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Common myths about "beauty injections" in the forehead

Common myths about 'beauty injections' in the forehead A woman is made for beauty. And innovations in aesthetic cosmetology and medicine make it possible for the fair sex to preserve youth and charm for as long as possible. One of the most popular and effective methods is “beauty injections”. It is a general term for injection techniques that are targeted at rejuvenating the skin. However, the more these miraculous procedures become popular, the more speculation and myths are overgrown. Consider their varieties and common inventions associated with injections.

Types and features of "beauty injections"

Varieties of injection manipulations in cosmetology practice:

  • contour correction with fillers based on stabilized hyaluronic acid. Fillers not only fill deep wrinkles and folds on the face, but also normalize the moisture balance of the skin, improving its condition. Also, it is a safe and easy way to add volume to the lips, cheekbones, cheeks, which allows you to model the oval of the face;
  • Dysport injections (botulinum toxin hemagglutinin) are used to smooth mimic wrinkles - on the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes, lips and the relief of the integument. Dysport straightens and fixes the muscles in a stationary state for about six months;
  • biorevitalization (life return) - injection into the dermis of biorevitalizants with unstabilized hyaluronic acid and vitamins, minerals, plant extracts. The purpose of the procedure is to activate the production of its own hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. As well as deep nutrition and hydration of the integument;
  • Radiesse injections - injections of calcium hydroxyapatite, an element biologically compatible with the body, smooth out deep wrinkles (between the eyebrows, nasolabial), restore the lost volume. They also stimulate collagen synthesis, rejuvenating the tissues of the face and hands. Unlike fillers with hyaluronic acid (about a year), the effect lasts up to 2 years;
  • mesotherapy - injections of meso-cocktails containing hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides, microelements, have a powerful effect on the cells of the dermis, preventing the aging of the skin;
  • Plasmolifting is a subcutaneous injection of a person's own blood plasma, which is saturated with platelets. The procedure stimulates the processes of natural rejuvenation and skin regeneration. Improves complexion, activates nutrition and hydration of epidermal tissues, tightens the skin;
  • bio-reinforcement - mesothreads, introduced subcutaneously, securely fix tissues, tightening the face, restoring its contours, guaranteeing a significant lifting effect.

Common myths about 'beauty injections' in the forehead Injection cosmetic procedures for the introduction of special preparations into the layers of the skin are aimed at restoring personal tissue resources and intensive moisturizing. As well as smoothing wrinkles, correcting defects, modeling facial features, replenishing lost volumes.

TOP 5 myths about the consequences of "beauty injections"

What are the misconceptions about injection manipulation:

  1. Myth 1. After resorption of the drug with hyaluronic acid, the skin at the injection site will turn into even more flabby and dry than it was before the session. And wrinkles will become more noticeable. This is not true. Since it is hyaluronic acid that ensures the prevention of changes due to age. Gradually dissolving in the dermis, the substances moisturize tissues at a deep level, stimulate their own collagen production, increasing the elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  2. Myth 2. After the end of the action of Botox in the frontal area, the eyebrows and eyelids will go down. Not true. Botulinum toxin, for about six months, fixes the muscles in a motionless position, thereby giving them the opportunity to rest. During this time, mimic wrinkles can be smoothed out. And thanks to weakened muscle memory, bad habits, such as eyebrow twitching, will be easier to control. So it won't get any worse. If a similar effect appears, then the procedure was done incorrectly.
  3. Myth 3. Mesothreads are an analogue of plastics for lifting the skin of the face. The more threads, the better the effect. Not certainly in that way. Rather, the procedure helps at the first signs of aging - the chin line becomes clearer, the appearance of the middle third of the face improves, and the cheekbones are contoured. However, stitching a face with more than 2-6 threads is simply dangerous. Since fibrosis is formed near each thread, which makes the integument heavier and more dense. At first, the result can be pleasing, however, then, only the surgeon will save from fibrosis.
  4. Myth 4. The necessary manipulations on the face can be carried out at one time. Don't do that. Because it will be stressful for the body. Also, each drug must be properly distributed to ensure maximum effect. And with a large number of procedures, this will be problematic.
  5. Myth 5. Beauty injections are very painful. This is not true. If the drug is injected a little, then the sensations are quite bearable. For large areas of exposure, anesthetic creams and gels are used. Injections of modern painkillers are used on especially sensitive areas, for example, lips, for the comfort of the process.

Maintaining beauty and youth requires sacrifice. However, the Clinic for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery will help to do without them, offering only safe, effective and proven anti-age methods.

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