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Circumcision as a method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases

Circumcision as a method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases Circumcision is done for medical reasons or voluntarily for religious and aesthetic reasons. Scientific studies show that circumcision or circumcision reduces the likelihood of contracting sexually transmitted infections. This procedure has a number of other beneficial effects, even if it is already in adulthood.

Benefits of circumcision for men's health

Performing circumcision, the doctor removes the foreskin of the penis, exposing its head. Thus, the skin fold is eliminated, in which there are all conditions for the propagation of pathogenic bacteria. The health benefits of circumcision for men are obvious. Among them:

  • reduction in the likelihood of infection with the herpes virus, HIV;
  • lengthening of sexual intercourse, ejaculation occurs somewhat later than in uncircumcised men;
  • reducing the risk of urinary tract infections (especially in a child under 1 year old).

The tissues of the foreskin are delicate, they are easily injured, and through microcracks dangerous bacteria and viruses enter the body. Diseases of the foreskin spread to the glans penis, exacerbating unpleasant symptoms. Circumcision radically solves this problem.

Research results: evidence for the prevention of genital infections

Circumcision as a method of preventing sexually transmitted diseases To determine how circumcision affects men's health, scientists have conducted a series of studies around the world. First of all, we studied the effect of surgery on the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. A large-scale study was conducted in Kenya, South Africa and Uganda. Scientists have compared the incidence of genital infections in tribes in which circumcision is accepted and unacceptable. Analysis showed that male heterosexuals who had their foreskin removed in infancy are 50-60% less likely to become infected with HIV.

In New Zealand, a study was conducted with 510 men, half of whom were circumcised before the age of 15 years. The observation was carried out from their birth to the age of 25. It turned out that circumcision reduced the risk of sexually transmitted infections by 2.7 times. The analysis was carried out taking into account the number of sexual partners and methods of protection.

Based on the results of these studies, WHO experts suggested circumcision to prevent the spread of HIV. Circumcision has both minions and opponents, and controversy is waged over its benefits. Scientific studies prove its role in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in the male, but the data obtained are not enough to recognize circumcision as a mandatory operation. This was stated by the American and New Zealand pediatric associations.

The quality of circumcision and its effect on subsequent sexual life depends on the professionalism of the doctor. In order for the procedure to go through without unpleasant consequences for an adult or a child and beneficially affect men's health, you should carefully choose a clinic and follow all the doctor's recommendations.

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