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How to reduce lips: makeup and plastics

How to reduce lips: makeup and plastics Luscious, plump lips are a modern beauty trend. However, there are always people, more often, the fair sex, who want not to enlarge, but, on the contrary, to reduce their lips. This desire can be caused by a naturally disproportionately large mouth, which causes psychological discomfort. And also, unsuccessful contour plastics, which changed the girl's lips not for the better. So how can you make them smaller?

Lip reduction methods

Experts say that the size of the mouth does not matter so much for visual appeal. The main thing is that it looks harmonious and proportional on the face. This applies primarily to natural features. The same cannot be said about the unnaturally large, "duck" lips, which are the result of experiments with gel fillers.

There are the following options for reducing the volume and modeling the shape of the sponges:

  1. With the correct make-up (permanent), you can visually adjust the volume in the direction of decreasing. And also focus on the eyes instead of the mouth.
  2. Injection of hyaluronidase into the area of ​​the sponges, an enzyme that breaks down fillers for enlargement based on hyaluronic acid.
  3. Cheiloplasty - a set of surgical methods that allow you to radically change any shape of the lips (natural, changed due to age, trauma, unsuccessful interventions). And also make them any desired volume.

Let's consider each method in more detail.

How to reduce lips with makeup?

Large lips by nature can be considered not as a flaw, but as a certain feature of appearance that gives a zest to the image of a girl. If you are not ready to use radical surgical methods, modern makeup techniques will come to the rescue in reducing this area:

  • matte lipsticks, in contrast to glossy and shine, mask excess volume. Soft, discreet colors are a priority;
  • accentuation of the eye area. Smokey eyes or any bright eye make-up, in any case, will take attention to itself. And the sponges can be lightly touched with nude lipstick or colorless balm;
  • special, visually reducing, make-up technology. The contour is outlined with a pencil, which is one tone lighter than the color of the lips, and the lips themselves are painted with lipstick one tone darker;
  • concealer or foundation, which is applied along the contour and corners of the lips, visually “brings” them. From above, you can already draw the desired shape with a pencil and lipstick;
  • permanent makeup or tattoo done along the contour in a light tone will visually reduce the desired area.

How to reduce lips: makeup and plastics A competent make-up will not only hide flaws, but also safely and affordably create a new stylish image. The main thing to remember is that shiny, pearlescent and glossy products, on the contrary, make the lips more puffy.

Lip reduction methods after failed augmentation

Modern fillers with hyaluronic acid are good not only because the natural substance itself is absorbed in the tissues over time, while moisturizing them, but also because they can be quickly removed from the lips. For this there is a special enzyme - Hyaluronidase, which is injected into the desired area and breaks down the hyaluron. However, it can cause an allergic reaction and therefore requires an allergy test.

What can not be said about biopolymer gels (already almost never used), which do not dissolve, but migrate, transform into seals and bumps. To remove these substances, one has to resort to cheiloplasty. How everything happens:

  1. The surgeon cuts the inside of the upper or lower lip with a scalpel.
  2. Through the resulting incision, the doctor pumps out the excess or all of the gel.
  3. The shape of the mouth is corrected by excision of excess tissue.
  4. The surgeon puts a cosmetic suture on the inside.
  5. A hospital stay is not required.

Immediately after the plastic surgery, the sensitivity of the zone can be changed, numbness, emptiness in this area can be felt. During rehabilitation (2-3 weeks), edema, bruises disappear, asymmetry disappears. The final effect will be observed after 3 months.

Reduction of natural lips by a plastic surgeon

In the case of a decisive attitude to change dramatically, without using temporary and available methods, welcome to the surgical table! The procedure, in general terms, is similar to cheiloplasty after poor and low-quality gel augmentation:

  1. It can be carried out both under local and general anesthesia, at the request of the girl.
  2. The surgeon makes a marking of the future incision.
  3. The doctor excises with a scalpel a small strip of mucous membrane on the upper and lower lip from edge to edge. Pinch technology is used to remove tissue. When, with the help of a special device, the doctor cuts tissue fragments and cuts them off with scissors.
  4. After the operation, an invisible cosmetic suture remains on the inner surface of the lips.
  5. An hour after the manipulation, you can go home.

The recovery time is on average up to 3 weeks. Immediately after the intervention, limitation of mimic activity is recommended. As well as rinsing the mouth with antiseptic solutions to speed up healing. Dry, postoperative lips should be lubricated with petroleum jelly.

Contraindications to surgery

Like any other surgical intervention, lip plastic surgery has its own contraindications:

  • the period of pregnancy and lactation;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes mellitus and other disorders in the endocrine system;
  • herpetic eruptions;
  • serious ailments of the cardiovascular system;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • chronic diseases in the stage of exacerbation;
  • inflammations, wounds, cuts in the affected area, fresh injuries.

In any case, before such a procedure, it is necessary to consult a doctor, undergo examinations and pass the necessary tests to minimize risks and complications.

For girls who only want to slightly simulate the natural shape of the sponges, it is better to try the right make-up or permanent. For those who really suffer from the disproportionate lip shape, the Clinic for Plastic Cosmetic Surgery will safely and effectively present a new harmonious image using modern surgical techniques.

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