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Each of us faces age-related changes of the face and neck skin. Face-lifting can help you to solve the problem and save your beauty. Thanks to this plastic surgery, our patients began wearing well.

We have placed before-and-after correction photos of our clients on this page.

Circular face lift is a long-lasting operation; therefore, it is carried out only under general anaesthesia. There are several methods of face-lifting:

  • classical – an incision of a tissue is made in the scalp, the skin of the face and neck is stretched, and the excess is removed;
  • deep correction - lifting of the fibromuscular layer.

Face-lifting is recommended to be performed at the age of 40 years, when the face and neck only began to change, but still retained elasticity.

The results of the circular face lift are striking. Before-and-after photo shows how it is possible to rejuvenate the face and neck, while not losing one’s individuality.

Long-term experience allows us to carry out plasty of any complexity. A large number of positive reviews and before-and-after photos of our patients evidence that we can be trusted.

Facelifting: photo before and after