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3D face modeling: how to make a “thin face” fillers

How to remove fillers from the face? Appearing recently on the cosmetic market, fillers cardinally turned over the beauty industry. Slightly large, convex lips, delicate skin without wrinkles and its even tone are only part of the results that can be achieved with injections. Surely you have repeatedly noticed how a person can change in one day. We are talking about the effect that is achieved thanks to the popular procedure - 3D face modeling.

Want to tweak your face and make it perfect? To remove the second chin, smooth wrinkles and become more perfect? The plastic surgery clinic will help you achieve the desired effect and get the perfect face shape.

The effect of the procedure

Deciding on 3D modeling, girls pursue the main goal - to achieve harmony of facial features. During the correction, the doctor acts as a real sculptor. With the help of an injection, he adds, raises and increases in those places where it is necessary in order to achieve the perfect effect. This technique helps to recreate volume in areas of the face where it is lacking. Ultimately, after the injection, the face acquires the correct contours and a pleasant skin tone.

Introducing the filler into the upper part of the face, the doctor at the same time works out the lower shape.

For example, many girls during the correction add volume to the cheekbones, chin and eyebrows. This will help in the future to eliminate the problem of sagging tissues. Since hyaluronic acid is responsible for the regeneration of new tissues, the patient receives smooth, toned and refreshed skin.

Also, using the procedure, you can make a thin face. To do this, the doctor makes lipolytic injections in the cheeks and carries out lymphatic drainage to remove excess fluid. After that, fillers are introduced into the cheekbones.

Before the procedure, the doctor notes the problem areas with which to work. The necessary effect is achieved by the introduction of gel fillers that fill wrinkles and smooth out all skin irregularities. The procedure lasts about half an hour.

The first effect of the procedure can be seen after a couple of minutes. The contours of the face are transformed and become clearer, nasolabial folds disappear. A few days, a small swelling may remain after the administration of the drug, but this is not for long. The result is worth it, because the whole next year you do not have to worry about your skin. It will be smooth, smoothed, and the face will take on a clear outline.

3D modeling benefits

Having decided on 3D-modeling, the patient can be convinced of its following advantages:

  • tightened skin and the disappearance of wrinkles;
  • elimination of sagging cheeks and cheekbones in the future;
  • the opportunity to achieve the right features;
  • alignment of skin tone;
  • the disappearance of defects that the patient did not like by adding volume;
  • durability of the result.

How to remove fillers from the face? Face contour correction effectively helps to eliminate a number of skin defects that begin to manifest in women when they reach a certain age. It is recommended to do plastic surgery if:

  • wrinkles appeared on the face;
  • folds formed above the lips;
  • a second chin appeared and her cheeks sagged;
  • there are crow's feet in the corners of the eyes, as well as under the lower eyelid;
  • the patient wants to correct the shape of the face;
  • there is a desire to change the volume of the lips.

Doctors do not recommend modeling using this technique if the patient has a number of the following problems:

  • oncology;
  • problems with the restoration of the skin;
  • various skin diseases;
  • installation of silicone implants;
  • previous peeling of any kind.

Before performing plastic surgery, it is better to consult a doctor. Since it is necessary to conduct a series of examinations and identify whether there will be an allergy to the administered drug. Very rarely, after contouring, the patient is faced with complications in the form of hematomas due to a change in skin tone.

The specialists of the plastic surgery clinic through 3D-modeling will help you achieve the effect of a thin face, more expressive cheekbones, the correct chin line, turn the main disadvantages into advantages and love yourself again.

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