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Breasts of different sizes: causes and can this be fixed?

Breasts of different sizes: causes and can this be fixed? Female breasts are a symbol of beauty. Since ancient times, fertility and happy motherhood have been associated with this part of the body. The rounds attract the eyes of men and make the figure feminine and sexy. And that is why not only the shape, but also the size of the mammary glands are important for each representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Causes of breast asymmetry

The causes of asymmetry of the mammary glands can be both congenital factors and acquired problems, among which:

  1. Hormonal imbalance. The first signs appear even in the puberty, and the abnormal production of estrogen becomes the basis for the violation. The disproportion in most patients can be noticed already at the age of fifteen, but the full clinical picture can be seen only after the completion of the formation of the figure and puberty.
  2. Diseases of the mammary glands. The most common cause affecting the size and proportionality of breast growth is malnutrition. It is manifested by excessive growth of the glandular tissue of one breast with normal growth and development of the other.
  3. Chest injuries. At risk are girls involved in volleyball, basketball and other sports that are associated with physical injuries (in particular, blows to the chest).Another factor that can affect the shape and size of the breast is breastfeeding. This is due to the physiological feature of the female body, when the mammary glands are filled with milk unevenly.There are frequent cases when the size of the breast changes in women who have entered menopause. In this case, asymmetry is not a normal phenomenon and serves as the basis for an emergency visit to a mammologist and gynecologist.

Forms and varieties of asymmetry

In medical practice, the diagnosis of breast asymmetry is made to patients only after a comprehensive study. The condition of the glands is evaluated after analysis:

  • forms,
  • volume,
  • the position and shape of the nipple,
  • the size and shape of the areola, as well as assessing the degree of formation and development of the gland itself.

Breasts of different sizes: causes and can this be fixed? It is possible to say that the patient has a slight degree of asymmetry of the breast if the mammary glands practically do not differ from each other and come in the same size. An impairment of moderate severity can be easily distinguished by visual inspection, because in this case one breast will have a volume of about a third less than the other. A severe form of a disease of the mammary glands is diagnosed when one breast is larger than the second by about 2 times.

Breasts of different sizes: is there a solution

Asymmetry of the mammary glands is a problem that more than 80% of women face. Moreover, as statistics show, most patients do not notice the difference between the left and right breasts, especially if this does not cause any discomfort.

In turn, glands that differ greatly in volume and size often cause psychological stress. If this happens, then the only right solution will be plastic surgery, which will help get rid of problems.

Most women, knowing about their situation, are in no hurry to consult doctors and correct deficiencies, but use larger bras, inserts and cup fillers, as well as various life hacks to visually enlarge smaller breasts to hide the defect. Among the options that women are trying to mask the problem, is the selection of a special type of clothing, the use of neckerchiefs, scarves, voluminous shawl collars and other tricks that distract the eyes of the problem part.

Modern plastic medicine has the ability to correct the difference by implanting implants in a smaller breast or by correcting a larger breast to a smaller one. Such a procedure (as opposed to lifting) will allow you to give the desired volume, restore shape after injuries or feeding and make the figure more attractive. Correction of asymmetry, thanks to the restoration of natural balance, will also help get rid of problems with the spine.

Surgical manipulation is not performed only if the patient:

  • has a number of contraindications to its implementation;
  • is at risk with a high probability of developing complications in the postoperative period;
  • not reached the peak of puberty.

Breasts of different sizes: causes and can this be fixed? A specialist can make the only right decision and only after a full examination of the body.

Avoiding problems or best preventive measures

Over the years, the breast loses its appearance, and that is why women try to find solutions that can correct this visible flaw and restore youth. To be able to preserve your own beauty as long as possible, it is important:

  • quit smoking and bad habits,
  • keep track of nutrition
  • prevent rapid weight gain or sudden weight loss, as well as closely monitor age-related changes in the mammary glands.

If the problem of breast asymmetry in a woman is not related to injuries, but is a problem of heredity or a consequence of congenital malformations, then it is impossible to prevent the asymmetry phenomenon. In this situation, radical correction methods are the only effective way to correct the deficiency, since it is impossible to achieve a lasting effect without surgery.

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