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Ear surgery (otoplasty)

Ear surgery (otoplasty) in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 1 Otoplasty is a plastic surgery aimed at correcting the shape of the auricle. It is performed for the plasty of its asymmetry, elimination of protruding ears, as well as for complete or partial reconstruction of the ears. There are several types of otoplasty:

  • aesthetic plastic. Performed in cases when it is necessary to suture the lobe, perform correction without changing or restoring the structure of the auricle;
  • reconstructive. Designed to restore the shape and structure of ears that have undergone changes due to injury or disease. Compared to the previous option, the complexity and, as a consequence, the cost of the technique is higher.

What are the features of plastic auricles

In most cases, surgery is performed to treat protruding ears. According to statistics, 95% of patients deal with just such a problem. Plastic intervention is performed once and in one manipulation, the shape of the cartilage is changed. If we talk about reconstruction, then in this situation, observation of the patient is required, as well as the passage of a period of rehabilitation. We add that otoplasty is performed for persons who have reached the age of 6 years.

  • Preliminary consultation of the surgeon.
  • Twelve days before the operation it is necessary to undergo a laboratory examination. List of analyzes
  • marking
  • resection of fabrics
  • 1-2 month's

Otoplasty technique

Plastic surgery is performed using local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. So, after preparation, an incision is made on the back surface of the auricle. After that, the cartilage is dissected and the reconstructed site is secured. The next step is the application of a cosmetic suture and bandage. On the same day, the patient is allowed to go home. It takes 30 to 40 minutes to shrink and reshape the ear. The stitches are removed after 8-10 days. It should be noted that the bandage is applied at home only during sleep to avoid damage.

Reducing the size of the auricle is possible in the clinic of plastic and cosmetic surgery in Poltava. Patients from other regions of Ukraine are also accepted, including from Kiev and Kharkov. Recording and clarification of the price is possible on the official website. Additionally, you can read the reviews of our clients.


It is important to note the presence of a number of contraindications that prohibit suturing the lobe, performing plastic surgery or restoring cartilage:

  • an allergic response to local anesthetics;
  • pregnancy and lactation in women;
  • inflammatory and infectious diseases of the face and auricle area;
  • neurological damage.

Before the operation, a consultation is carried out, the scope of work is determined and, accordingly, the cost of the procedure.

Operation time
1,5 hour's
Type of anesthesia
local anesthesia
Hospital or ambulatory
1-2 month's

Rehabilitation period and care

Ear surgery (otoplasty) in Poltava, Kiev and Kharkov - photo 2 In the postoperative period, it is necessary to comply with a number of requirements that are standard for any contour plastic surgery:

  • abstinence from physical activity. Mostly for men who need to plan a vacation or sick leave at work that requires effort;
  • the use of a sterile dressing;
  • using a compression bandage. So, it is necessary to use the pressure tape around the clock for one week and at night for two weeks.

Note that after surgery, women and men should limit their visits to the bath, solarium or sauna.


After the procedure, the patient may experience:

  • pain in the ear;
  • decreased tactile sensitivity in the area of ​​the surgical wound;
  • swelling

As practice shows, the above phenomena disappear within two weeks.

Results of work

After plastic surgery, the patient receives the desired shape and size of the auricle due to plastic surgery or reconstruction. At the end of the rehabilitation period, the ears have:

  • neat and natural shape;
  • symmetrical relationship with respect to each other;
  • do not disturb the proportion of the head.

You can get acquainted with the results of the work of our specialists on the clinic's website in the "Reviews" section.

How much does it cost to perform the procedures?

The approximate price of plastic surgery is available for review in the section "Our Prices". We add that each case is individual, and the final cost may depend on the amount of work. For this reason, a preliminary consultation is carried out to clarify all the circumstances. Registration is carried out on the website in the "Contacts" section. The clinic is located in Poltava and accepts patients from all over Ukraine, including clients from Kiev and Kharkov.

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Frequently answered questions about plastics of earflap - otoplasty

✅ Is plastic of the ears dangerous for hearing?

Otoplasty is an aesthetic or reconstructive operation that is absolutely safe for hearing. It is performed to correct the auricles or earlobes, so it does not in any way affect the ear canal, and even more so the middle and inner ear.

⭐ Will otoplasty leave scars?

Invisible scars after otoplasty will remain. Experienced surgeons make small incisions and carefully place cosmetic stitches. These thin strips will be positioned behind the auricle so that they will not be visible.

✔️ How long does rehabilitation after otoplasty take?

After the procedure, the patient goes home on the same day, where he spends an early period of rehabilitation. For the first week, you will need to wear a compression bandage around the clock. Then another two weeks - only at night. In general, recovery from otoplasty takes one to two months.

✅ Can otoplasty be done under local anesthesia?

Otoplasty is a low-traumatic operation, therefore it is performed under local anesthesia. The procedure can be prescribed not only for adults, but also for children at least six years old.

Photo before and after the plastics of the auricles

Otoplasty image 2924
Otoplasty image 2925
Otoplasty image 2926

Otoplasty prices

One ear otoplasty
11 500 UAH
Otoplasty (on both sides)
15 200 UAH
Repeated otoplasty
22 800 UAH
Complex otoplasty
27 800 UAH
Excision of the ear lobes by perforation (on both sides)
2 100 UAH
Excision of the ear lobes by perforation (on one side)
1 300 UAH
Correction of the ear lobes (gauged ears, tears, hypertrophy)
on one side
3 800 UAH
on both sides
6 400 UAH
Removal of hypertrophied Darwin's tubercles (on one side)
4 400 UAH
Removal of hypertrophied Darwin's tubercles (on both sides)
5 700 UAH

Reviews of our patients about the service of the plastics of the auricles


Dec. 9, 2023, 11:39 p.m.
Review translated from Russian language automatically

I want to share my impressions and gratitude to the plastic surgery clinic. I had an ear otoplasty three weeks ago. I came to Poltava on purpose because of this. I have heard and read about this clinic for a very long time. I went to see a surgeon that year. I thought for a long time and finally decided. And I don't regret it. Nikita Ilyich is a very professional surgeon. He is not only a professional in his field, but also a good psychologist. I found an approach and during the operation I was also an excellent, positive psychologist! I am very grateful to him and recommend him to everyone! And also thanks to the attentive and sensitive medical staff. Many thanks to Victoria. She is always attentive and kind all the time!!! Nikita Ilyich, you are a surgeon from God!!! Thank you for your work and hard work!!! I am now the happiest person on the planet with beautiful ears, thanks to you!!!! The clinic is just great! You won't regret it!!!


April 16, 2019, 8:28 a.m.
Review translated from Russian language automatically

Good morning! It took 5 days after surgery. Ears just super. 👍 Yes, a little puffy ear where there was a hole. And so .. I do not like it simply. 😉 Lesya Fedorovna, give Ilya Yuryevich a huge thank you from me. I just adore him !!! 🤗

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