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High cheekbones - the basis of a beautiful face

High cheekbones - the basis of a beautiful face Throughout the history of mankind, beauty standards have changed dozens of times. These criteria, undergoing changes, rushed from one extreme to another. They either glorified the magnificent forms of Rubens' ladies, then made them admire the androgynous thinness of the beauties of the beginning of the last century.

Some fashion trends are easier to explain, others make you think. Why are high cheekbones considered seductive? On this issue, it is worth contacting scientists.

Here is how they scientifically explain the attractiveness of this trait:

  • witnessing human maturity;
  • association with reliability, determination and courage;
  • confirmation of the youthfulness of the face.

Therefore, if the thought of cheekbones like Jolie does not leave you, it's time to resort to the services of contour plastics.

Fillers in cosmetology

They are used as a filler to eliminate cosmetic defects. With the help of such injections, you can remove wrinkles, add seductive plumpness to the lips, and give the oval of the face the desired relief.

50 years ago, silicone was used as a substance to achieve a similar result. However, it caused red adverse reactions in the patient. Therefore, he was banned. Today, after careful research, a drug with proven efficacy has been found.

In cosmetology, fillers are used that differ in composition:

  • collagen;
  • hiauluronic acid;
  • poly-L-lactic acid;
  • calcium hydroxyapatite.

However, before choosing a filler for yourself, you need to consult a beautician. The doctor will select the best option based on your individual characteristics and needs.

Determination of the degree of "ideality of the face"

Everyone has their own idea of ​​beauty. And those parameters that may not arouse particular interest in someone will become an object of admiration for others. Often, it is not just one detail of the appearance that is perceived, but the whole image as a whole.

But nevertheless, there are some uniform standards, in the presence of which one can speak of a person as cute. One way to find out if a face is approaching the ideal is to calculate the "lines of harmony".

According to the theory, imaginary segments divide the area into three zones:

  • forehead;
  • nose;
  • the chin.

Ideally, the proportions should match each other. An imbalance in one of the parts indicates that it needs correction.

It will not be superfluous to recall the rules of the "golden ratio", which are determined by the aspect ratio of 1: 1.618. On the basis of such a law, a "beauty mask" was created. Having attached such a drawing to your image, it is easy to see if a certain zone needs a certain correction.

Methods for dealing with gravitational ptosis

High cheekbones - the basis of a beautiful face Appearance indicators at a more mature age are determined not only by skin type and lifestyle, but also by such an insidious thing as gravity. Over time, the elasticity of the epidermis decreases, the soft tissues of the face and neck lose elasticity.

As a result of these factors, due to the force of attraction, the lines "float" down.

There are three stages of ptosis, depending on the nature of the manifestation of symptoms:

  1. Easy lowering of the contour.
  2. Strong overhang of the eyelid, loss of volume, aspiration of the corners of the mouth downward, flew in the chin area.
  3. Thinning of the skin, the appearance of deep folds, a clear loss of the former oval.

Neither the advertised masks and creams nor massages will help to cope with this problem. More radical methods are needed. It shows options using lipofilling, microcurrent, radio wave therapy and other methods. In the case of the third stage, these procedures should be considered in symbiosis with plastic surgery.

Zygomatic zone correction

Previously, in pursuit of perfect high cheekbones, beauties tortured themselves with exhausting diets. To obtain the desired result, without hesitation, they lay down under a scalpel knife. Nowadays, the solution of such a problem is within the power of cosmetologists.

Consider the two available methods:

  1. With a cannula. The cheekbone is worked out in a fan-like manner, filling with filler in different parts of this zone.
  2. Needle. The drug is used primarily for furrow correction and is injected in small volumes.

It is worth trusting your master in the way of carrying out the manipulations. He will select the best option.

Modern volumetric modeling

This is a set of approaches on the way to a young face and harmonious appearance. As a result of the session, ideal outlines are acquired, the oval line is tightened.

Today this procedure is gaining momentum and is often practiced in the beautician's office. Since a dense gel is used, the result can be enjoyed for up to two years.

Fillers are divided into two groups:

  • biodegradable (with hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite);
  • permanent (based on synthetic polymers).

Due to the accumulation of the drug in the tissues, the activation of natural regenerative processes can be traced. Due to the compaction of the collagen matrix, the skin becomes firm and elastic. When modeling certain parts of the body, they also resort to lipofilling, which implies the transfer of fat deposits from one area to another.

The benefits of volumetric modeling

Some patients may be wary of any interventions in their body. Skeptics appeal to the ability to comprehend the mastery of makeup to solve problems.

But the daily routine of applying professional makeup is time consuming. In addition, in the evening, all beauty is washed away and the reflection in the mirror demonstrates a cruel reality. Isn't it easier to resort to the services of aesthetic medicine and be content with the result for a long time?

Plus, the benefits speak for themselves:

  • complete absence of traces of interference;
  • minimal soreness;
  • visible results immediately;
  • the absence of an allergic reaction (with the correct selection of the composition).

Striving will come closer to the ideal, getting a flawless appearance is no longer an illusory dream. High expressive cheekbones, like those of Hollywood divas, may well become real for everyone. Turning for qualified help from the masters of his craft, he will easily transform, delighting others.

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