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Liposuction armpits

Liposuction armpits photo 2 Fat deposits on the body could cause discomfort and insecurity; in addition, they often entail malfunctions of various systems and organs. Thus, excess fat in the underarm area can cause hyperhidrosis - a disease that manifests itself by excess sweating. It can be cured with the help of plastic surgery.

What is liposuction of armpits?

It is the operation, which is carried out at for armpits correction and removal of superfluous fat. A feature of this method is the possibility to eliminate the aesthetic defect (folds of fat) and solve the problem of sweating.

Aspects of the method

Liposuction was originally invented to remove excess fat in different parts of the body. However, during use of the method it was determined that sweat glands located in the subcutaneous fat layer are removed with the fat cells as well. The method helps to solve the problem of hyperhidrosis of the armpits and prevent it from happening in the future.

Indications for the procedure

This procedure is carried out for medical reasons. Liposuction is conducted if the hyperhidrosis appears locally (only in the underarm area) and is not amenable to treatment with a variety of therapeutic methods.


Liposuction of the armpits is a major surgical procedure that requires careful preparation. There are a number of contraindications, which prohibit the implementation of such manipulation:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • presence of benign or malignant neoplasms;
  • infectious diseases;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system, diseases of the lungs and upper respiratory tract;
  • diseases of the skin in the forearm area.

Possible complications

You may encounter reviews of the patients, who suffered from the complications and side effects after sonication. These include:

  • damage to healthy tissues,
  • nerve damage,
  • swelling in the affected area,
  • bruising,
  • burns.

These effects can be avoided, if you turn to experienced professionals. Only qualified doctors work in "Poltava Clinic of Plastic Surgery", who complies with all rules and regulations in the course of the various manipulations.

Preparation and carrying out the operation

First you need to see a specialist for consultation. The doctor will send you to perform the tests and will tell you how much underarm correction costs and what is included in the cost. The price may vary for each case.

Liposuction is being performed if the health condition meets all indicators. The doctor uses local anesthesia, makes a small incision in the skin and enters the metal tubes through them. Ultrasound destroys the fat cells while it is acting under the skin. They are removed by means of vacuum.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • marking and determination of zones for liposuction
  • ultrasonic destruction and moving away of fatty fabric
  • 3-4 month's

Rehabilitation period

Liposuction armpits photo 1 You should be careful regarding your own feelings and well-being for 5-7 weeks after surgery. Rehabilitation involves wearing special bandages, abandon of the sports, as well as the organization of specific care of the armpits.

In case of the first signs of deterioration during the period of rehabilitation you should consult a doctor.

What results can be achieved with the help of ultrasonic liposuction?

The method makes it possible to eliminate the problem of hyperhidrosis in approximately 70%. However, it is necessary to change the way of life, the principles of nutrition and physical activity regimen for long-term effect.

You may familiarize yourself with the stories of our patients by looking at the reviews and photos before and after the manipulation.

Quality service and reasonable prices in the "Clinic of Plastic Surgery" in Poltava

We solve the problem of excessive sweating of the armpits quickly, efficiently and safely. The experience and professionalism of our doctors will help to achieve this.

You can find the clinic’s services and their cost on our website. In order to determine the exact price and aspects of the method application we suggest that you make an appointment with the surgeon.

Operation time
1,5 hour's
Type of anesthesia
general anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1 day hospital
3-4 month's
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Prices for armpit liposuction

Bodyliposaction (one area 10-10 cm.)
7 475 UAH
Liposuction of neck and scapular segment
The first category of complexity
11 500 UAH
The second category of complexity
16 100 UAH
The third category of complexity
18 400 UAH

Photos before and after armpit liposuction

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Liposuction image 3477
Liposuction image 3478

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