Although they do not occur often.

Possible complications after removing the lumps

Features of rehabilitation after removal of lumps of Bish Many patients at the first time after surgery to remove capillary lumps of Bisha face such not very pleasant things as swelling, pain in the cheeks and stitches, bruises. This is quite normal. After 3-7 days, everything will pass. It is just necessary to wear a compression mask, take painkillers recommended by the doctor, use absorbing agents. The more serious complications of excision of lumps of Bish include:

  • numbness or sagging of the cheeks
  • the appearance of blockages
  • inflammation,
  • asymmetry of the face or mouth.

Some of these complications disappear with time, others remain. The reasons for their appearance can be hidden in the individual characteristics of the organism and the structure of the patient’s face, his failure to comply with doctor’s prescriptions in the time allotted for recovery after removal of Bish’s fatty lumps, and the surgeon’s lack of professionalism.

Alternative Techniques

A conscientious doctor at the reception will not immediately prescribe the time of the operation to ua/en/us packages of fat, but warn you about possible complications, suggest alternative options. It is possible that in order to create a clarity of the face oval, it is enough for the patient to perform a contour plastics, and not to resort to the removal of Bishch’s innocent lumps.

You can, for example, simulate the contours of the face without any complications by liposuction of the chin and shoulders. Removal of excess body fat in these areas will make the contours of the face clearer and the cheekbones pronounced. And only if these or other measures in a particular case can not give the expected effect, we can begin to discuss the removal of the notorious lumps of Bish.

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