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TOP 5 signs of aging and how to deal with them

3D face modeling: how to make a “thin face” fillers Every girl wants to always look irresistible. However, what if the body begins to show the first signs of the aging process over time? Are there any effective methods to maintain your beauty? Can one always stay fit and young?

The Clinic of Plastic Surgery provides services that will help preserve beauty for a long time. Anti-aging treatments will help keep your face toned.

In this article, we will look at the top 5 signs of aging.

Nasolabial folds

There are always nasolabial folds, only at a younger age do they appear with a smile. Over time, creases begin to form under the nose, which remain there forever. Most often, nasolabial folds appear even before thirty years of age, so it is important to start fighting them from the very beginning, not starting up.

The best solution for the appearance of nasolabial folds is bio-reinforcement. During this procedure, an injection of a drug similar to hyaluronic acid is injected. If the folds are already deep enough, you should try 3D modeling.

Facial wrinkles

The face is constantly in good shape and contracting. Because of this, the skin is covered with facial wrinkles. Most often they appear on the forehead and the outer corners of the eye. In youth, the skin can easily withstand such a load, so wrinkles disappear almost immediately.

After thirty years, temporary wrinkles are replaced by permanent ones. They no longer disappear upon relaxation, but adorn the female face. Their number increases over time. Wrinkles become deeper and begin to turn into folds on the forehead and near the eyes.

Plastic surgery can handle this. Just one anti-aging injection procedure Dysport and the face will again come in tone.

Face oval

3D face modeling: how to make a “thin face” fillers The problem of fuzzy, floating outlines depends on heredity. In some girls, it manifests itself at the age of thirty, and in some up to forty. At this point, the skin in the chin area begins to sag. And every year the contours of the oval of the face change more. To stop aging, you need to start fighting this problem even when it appears.

Plastic surgery can help in this case. There are two solutions to the problem of chin reinforcement and thread reinforcement. They will return to their faces the former shape.


The problem of aging of the skin of the hands begins to haunt the girls very early. After 30 years, spots and wrinkles appear on the skin, veins begin to protrude strongly. And no matter how hard we try, age takes its toll. The nails become more brittle, and the nail plates turn yellow a little. Lipolifting of the hands will cope with this. During the procedure, the surgeon injects the patient's fatty tissues in the area of ​​the hands. This allows you to increase the tone and elasticity of the skin of the hands. A clear advantage of the procedure is the exclusion of the possibility of rejection, since the patient’s own adipose tissue is used for injection.


Unfortunately, the neck ages much faster than other parts of the body. The skin on it is covered with folds and becomes saggy. Many girls complain about this problem since they were twenty. Why is this happening? The neck is the most vulnerable part of our body. Therefore, age-related changes in this zone are noticeable faster than on the face.

The skin on the neck does not have sebaceous glands. It can become excessively dry, which becomes the cause of all problems. The plasmolifting procedure will help restore the skin of the neck to its former smoothness and velvety. The essence of the procedure is that the patient is injected with plasma, which is released from his own blood. Any possible side effects or rejection of the administered drug are excluded, which is important for such a sensitive area.

Over time, the female body begins to age and it is impossible to stop it. To postpone this process, you need to carefully monitor the condition of your body and fight in time with the first signs. The specialists of the plastic surgery clinic will help to correct these signs of aging in a timely manner and preserve your beauty for as long as possible.

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