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Blepharoplasty or lipofilling - what to choose

Blepharoplasty or lipofilling - what to choose No wonder they say - the eyes are the mirror of the soul. It is also an indicator of age. And the delicate area around the eyes first of all takes on the brunt of age-related changes. Modern plastic surgery is not only able to rejuvenate the look, but even radically change the eyes. For example, correcting the incision and shape of the eyes with blepharoplasty. An excellent alternative to traumatic plastic surgery is lipofilling of the periocular region, for minor correction and getting rid of age-related problems.

Blepharoplasty - pros and cons

A complex of surgical interventions aimed at rejuvenating and correcting the imperfections of the upper and lower eyelids is blepharoplasty. In addition to getting rid of excess skin, fat deposits, fatty hernias, puffiness, the operation allows you to change the shape and shape of the eyes, raise the lowered corners, and remove asymmetry.

Advantages of eyelid surgery:

  • significant change in appearance (correction of the incision and shape of the eyes);
  • the only effective method for removing a hernia of the lower eyelid;
  • the patient's effect remains for life;
  • in most cases, local anesthesia is sufficient;
  • almost invisible, small scars that go away over time.

But, no one canceled the minuses either:

  • a significant rehabilitation period in terms of the duration and severity of the course;
  • the presence, albeit small, but still scars and scars;
  • risk of complications - a problem with eyelid closing, eversion of the eyelids, asymmetry, double vision, etc.

Dry eyes, burning, sand in the eyes, discomfort, pain, swelling and bruising are an integral part of the postoperative period. These moments are temporary and go away after 2-3 weeks.

Eyelid lipofilling - advantages and disadvantages

Blepharoplasty or lipofilling - what to choose Lipofilling is a technique for correcting the face and shape by relocating the patient's own adipose tissue to restore the lost volume. Liposculpture of the area around the eyes contributes to its rejuvenation: the elimination of wrinkles and nasolacrimal grooves, dark circles, depressions, overhanging of the upper and drooping of the lower eyelids and other age-related cosmetic defects.

Benefits of eyelid fat injections:

  • low trauma, thanks to the use of rounded cannulas and small punctures, without incisions, scars and scars;
  • a short period of rehabilitation;
  • local anesthesia, minimum discomfort, short duration of the operation (about an hour);
  • safety, due to the absence of allergies and rejection of biological material, since fat is authentic to body tissues;
  • additional anti-age effect, as fat stem cells improve the quality of the skin.

However, there are also disadvantages:

  • asymmetry due to uneven engraftment of adipose tissue;
  • the result will be stable only if the current weight is maintained, you cannot lose weight;
  • You can fully evaluate the effect in a month - when it will be clear how much fat has taken root.

Swelling, bruising, decreased sensitivity, discomfort are normal postoperative phenomena that completely disappear in one to two weeks.

Selection and compatibility of procedures

When a patient chooses between blepharoplasty and eyelid lipofilling, it is necessary to take into account not only personal desires, but also the indications that one or the other procedure has. And also, individual contraindications for one or another intervention.

So lipofilling is the most gentle, fast procedure without general anesthesia and incisions. An alternative to both surgery and filler injections. The fat provides an excellent rejuvenating effect, provides filling of wrinkles and nasolacrimal grooves, restoring volume under the eyes. For example, after an unsuccessfully removed fatty hernia.

And plastic surgery of the eyelids is a real surgical intervention with stitches and rather serious rehabilitation. However, unlike lipofilling, the effect of an open, youthful, fresh look will be with the patient forever. Since auto fat tends to dissolve in the surrounding tissues. Yes, and completely change the appearance with the correction of the incision of the eyes, lipomodeling of the eyelids is not possible. As well as getting rid of a fatty hernia.

But, no matter what kind of manipulation the patient is inclined to, the last word is always with the surgeon. By the way, both operations are harmoniously combined with each other. They can be performed simultaneously without problems, which is often what surgeons do. This saves both time and money. Plus, there will be one rehabilitation for both interventions. For example, you can raise the corners of the eye and remove the overhanging eyelid with blepharoplasty, and bruises can be corrected with lipofilling. It all depends on the personal characteristics of the patient's problem.

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