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Fatty hernias under the eyes: causes and how to get rid

Fatty hernias under the eyes: causes and how to get rid Hernia under the eyes is not a rare phenomenon. Internally, they practically do not affect the well-being of a person and the quality of his vision, but their presence can become signs of problems within the body. Outwardly, the bags under the eyes look unattractive, make the face tired and add age.

Causes of the appearance of fatty hernias under the eyes

The bags under the eyes have a very natural explanation and it speaks of skin aging. The lower lobe epithelium is quite thin and therefore one of the first to affect it is a decrease in the production of elastane in the tissues. And the lack of body fat exacerbates the picture. This is a typical occurrence for people over 30 years old. If on the upper eyelid makeup helps to slightly correct the picture, then doing it from the bottom is almost impossible. The presence of bags gives the impression of constant lack of sleep and fatigue. The presence of a large excess of body fat under the eyes can affect the nasolacrimal canals. Their partial overlap can lead to tearfulness and visual impairment.

Our face is a mirror of what is happening in our body. Lack of sleep, improper daily routine, a lot of work and alcohol abuse, smoking lead to circles under the eyes. Full relaxation and beauty treatments partially save the situation. A hernia does not pass so easily. Diagnose it at home can be slightly crushing the eyeball. If the eyelid has increased, then we are dealing with a hernia.

Aging is only a concomitant phenomenon, the main reasons are:

  • improper metabolism;
  • skin problems
  • sleep disturbance;
  • bad habits;
  • Sun rays;
  • improper use of cosmetics and lack of habit to wash off makeup;
  • circulatory problems;
  • paresis.

Fatty hernias under the eyes: causes and how to get rid A small percentage is heredity. Fat cells are formed in excess, both on the upper and lower eyelids. The first may eventually affect visual acuity.

Surgical removal of hernias on the upper and lower eyelids

The fastest and most effective method of removing body fat is surgery. Treatment is carried out by several methods.

  1. Laser operation. It is performed under the influence of local anesthesia. First, an incision is made and excess fat is removed through it with a laser. Sutures are applied with material that does not require repeated intervention. Over time, the threads dissolve. Among the disadvantages of the procedure, it should be noted the high cost and effectiveness only for small deposits.
  2. Destruction with a scalpel. It is possible to use local and general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia depends on the wishes of the client, an operable area and other medical indications. With this type of intervention, the surgeon makes an incision along the eyelid, removes fat and excess skin. Of the minuses - a long rehabilitation. Healing can be long and painful. Swelling and bruising go away after a month, only then we can talk about the success of the operation.
  3. The transconjunctival method. This is the newest and most advanced technology in the field of plastic surgery. It is used for small hernias. In part, this can be compared to liposuction. The doctor makes an injection and draws fat through a tube. It starts under the mucous membrane of the eye. During the procedure, local anesthesia is sufficient. The advantage of this method is the absence of complications and a long rehabilitation period.

Blepharoplasty is done mainly at the request of customers. The only indication for plastics may be a possible effect on vision. Patients should understand that surgery does not preclude re-formation of a hernia. Therefore, it is very important to adjust your diet and lifestyle to avoid problems again.

There are a large number of contraindications for surgery:

  • infections
  • increased intraocular pressure;
  • hypertension;
  • poor coagulability of the skin;
  • dry eye;
  • HIV infection
  • diabetes.

There are several methods that make it possible to get rid of a problem in an inoperable way.

Injection methods for the correction of hernias under the eyes

Fatty hernias under the eyes: causes and how to get rid Today, there are a sufficient number of drugs that allow you to do so-called injectable blepharoplasty. The procedure is carried out according to the following algorithm. In consultation with the surgeon, the correction area is determined and, according to preliminary analyzes, the drug is selected. It is introduced throughout the shape of the bag.

Speaking about the advantages of the injection method, it should be noted:

  • efficiency;
  • time of the procedure;
  • lack of pain;
  • application anesthesia is used as anesthesia;
  • lack of scars, scars and cuts.

Contraindications to injections are similar to contraindications for surgical intervention. These are various kinds of inflammatory diseases, skin diseases, epilepsy and HIV. Pregnant and lactating mothers are contraindicated in any form.

Preliminary preparation requires passing tests and the conclusion of a therapist, in addition, for several days it is advisable not to drink alcohol and not to drink blood-burning drugs.

The rehabilitation period is as follows:

  • do not use any active face cleansing during the week;
  • three days do not go to the pool, bath or sauna;
  • the first days do not bother with physical activity.

Immediately before the injections, a high-quality cleaning of the skin under the eyes is carried out. All cosmetic residues of any kind are removed and anesthesia is performed. The drug is evenly distributed throughout the eyelid. For a better effect, a light massage is performed. In general, the correction takes about an hour.

When choosing a clinic where you would like to have plastic surgery, pay attention first of all to the reviews and the duration of its work in the cosmetology sphere. The more experienced the plastic surgeon, the greater the likelihood that the postoperative period will not last long, and the consequences will be minimal. The second important factor is the volume of hernias. The faster you turn to specialists, the easier it will be to solve the problem. To avoid repeated blepharoplasty, reconsider your lifestyle and habits, try to relax and move more.

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