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What is cheiloplasty and what is it like?

What is cheiloplasty and what is it like? Almost everyone now dreams of at least somehow standing out among others. Change of shape and appearance is the most frequent request. Especially when it comes to lips. And this is not surprising, because they are an important part of the face. Therefore, the aesthetic appearance will make their owner more self-confident. There are many ways to change their volume and shape. One of the most relevant is the cheiloplasty procedure, which allows you to correct all the flaws and radically change the appearance.

What lips are considered ideal

Everyone has their own understanding and vision of beauty, but there are certain parameters by which one can judge the beauty of the mouth. Despite this, there is some concept of ideal lips:

  1. Their borders should be in line with the inner edges of the iris.
  2. The nose should be 1.5 times narrower than the mouth.
  3. The upper lip is slightly smaller than the lower
  4. A required parameter is a well-defined outline.

In the modern world, fashion trends change very quickly, so it is often very difficult to follow them. But if you are in the hands of experienced surgeons, all your body parts will be perfect.

Popular types of cheiloplasty

Cheiloplasty is injection and surgical. Each of these types of procedure has its own advantages and disadvantages, therefore, a consultation with a specialist is necessary before correction. During this consultation, the optimal correction technique will be selected, which will allow you to achieve the desired result.

An injection procedure is one in which a specific drug is injected in the form of a filler filler. It allows you to increase or decrease the size of a part of the body, changing its shape if desired. Special preparations are used as a filler. They are produced based on hyaluronic acid. And she, in turn, is one of the components of the intracellular matrix. Surgery is performed by cutting the skin and suturing.

Plastic "Kesselring".

The most pressing request is an increase in body parts. For this, Kesselring plastic is used. With this technique, the inner part of the lip is unfolded, due to which the desired effect can be achieved. This manipulation is applicable to both the upper or lower lip, and to both at the same time. Most often used on thin lips. With this method, you can achieve the maximum natural result.

This operation gives a special expressiveness and clarity to the contour. The scar on it gradually disappears and is easily masked with decorative cosmetics.

Bulhorn plastic surgery is another plastic surgery, but its distinctive feature is that only the upper lip undergoes changes. Due to this procedure, it is possible to shorten the interval from the nose to it, increase the size and strengthen the Cupid's arch.

What is cheiloplasty and what is it like? During the manipulation, an incision is made below the nose. Then the necessary part of the skin is cut off. As a result, the most beautiful part of the patient's face is more expressive. The procedure can be recommended if you have a thin upper lip or there is an impressive gap between it and your nose.

Corner lifting.

By making minor incisions near the corners of the mouth, the doctor performs an algorithm of actions that involves lightly lifting them mechanically. Fixation occurs and the reconstructed parts of the body will remain in the new position, which will give the face a more benevolent look. Such intervention is relevant for lowered corners of the mouth, age-related changes and in other special cases.

Lipofilling of the lips.

This term refers to an injection procedure that can and should be performed by a surgeon. In the course of its implementation, instead of a filler-filler, adipose tissue from unwanted areas is used, which is subsequently transplanted into the lips. This natural material is one of the safest, as it takes root better and does not cause allergies.

Recommendations in favor of the implementation of this operation are:

  • asymmetry;
  • lowered corners
  • age-related changes;
  • insufficient volume, etc.

Turning to trusted surgeons with extensive experience and an impressive period of practice, you will get the most spectacular lips you have always dreamed of.

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