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Secondary rhinoplasty, or what to do if you ruined your nose?

Secondary rhinoplasty, or what to do if you ruined your nose? Since rhinoplasty is a specialized operation in the clinic, and specialists are known not only in Poltava, but also outside Ukraine, patients who want to make corrections periodically turn to our plastic surgeons. The reasons for all are different, someone is dissatisfied with the work of the previous doctor, someone wants more dramatic changes.

Unfortunately, after the first unsuccessful experience, trusting another doctor will be difficult. However, the failed work will have to be corrected, since often the final results may not always look attractive. The reasons for this may be:

  • unsatisfactory result after the first correction (irregular shape);
  • visible scars remaining;
  • respiratory failure.

Primary rhinoplasty lasts up to an hour, then during the secondary on the operating chair, you can spend up to two hours. Rehabilitation will take a long period of up to two years. To avoid possible complications, such as the risk of tissue scarring, during the rehabilitation period, you must strictly follow all the doctor's instructions.

Principles of Secondary Rhinoplasty

If after the first correction the result turned out to be unsatisfactory, then during the secondary correction some defects can be corrected. Some errors made during the first procedure cannot be removed.

During work, doctors adhere to the following principles:

  • try not to harm (not to make it worse);
  • prepare the patient for any possible result;
  • Do not undertake that which is not subject to correction.

The surgeon has the right to refuse reoperation. Since it is possible to damage tissues more severely and to make it even worse than it was.

In case of refusal to carry out the repeated procedure, there is no need to look for a surgeon who will undertake a difficult case. This can lead to serious consequences. In this case, the best solution is to resort to cosmetic procedures that can hide the damage done.

Wait a year before re-intervention. This is due to scar tissue, which must be completely healed before the second procedure.

In the case of nose correction with fillers, repeated correction is not advisable. It is best to wait a while before laying down again on the operating table.

Is there any guarantee?

Secondary rhinoplasty, or what to do if you ruined your nose? Secondary rhinoplasty, as a rule, involves patients who are unsatisfied with the result and who want to believe in a guarantee of a successful outcome of the operation. As a rule, the results of the reoperation are difficult to predict, so doctors cannot provide accurate predictions. In addition, the secondary correction is much more difficult than the primary.

Before deciding on such a procedure, one should carefully approach the choice of a surgeon, whether he has experience in conducting such procedures. Then the result will be satisfactory. It should be prepared for the fact that before the intervention, the specialist will not be able to give accurate guarantees.

Procedure and features of secondary rhinoplasty

Secondary rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia. It is almost always carried out in an open way. Closed much less. The time for such a procedure ranges from one hour to five.

As after any surgical intervention, at the end of the procedure, a layer of scar tissue is formed. To exclude complications, during the rehabilitation period, you must strictly follow all the recommendations of doctors.

Carrying out the intervention, the surgeon does not know about the state of cartilage at the present time. He cannot see exactly how the cartilage is located, and where they are not at all. Therefore, the operation may be slow so as not to cause more damage. It should be understood that the doctor is operating carefully to correct at least some of the shortcomings. In each case, this is negotiated individually.

For nose reconstruction, tissue transplantation is often performed. It is usually taken from the inside of the nasal septum. Also, the surgeon can take tissue from the ear.

It is necessary to provide the doctor with complete information about previous interventions. The surgeon should be aware of the indications for surgery, the technique used and the complications of the previous correction.

Is there an alternative?

An alternative is plastic with fillers. With their help, you can get rid of the hump on the nose and completely fill in the bumps, correcting the shape. Fillers cannot correct nose curvature or shortness of breath.

When deciding on such an alternative, the patient should remember that after fillers it is impossible to immediately resort to secondary surgery. In addition, some surgeons do not recommend rhinoplasty after fillers.

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