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Removal of the epidermal cyst - atheroma

Removal of epidermal cysts - atheroma 1 Atheroma is a benign formation located beneath the epidermal layer of the skin. It is a seal with the solid capsule inside. According to the specialists, a prerequisite to the formation of epidermal cyst is a clogging of the sebaceous glands. In this case, the capsule filling is the keratin produced by its walls. In case of applying the pressure, the free displacement of the capsule occurs without painful sensations. The skin over the epidermal cyst may have redness, and a single ulcer may occur in the event of injury. Such formations are found in 5-10% of people. Most often, epidermal cyst is localized on the scalp, face, back, neck, genital area.

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  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • By a surgical method in subsequent with imposition of sutures new formations retire
  • 10-15 days

Surgical methods of removing the atheroma

The operation is performed by excision. Anesthesia is selected based on the size and location of the atheroma. If the tumor is small, local anesthetic is being used: a few shots of novocaine are made in the area around it. Then the area of ​​skin is being incised, the capsule and its contents is being cut out. The cautery of the vessels may be carried out to prevent bleeding. Thereafter, the cosmetic suture and a sterile bandage are applied to onto the incision area.

Indications for removal

Removal of epidermal cysts - atheroma 2 The risk of malignant transformation of this formation is absent. However, epidermal cyst is able to bring great discomfort and serve an aesthetic defect. If the formation is located in the open areas of the body or face, it is injured often, it becomes painful when pressed and it festers; it should be cut out.


  • oncology;
  • pregnancy;
  • diabetes;
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • promotion of the herpes infection.

Recovery period

After excision, it is necessary to prevent injuries and infection of wounds. The bandage applied may not be moistened for 48 hours. After removal of the bandage, antiseptic solutions designated by the surgeon should be used. Avoid contact of the skin with rough surfaces at the site of removal. All steamed and warming procedures should be abandoned for 2 weeks.

Possible consequences

Immediately after the removal, the hematoma can be formed at the site of the operation, which passes away on its own. If there is tendency to form keloid scars, then the place of dissection may be hypertrophied. The complicated side effects are reduced to a minimum in case of complying with all the prescriptions of the doctor.

Operation time
30 minutes
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
10-15 days

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