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Dissatisfaction with your reflection motivates you to resort to different procedures that can change your appearance. But when the thought “falls under the knife of the scalpel” is a little uncomfortable, then contour plastic is an excellent option. Today, thanks to several visits to the beautician, it is quite possible to transform your face. As a result of injections, some imperfections are corrected by fillers.
Almost everyone now dreams of at least somehow standing out among others. Change of shape and appearance is the most frequent request. Especially when it comes to lips. And this is not surprising, because they are an important part of the face. Therefore, the aesthetic appearance will make their owner more self-confident. There are many ways to change their volume and shape.
Every woman at least once, but thought about the procedure for tightening the skin. This is due to the fact that the contour of the face changes with age, the skin dries up, the cheeks sink, and the wrinkles on the forehead and chin become deeper. Previously, these problems were dealt with only with the help of surgical operations. However, in our time, the effect can be achieved with the use of cosmetics.
Throughout the history of mankind, beauty standards have changed dozens of times. These criteria, undergoing changes, rushed from one extreme to another. They either glorified the magnificent forms of Rubens' ladies, then made them admire the androgynous thinness of the beauties of the beginning of the last century. Some fashion trends are easier to explain, others make you think. Why are high cheekbones considered seductive? On this issue, it is worth contacting scientists.
The beauty of facial contours is made up of many factors. These include symmetrical, neat ears. Many of our women are faced with such an ugly phenomenon as deformation of the lobe, which tends to stretch. This process is irreversible, but it can be easily corrected in our clinic of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Earlobe surgery, which you can perform with us, will not only improve the aesthetics of your face, but also increase your self-esteem.
Changes in the body overtake everyone, because age takes its toll. They do not go away by themselves and bring a number of deformations associated with appearance. One of the current trends is a “naked” face that glows with health. Therefore, to have its flawless outlines is the desire of many. This nuance, which is relevant for many, can be resolved thanks to the circular facelift that has already become known in the world.
The body shape improvement process is very difficult and time consuming. It takes a lot of effort. The most problematic area of​​all is the abdomen, as fat deposits remain on it even with a good athletic physique. This difficulty affects many, so sometimes plastic surgery can be the solution. Liposuction of the abdomen allows you to remove excess fat deposits without harm to the body. This procedure is widely known in the world and is often in demand.
In childhood, we do not attach importance to how our faces look. But with the growth and development of cells in the body, irreversible processes occur. This leads to deterioration of the skin, accumulation of fat, the appearance of folds and expression lines. Upon reaching a certain age, each person realizes that now his face no longer looks like it did in childhood.
A chin lift is a procedure for people who notice signs of aging on their face. Over time, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to become more flabby. As a result, the face loses its oval shape, which is manifested, among other things, by a drooping chin. People whose faces have lost their natural appearance look tired and more mature. Mentoplasty is a term for a plastic surgery procedure. It comes from the Latin word mentum, which means "chin".
Every person is unique. External beauty is a concept so vague that one detail cannot be taken into account. All facial features are perceived as a whole. And even if it seems that too small eyes or protruding ears interfere with a full life, then for other people it can become an object of admiration. The competent use of decorative cosmetics should not be underestimated either. With the right emphasis and understanding of the concept of contouring, it is easy to hide flaws.